Friday, April 29, 2011

Keep Quiet, Obey Instructions, and There Won’t be Any Trouble

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This news story from the Netherlands leaves me at a loss for words. This goes beyond the usual level of multicultural madness to reach a new level of abject dhimmitude.

From NIS News:

Netherlands: Teachers Say Schools Succumb to Violent Pupils

THE HAGUE, 29/04/11 - Schools are putting teachers under pressure to keep silent if they receive death threats from pupils. Teachers are advised against going to the police and sometimes even offered hush-money, according to TV programme EenVandaag.

A teacher recounted on EenVandaag how the school management instructed her to give a higher mark to an aggresive pupil for fear he would turn to violence if he did not receive this. This pupil had at that time already made death threats to six teachers.

There was reason to assume that the pupil was dangerous because he was a friend of the Turkish boy who shot a teacher through the head in a school in The Hague in 2008. But instead of informing the police, the school management tried to please him.

Another teacher recounted how schools sometimes dismiss teachers when they go to the police to make a report against a violent pupil. One teacher even had to promise as a condition for her severance pay that she would never discuss the threats made against her with anyone. Another teacher, whose exam questions were stolen by a pupil, was advised by the school management to buy the questions back from the thief.

One school allowed pupils to put up pornographic posters on which the faces of their teachers were used. These were only removed for the periodical parents evenings, when parents come to discuss the performance of their children with the teachers.

According to a poll by EenVandaag, 10 percent of the secondary school teachers say they have experienced physical violence in the past three years. Sometimes the perpetrator was a parent, but mostly a pupil. Some 24 percent say they receive threats of violence or death threats. The problems are worst in schools with many immigrant pupils, and at the lower educational levels.

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OffendedMan said...

Is this real? This doesn't even seem possible in any sane country. Please, if your sources have more information on this, please post it.

Frank Kitman said...

This is one of the really creepy aspects of islamisation. I translated this older newsreport on violence in berlin public schools, and as you will notice the teachers are banned from speaking to the press. The kids happily give interviews telling how they often chase the teachers and few indiginous germans around and beat them up for fun. ..Why?
click to watch

goethechosemercy said...

A teacher recounted on EenVandaag how the school management instructed her to give a higher mark to an aggresive pupil for fear he would turn to violence if he did not receive this.
end quote.

The rule of Islam-- the profane religion, the corrupt culture, the empty well, the instrument of death.

Lawrence said...

It is happening here as well.

Bully pickes on kid, kid complains, teacher tells kid to learn to deal with bullies.

Kid takes teacher's advice and "deals" with it. Usually by fighting back, which only serves to get both kids expelled.

Bully doesn't care. Kid gets the brunt of the punishment for fighting back.

Bully returns to school to bully more people, eventually pushing the envelop to bullying teachers. Teacher complains, and principal tells em to deal with it. Deal with it but don't fight back.

Bully continues bullying while principal and legal advisers sweep it all under the rug.

Bully grows up, starts an adult gang, and bullies the community.

And we wonder why we have crime problems?

Dymphna said...

It's not that bad here...yet.

However, if they weren't kept under wraps, I'll bet the teachers in the Somali-enriched zones in Minnesota could tell us some horror stories. But being good leftists, their lips are sealed...

In some of those schools, they actually PAY administrators in mid-level bureaucracies to keep a lid on it. These folks are called "Diversity Consultants" or something similar.

Dymphna said...

@ Offendedman--

If you've read any Dutch history by Arthur Legger, then it becomes clear that this is very, very real. This essay has a great cartoon by the much-persecuted Gregorius Nekschot:

Holland’s Systematic Campaign against Free Speech

Now, in 2008, the Dutch who very much like to think themselves as very free, may rightly wonder whether the Machiavellian Moment is knocking on their doors. Surely on Tuesday night, the 15th of May, somewhere in Amsterdam, somebody hammered on the door of Gregorius Nekschot, “a pale and polite little fellow” (Elsevier, 6 June 2008). A force of 10 heavily armed policemen stormed up the stairs, yelling “OPENMAKEN”, then, without waiting for him to open his door, rammed it in, lifted him from his bed, handcuffed him, dragged him down and hurled him into the armoured van. They also took his computer, his mobile phone, his books, letters, cd’s, dvd’s, and shoes (?). Nekschot (an alias which means “shot in the back of the head” – the favourite way of the Nazis to execute members of the Dutch resistance – was thrown into a prison that contained a concrete platform to sleep on (no blankets) and a hole in the ground to piss in. He was interrogated twice and imprisoned for 33 hours. Nekschot was not wanted for murder: he was accused of drawing and publishing cartoons “of an extremist nature, expressly towards Islam”. During the second interrogation he was told that his cartoons “were even worse that the Danish ones,” and that they now knew his identity “and would publish it, if he would not cooperate” (HP/De Tijd, 23 May 2008, page 27).

