Monday, August 23, 2010

Arab Opinion on the Ground Zero Mosque

Our expatriate Russian correspondent Russkiy has translated some more reader input from the website of the BBC’s Arabic-language service. He says:

The BBC has questioned Arab readers on their views with regard to the Cordoba Initiative and the noise it has created. Some comments are worth translating.

And the translated excerpts from the BBC (sorry, no URL was included):

There are people who are saying that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA. In my view it’s the biggest, most widespread lie I ever heard.

— Abu Sufian, NY

What is the source of the problem? All problems in American politics concern Arabs and Muslims. How many resolutions from the security counsel, condemning Israel has America blocked? Those who attacked the towers caused animosity and a desire for revenge in Americans. Of course, those attacks were against humanistic and religious morals. However, why didn’t Americans respect the feelings of Arabs and Muslims? With regard to the project bringing religions and people together, I don’t think that this project would do that.

— Seyf al Islam, Libya

I am a Muslim, but despite that, I believe that the mosque should be built further away from the proposed place. There’s no doubt that this mosque will remind the families of the victims of those Muslims who perpetrated those heinous deeds. There’s no doubt that the images of the celebrating Muslims during and after those events shamed us as Muslims and proved clearly the contradiction between what we show and what we hide, and justifies the opposition of the people of New York.

— Amer, Hims

I am against building this mosque as I’m against any justifications for spilling blood of the innocents in all parts of the world. I am against those who justified the terrorist attacks of 9/11 ignoring the suffering and tears of the victims’ families and relatives while at the same time glorifying the wicked terrorist.

— Mostafa, the Netherlands

I think that building this mosque is an important gesture for the Muslims who simply need a place to pray. I don’t think there is an ulterior motive in building this mosque. The position of Obama in this is admirable. With regard to the opposition, I think they are wasting their time and that of others in this useless opposition. There’s no sense to it in my view.

— Abdal Aziz Ali
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Why is all this uproar around building a mosque in New York????? WHY DO MUSLIMS DEMAND THE RIGHT OF WORSHIP WHILST DENYING THAT RIGHT TO CHRISTIANS IN THE COUNTRIES WHERE THEY ARE THE MAJORITY LIKE EGYPT FOR EXAMPLE??? At least no one tries to burn them in their mosques whilst they are praying like they do to Christians in Egypt.

— Amin Daniel, Cairo

“Muslims were the first ones who started the policy of peaceful coexistence with people of other faiths — Islam Yosef” Brother Islam, we have been suffering for a very long time until now from this “peaceful” coexistence which you are talking about. You can target the Indians or the Chinese or even Americans with your claim that Muslims adhere to principles of coexistence, but don’t lie to yourself. I don’t think you need me to recount to you the events in history and the contents of your texts?

— Copt, Egypt

A question to those who want to build this mosque: After all this noise and scandal, why the insistence on building it? Its not only Christians who don’t want the mosque to be built but Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and even atheists. And the reason for this opposition from these various groups is because Islam attacks them all without exception. The likes of bin Laden and others use Quranic texts (that are clear for all to understand) to call for Muslims to kill non Muslims. The moderate Muslims can’t argue against Al Qaeda’s agenda because of the religious component in their claims. This is the reason why many people don’t want anything to do with anything Islamic.

— Engineer, Baghdad


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Joe Scarborough says don't give into Gingrich and the forces of hate. El Cid would clearly be a person of hate to JS.

Apuleius Platonicus said...

Thank you for posting this. The more we know about Arab and Muslim reactions to this ongoing issue, the better.

And let's not forget those Muslims whose views do not require translation, such as Rima Fakih (Miss USA), Raheel Raza (Musalim Canadian Congress), Tarek Fatah (MCC), Neda Bolourchi (mother died at Ground Zero), Akbar Ahmed (Islamic Studies, American University), Zuhdi Jasser (American Islamic Forum for Democracy), etc.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Yes, thanks very much for this: very illuminating!!

Green Infidel said...

But wait - we do know that the only people against the Mosque are far-right, gay-bashing, creationist, redneck Americans who have never met a Muslim, and don't know a single thing about Islam. Right?

Russkiy said...

Some additional comments I have picked up (I didn’t translate typical comments that everyone expects muslims to make but only those that discuss the true nature of Islam):

Instead of building this Islamic centre in the United States, why don’t they build centres that will give the “right” interpretation of Islamic texts in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and other places that export terrorism in order to combat those that misinterpret Islam? Do the muslims have the courage to disprove al qaida and Taliban ideas and fight its spread? This is if muslims were truly against what those bin ladens and other terrorists are doing, otherwise its just to hide and misrepresent their true intentions hidden in their hearts. To improve image of Islam look for the root of the problem and not how to hide it or make look better.
Egyptian Emigrant

(“lets not forget that those who claim allegiance to the prophet Isa (PBUH) are the ones who spilled the blood of the thousands, and the war in Bosnia is not far away from our minds” – Nail al naqrashi, Cairo) Lets begin with this for the millions time, did they raise gospels and quote saying of our lord Jesus Christ prior to the killings? It would be clear to anyone with a little intellect that the issue was political and national that split those parties. In any case who saved those muslims? Didn’t other followers of Christ who intervened and protected those muslims?
James Bond, Land of God

If we truly wanted to build this mosque for the purpose of worship and not for political goals, it would be better to build a monument for those who perished by the hands of those Muslims in order to demonstrate distinction between terrorists like bin Laden and his followers and those who practice and understand Islam as being love and tolerance and respect of non-muslims. We have to ask ourselves – why do we need to build such a mosque in a place where number of muslims very small rather than building it on the other side of the river where their number numbers many thousands?
Mohamed Ayad, Little Fall, NJ


What Could Possibly Be Wrong About Building A Mosque Named Cordoba at Ground Zero? (by Abdullah Al Araby)
The news is out. The Muslims of America are planning to build a $100 million mosque across the street from 9/11’s Ground Zero in New York City. So far, for most Americans there is nothing notable about such news. We are getting used to seeing magnificent multimillion dollar mosques spring up here and there throughout our nation. Little do we realize the extent to which such mosques serve multi-purposes beyond their stated functions as educational centers and places of worship for Muslims. In addition, they are advertisements for gaining converts to Islam. As you will soon understand, the Ground Zero Mosque signals something very significant to the entire Islamic World.

America is a huge country encompassing fifty states. The States are already saturated with over 1200 mosques that have been built in recent years. When Muslims ask for a permit to build a new mosque, nobody ask if there is a need for another mosque. Nobody is required to give an answer. Our attitude is let them build whatever they like, wherever they like. It is of no problem to us.

However, alarms of some sort ought to arise when a new mosque is planned just a few hundred feet away from where the Twin Towers once stood. Alarms should sound that it was Muslim terrorists that brought down the Twin Towers and took 3,000 lives while doing so. That should spark some pointed questions in the minds of conscientious Americans.

the whole article is here: - at the very end!