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“The Retarded Islamic Culture”

Below is Part 2 of the Australian Dateline news feature about Geert Wilders:

Part 1 is available here. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing both parts.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a couple of articles from the Dutch media. One concerns Mr. Wilders’ appearance on Australian television, and the other has the latest news about the negotiations on the formation of a government in the Netherlands.

Geert Wilders on Dateline

VH notes:

The demo in the background of the photo on the Australian Dateline website is one held by the International Socialists.

The first article is from Elsevier:

Wilders: Our culture is better than the retarded Islamic culture

by Maartje Willems

[August 29] In an interview that was conducted during the failed attempt to form a Purple-plus [center-left] cabinet in the Netherlands, PVV leader Geert Wilders called Islam retarded. The Australian television program Dateline broadcast the interview this past Sunday. The interview was held six weeks ago, as Wilders informs Elsevier.nl.

In the interview with an Australian TV program, Wilders said about Islam: “It is a violent ideology comparable to communism and fascism.” In the interview, Wilders repeats that he is a supporter of an international organization that opposes Islam.

This week Wilders’ PVV enters the fourth week of coalition negotiations with the CDA [Christian Democrats] and the VVD [center-right liberals]. The two parties want to form a minority government supported by the PVV [to command a majority in parliament]. Some prominent Christian Democrats demand that the CDA party leader Maxime Verhagen stop the negotiations because of Wilders’ anti-Islam views.

For example, Wilders wants to demonstrate in New York on September 11 against the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero, where nine years ago many were killed due to Islamic terrorism. Wilders has repeatedly said that he will continue expressing his controversial views on Islam, including when his party supports a VVD-CDA minority government.

[Photo caption] Fortuyn

In the 2002 election Pim Fortuyn — at that point still the leader of Leefbaar Nederland [Livable Netherlands] — called Islam a backward religion. Fortuyn immediately had to enter urgent consultations shortly after the interview with De Volkskrant, and was dismissed as party leader. One day later he founded the Lijst Pim Fortuyn [List Pim Fortuyn].” (see also the video “C’est ça“)

Also from Elsevier, the following article is not entirely off-topic:

All time low for CDA in survey: lowest score ever

by Maartje Willems

[August 29] The uproar in the CDA [Christian Democrats] on negotiations with the PVV is causing a low point in the polls. If there were elections held today, the party of Maxime Verhagen would only receive 15 seats [out of the 150 in parliament], the lowest score ever.
- - - - - - - - -
This is shown in the weekly poll by Maurice de Hond, who has been conducting these polls since 1976. It is the lowest score he ever measured for the CDA.

The PvdA [Labour Party, Socialists] also loses heavily in the polls; the party of [former Amsterdam mayor] Job Cohen gets six seats less and ends up with 24 seats. The PVV of Geert Wilders wins seven seats and would with 31 seats be the largest party in Dutch parliament.

A narrow majority of 54 percent of voters believe that negotiations for a minority government will succeed. Three weeks ago this was 80 percent. Also the number of CDA voters hoping this formation will succeed has declined from 79 percent three weeks ago to 60 percent now. The negotiators of the three parties will this Monday enter their fourth week of negotiations.

Maurice de Hond’s survey is conducted over the internet using at least 2,500 people, from a sample of over 40,000 people who have ever enlisted in the survey panel.

Past week former officials of the CDA have one by one canceled their confidence in the negotiations. Former Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers [CDA, also the previous “informateur’] called on CDA party leader Maxime Verhagen to abandon the discussions with the PVV [and form a center-left minority government with support of all remaining parties without the PVV; many in this peculiar suggestion saw the influence of Queen Beatrix]. Lubbers in his last month as informateur initiated the VVD-CDA-PVV negotiations, but now suddenly rejects this.

Yesterday former Minister of Agriculture Cees Veerman wrote a letter in which also he called on Verhagen to cease the negotiations.[1]

[Photo caption]

“PVV leader Geert Wilders has enough of the uproar in the CDA.

He advised CDA chairman Henk Bleker “to go on a vacation” and said yesterday that prominent CDA people should about stop demonizing the 1.5 million PVV voters.”

Dateline links:

Our culture is better than the retarded Islamic culture


WATCH — See Mark’s report from the Netherlands on Geert Wilders and the controversy surrounding him.

EXTRA — Find out more about Geert Wilders’ background and political career.

Quote: “Wilders is still facing trial in the Netherlands for inciting hatred and the controversy surrounding him means he lives under 24 hour protection.”

Remark from VH:

Dateline seems not to understand what is going on in the real: Wilders does not need 24/7 protection because of “the controversy surrounding him” but because of constant death threats, mostly by Muslims, including Al Qaeda.


[1] Among the other CDA “prominents” are former PM (and anti-Semite) Andries van Agt and former CDA fraction leader (and former Waffen SS volunteer) Willem Aantjes, but also Christian Democrat Muslims oppose the negotiations. However, the CDA fraction in Parliament at the moment has only one Muslim (previously a few Muslims had to leave because they refused to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide), the Turkish born Coskun Cörüz, who was suspected of having collaborated with or has sympathies for, the fascist Grey Wolves.


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