Don't think GN doesn't serve as a warning to the others, including teachers. The Netherlands was into submission long before Islamsterdam happened.

As Legger has pointed out,historically the Dutch were so tamed that there was little need for police.
Here's another, from 2009:

Brave New Netherlands

And a personal favorite about the Netherlands, written by VH for Gates of Vienna:

Towards a New Feudal Netherlands

The cultural contradictions in Holland will eventually tear the country apart.

Zenster said...

Since when has Salvador Dali assumed an editorial capacity? This is so surreal as to defy imagination.

In its horror and guilt over the Holocaust, is Europe so determined to dis-remember one of history's most oft-repeated lessons about bullies? Just as Hitler broke the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, so will Muslims disregard any and all accommodations made by their European hosts.

Similarly identical is the way that Hitler only responded to violent opposition just as Islam does. People who refuse to acknowledge this time-tested and historically proven fact should be certifiable as suicidal and thereby removed from any capacity to influence public affairs.

Comparing Islam to some sort of schoolyard bully falls far short of the truth. An illiterate, incompetent and psychotically violent criminal is more the case. The notion that appeasing such an individual will result in their successful assimilation or integration into modern society goes beyond delusional.

One may as well hope that a 17th century cannibal could suddenly take the helm of a modern aircraft carrier. Attempting to sweep all of this under the rug only serves to exacerbate the situation. It merely increases the magnitude of violence that will result, both with respect to the individual who has negligently been appeased and the authorities who must eventually resolve the situation.

This false empowerment of hopelessly inept Muslim thugs sets the stage for a new round of death camps. All that remains in question is exactly whom is shall be that is behind the barbed wire; Muslims or Europeans who have needlessly succumbed to Islam?

Mike said...

What happened to vladtepesblog? It may be time to step up the fight, as it seems were being censored more than ever.

Mike said...

We all have friends among the dispossessed and displaced by Islam.
Funny how Copts aren't considered a minority, as my country is verging on electing brutal socialists. I'm an Ex-pat Englishman in Canada, and I'm enraged. The USA has the most beautiful constitution, and even that doesn't help. Shadow world, here I come, as the fractional reserve banking system, combined with the dhimmi social system is much worse than any scam Bernie Madoff or Stalin may have committed. Your site has given me hope, but I fear it's a finger in the dyke against a flood. In 3 yrs or less, I will no longer be dependent on the 'system' for my bread and butter, at that point, I will do more than pontificate to others of like mind. Please wish me luck.

Lawrence said...

Zenster said...Comparing Islam to some sort of schoolyard bully falls far short of the truth.


My reference to bullying was in context of our politically correct mindset regarding our own culture's bullies.

Adding in the threat of Islamization of the schools, and the situation becomes much graver than simple bullying.

Anonymous said...

The kids happily give interviews telling how they often chase the teachers and few indiginous germans around and beat them up for fun.

They make public admissions of violent crimes and don't get arrested?

jeppo said...

OT, from Spiegel:

"Denmark's strict immigration laws have saved the country billions in benefits, a government report has claimed. The Integration Ministry report has now led to calls among right-wing populists to clamp down further on immigrants to increase the savings.

The extremely strict laws have dramatically reduced the flow of people into Denmark in recent years, and many government figures are delighted with the outcome. "Now that we can see that it does matter who comes into the country, I have no scruples in further restricting those who one can suspect will be a burden on Denmark," the center-right liberal integration minister, Søren Pind, told the Jyllands Posten newspaper.

Pind was talking after the ministry's report -- initiated by the right-wing populist Danish People's Party (DPP) -- came to the conclusion that by tightening immigration laws, Denmark has saved €6.7 billion ($10 billion) over the last 10 years, money which otherwise would supposedly have been spent on social benefits or housing. According to the figures, migrants from non-Western countries who did manage to come to Denmark have cost the state €2.3 billion, while those from the West have actually contributed €295 million to government coffers.

The report has led to jubilation among right-wing politicians: "We now have it in black and white that restrictions (on immigrants) pay off," said DPP finance spokesman Kristian Thulesen Dahl. The DPP will almost certainly exploit the figures in future negotiations over the Danish economy.

But the report has sparked outrage from opposition parties like the centrist Social Liberal Party, which dismissed it as undignified and discriminatory. The party's integration spokeswoman, Marianne Jelved, said: "A certain group of people is being denounced and being blamed for our deficit, being made into whipping boys." She added: "We cannot classify people depending on their value to the economy. That is degrading in a democracy that has a basic value of equality."

