Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dearborn Braces for Terry Jones

Terry Jones, the Koran-burning pastor of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, is planning a little road trip. The day after tomorrow — Good Friday — he and some of his supporters plan to demonstrate in front of a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. The City of Dearborn does not want Rev. Jones to come, and city officials are doing their best to get a court injunction to keep him away from the mosque.

In the news report below, you’ll see the mayor of Dearborn explain his take on the situation. The news announcer throws in her own two cents’ worth, commenting that the fact that the demonstrators will be armed shows a lack of peaceful intent. But if I had several hundred death fatwas outstanding against me, I’d probably be packing heat, too.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:


gspencer said...

Hey, O'Reilly, we in the United States don't have "designated free speech zones." The whole country is a free speech zone, including all public streets.

These anticipatory attempts at suppressing the exercise of free speech is called prior restraint, and they are 1st Am. no-nos. In the 60's the commies did the legal groundwork in making that much of 1st Am. law clear.

O' and by the way, Mr. O'Reilly, nice touch with the full-face, Muzzie style beard. But to be fully Muzzie compliant a la Big Mo its length must be at least the length of your fist, Do we have your title right, is it mayor or iman?

Zenster said...

gspencer: Hey, O'Reilly, we in the United States don't have "designated free speech zones." The whole country is a free speech zone, including all public streets.

Congratulations, gspencer. Spot on target.

Video time point 00:44 - It [the Mayor's letter] invites the Pastor to hold his rally in one of the city's designated free speech zones, including right on the steps of city hall.

To have "designated free speech zones" automatically infers that there are other areas where Free Speech is not allowed.

Gates of Vienna has already exposed Dearborn's calculated refusal to allow Free Speech by Christians.

This video, showing David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi asking questions at Dearborn's 2009 Arabfest, makes it crystal clear that Mayor O'Reilly has already permitted the implementation of shari'a law in his city.

Pastor Terry Jones is to be commended for his efforts to beard Islam in its own lair. The willingness he demonstrates to risk his life in doing so is as pure a demonstration of true Christian martyrdom as Islam's version of martyrdom is the most false and obscene perversion of it imaginable.

The sort of voluntary self-censure displayed by Mayor O'Reilly is a most base and cowardly form of capitulation to Islamic jihad and shari'a law. Appeasers like the Mayor should look forward to answering in open court on charges of treason and subversion of the Constitution when this nation is once again led by true patriots.

Michael Servetus said...

I am a follower of Jesus now but I grew up in the streets of Brooklyn and I know something about fighting just to prove a point, fighting for pride, for honor, for respect and not just physical self defense.
I have a warrior mentality and struggle with it to be honest. Let me put it this way, if I wasn't a Christian or trying to be a real one, I would probably be in a lot of trouble. I am not claiming to be anything but simply confessing my mind and view.
Thqt being said, Terry Jones is doing something that needs to be done and done more often. He is
basically saying that he is not scared of Muslim threats and talk and he shouldn't be. That is no way to live, fear is for cowards and we have nothiong to fear but fear itself. He is saying that he is not going to sit by and listen to these people mouth off all the time and think they are tough and intimidating somebody and letting them know they have not met the real America yet that is too busy working and making a living. A ssomeone here has noted, Jihad works both ways, who do these people think they are? They act as though they have done what we have done, when Americans have lived great things and do not just speak them.
We must remenber who we are dealing with, we are dealing with bullies plain and simple who bully and mouth off at their wives and act tough and don't get punched in the face. They are used to acting tough and talking great things to children and women, they are accustomed to domionating the weak. Terry Jones is saying, we ain't the ones, we don't talk about it we do it. Terry Jones is also saying obviously that he don't care one way or the other, he ain;'t takin no bs from these throwbacks and if they wan't to bring it then he is saying, your threat of death has no power over me, your fear of death does not hold me, your only weapon is not strong enough for the American warrior. This is the thing that gets most people all messed up. That fear of death has them in bondage, they fear to lose their lives too much, to the point they are willing to be slaves. That is not American. He is saying we are better than you in every way, not just religion and moral but also in bravery and you bettere stop talking that crap but if you don't we are still going to be here waiting and ready.

PatriotUSA said...

Could not happen in or to a nastier city than Deabornistan. Free speech zones? Yeah, we can bet how and what those are like in a city that has been overrun by muslim immigrants.

This city, has one of the highest populations of mussies in the USA.
It also has all those unique and wonderful problems that come with muslim immigration, islam and sharia law.

Good for Pastor Jones and let us hope this does not go down the toilet. I am sure the mussies will react in the usual and customary
way rather than just let Jones do his thing which needs to be done a lot more in this country and abroad.

Anonymous said...

Reporter at 2:18: "yeah, that sounds peaceful, doesn't it"

in response to the recording of Pastor Jones saying "we will be armed,"

The recording seems to have been cut off mid-sentence, which is a marker for something being out of context.

That reporter should be embarassed to gaslight Jones that way. Is she really implying he shouldn't be armed, he's not in any danger? She's basically jeering at him for being concerned about his own safety. I think she's not necessarily on the side of the Muslims, here...I think her snide comment is a reflex based on the fact that she's afraid of the Muslims and wants to make nice so they won't attack her, a white American woman. Watch her switch sides when more people burn korans and get away with it.

Lawrence said...

O'Reilly, like any modern school principal, is more afraid of standing up to the bully than the people being bullied.

As is often the case, someone standing up to a bully, when the designated authority won't, makes the designated authority look bad. And as is often the case, the victim of the crime gets the blame for the embarrassment of the authority figure.

1389 said...

Jury to decide if Pastor Terry Jones can protest outside the Islamic Center in Dearborn, Michigan.

More reasons why Michigan is unfit to live in, work in, do business in, or even to visit!

1389 said...


You have scoped out their cowardly mentality very well indeed. I remember encountering the same thing from teachers and principals as a child. All I can say is that I'm sure glad I'm not a kid any more. My childhood was a total writeoff. Sometimes I think that I could have skipped the whole thing and come out ahead.