Monday, April 11, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/11/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/11/2011Financial analysts are now predicting that Spain will be the next Eurozone country to require an IMF/ECB bailout. With its persistent high unemployment and a banking sector that was severely damaged by the collapse of the real estate bubble, the country’s economy is shaky indeed. But Spanish government officials insist that “Spain is not Portugal”, and will survive the crisis without outside intervention.

In other news, a terrorist bomb exploded in a subway station in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. The bomb was loaded with bolts and similar metal objects, so as to inflict the most severe injuries. Up to eleven people were reported killed.

Meanwhile, Tunisian boat people on Lampedusa rioted again, and set fire to buildings in the refugee center where they were being housed.

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Lurking Apple said...

The "Learning From Swiss Integration Failings" is a brilliant example of modern political correctness. Switzerland is bad at integrating immigrants because... it makes family reunification comparatively difficult? Or because it has nontrivial standards and requirements for acquiring long-term residency? Surely these measures promote integration by requiring the immigrant to actually integrate rather than let them, respectively, bring in more as-yet-unintegrated people or keep being unintegrated.

bewick said...

I cannot but agree with the above comments and I pass on links to your site to many.
In today's news feed the 1st story is about the Eurozone. If you remember you and I had a discussion about whether it would be the dollar or the euro that went belly up first. I thought the Euro and you graciously conceded that it could be so. Looks like it is almost happening.

By the way - so glad that you found paying work

Lawrence said...

Hmmm... an entire continent beholden to (and subject to) a common monetary establishment...

Circumstances seem to be driving everyone to find the same solutions, via financial ruin and subsequent rescue by this relatively new monetary establishment.

... could this have been planned all a long?

Welcome to the new world order.