Still, the announcement has not come as surprise. The right-wing populist DPP, which has been working with the ruling center-right coalition government of Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen since 2001, has in the past made its aims very clear: a complete halt to immigration into Denmark from non-Western countries. "A Somali who is no good for anything, that is simply not acceptable," said DPP leader Pia Kjærsgaard. Similarly, center-right liberal Prime Minister Rasmussen has also said anyone who would be a burden on Denmark is not welcome in the country.

Right-wing populists have even demanded a ban on satellite dishes so that TV stations like al-Jazeera and Al Arabiya cannot be beamed into Danish living rooms. There have also been suggestions to exempt migrants from the minimum wage -- supposedly to make it easier for foreigners to gain access to the labor market.

The small Scandinavian country already has the strictest immigration and asylum laws in Europe. For example, foreign couples are only allowed to marry if both partners are at least 24 years old. The number of asylum seekers and relatives of immigrants seeking entry into Denmark dropped by more than two-thirds within nine years as a result of the tough laws."


jeppo said...

"But things may soon get pushed even further. Elections are due to be held this fall, and the ruling parties apparently want to put forward even stricter rules, driven by the xenophobic rhetoric of the right-wing populists. In polls, the approval ratings of more liberal politicians have fallen, and the opposition center-left Social Democrats have promised not to change current immigration laws if they win the election. Immigration will always be a big issue in Denmark -- almost 10 percent of Denmark's 5.5 million people are migrants -- and the issue was a decisive one in the last election, in 2007.

In November, the government agreed to stricter laws and made the entry of immigrants' spouses more difficult. Only those who collect enough "points" may come to Denmark in the future -- with points being determined by factors such as academic qualifications and proof of language proficiency. In addition, the equivalent of €13,000 must be deposited with the state in the form of a bank guarantee to cover any future public assistance. Socially deprived areas with a disproportionately high number of immigrants will be subject in future to a so-called "ghetto strategy" designed to prevent high concentrations of foreigners in public housing areas. Migrants will be assigned housing, and three-year-old children who do not speak Danish well enough will be required to attend state child care.

Some immigrants have already turned their back on Denmark voluntarily. Increasing numbers of Somalis are moving away, especially to the UK, the Jyllands Posten reported on Thursday, because of discrimination."


Trev said...

I cant believe this.I was going to say how bad have things got to get before we start and see some sort of resistance to this madness.But now i have seriously come to the conclusion that it's that same madness that will stop any future type of resistance.Were about to lose everything.

Vortac said...

25 years ago (when I was in the elementary school), bullied teacher would simply call the police which would arrive right away. They would slap and beat the juvenile delinquent openly, put him in a police van and take him away to a police station without further ado. You bet it was effective.

Nobody dares to do anything like that today and bullies know that perfectly well. Everybody is too occupied with bureaucracy, juvenile rights and shifting blame. It's lawlessness and it's happening at 100% Christian and white schools too.

Professor L said...

You know, deleting Caroline just now taught me a valuable lesson: the best solution to a problem is usually the easiest one. And I'll be honest - killing you is hard. You know what my days used to be like? I just tested. Nobody murdered me, or put me in a potato, or fed me to birds. I had a pretty good life.

And then you showed up. You dangerous mute lunatic. So you know what? You win. Just go!

Hehehehe... it's been fun. Don't come back.


Well, we're being murdered. It's the potato part that's really going to get us mad though.

Oh, and don't worry - it makes sense in context.

bewick said...

Vortac said...
25 years ago (when I was in the elementary school), bullied teacher would simply call the police
Well now 49-60 years ago when I was at school no-one would dare to try to bully or assault a teacher. In fact, apart from reciprocated name-calling - there was little bullying.
Bad behaviour was rewarded with the cane or slipper. Didn't dare tell your parents because you'd get another pasting at home.
I was once caned for something I didn't actually do. Still didn't tell my parents. How things change. Spare the rod and spoil the child used to be the mantra.
Our liberal "uber civilisation" seems to have changed that thanks to mamby pamby leftists with little brain. Even the "justice" system, at least in the UK, gives unlimited chances and little or no punishment.
Seems that in Holland it is now even worse when Muslim pupils can attack and even issue creditable death threats without sanction.

Enough is enough. Bring back corporal punishment; prosecute all physical attacks and death threats whether form pupils or parents.

Ooops. I said pupils. Perhaps that should have been "students" or "customers".

costin said...

this is how it looks like. some Belgian frieds once told me about an incident in Antwerp where a belgian was slapped on a bus 2 or three years ago and they were praising him that he did not react in any way.. "he was inteligent enough not to fight back". being a coward is the inteligent way to be in Europe these days, it seems.

Hesperado said...

My favorite Muslim school pupil story was one out of some school in France where the Muslim pupils in mathematics class refused to use the plus sign ( + ) because they claimed it looks like a Christian cross.

Unfortunately, I lost my link for that story.