Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kissing Cousins

Below is a video of a documentary that was aired recently on British television. It concerns the practice of cousin marriage, which is overwhelmingly confined to Muslims, especially Pakistanis, within the UK. As a result of the prevalence of this practice, the Pakistani community in Britain has an incidence of congenital disorders which is far higher than would be expected from its proportion in the population.

The running time of this documentary is about an hour (the video platform used here doesn’t display a time clock):

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Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

No wonder they need new blood! Vampires!!

Anonymous said...

Good thing they are in a coutnry with free health care instead of where they come from.

X said...

That woman at the start of part 2 was the whole of Islam in microcosm. The doctor did it. It's god's test, it's not because of what we did.

trencherbone said...

Chicken and egg situation:

Islam produces idiocy

... and idiocy produces Islam!

goethechosemercy said...

Deaf blind children can rehabilitate, they can be taught means of communication.
There is no excuse for these children to remain isolated and miserable.
I take it Pakistani-Britons also don't care for rehab education for the disabled as well.

Dave said...

In a tribal society, you can't trust anyone but blood relatives, so the benefits of first-cousin marriage outweigh the risks. Twisting the family tree into a braid is bad for genetic diversity, but it's great for family solidarity.

It took centuries for Europe's barbarian tribes to melt together into nations, and it happened only because the Catholic Church banned marriage between first-, second-, and even third-cousins.

Zenster said...

And thus begins yet one more type of jihad, a genetically-based assault on Western health care systems whose taxpayer funding will be seriously depleted by these inbred cripples.

Does anyone really have any illusions about what used to happen to these children in most Islamic societies? They were most likely killed right off or put to use as professional beggars.

Instead, now these tragic but predictable outcomes of Muslim inbreeding can serve as yet one more boat anchor to drag down productive Western cultures.

This is but one more compelling reason for ejecting all Muslims from Western nations.

S said...

If they don't get the support of the imams then nothing can be done. In effect the muslim religion is running everything already.

How expensive is genetic testing? Can the NHS afford that for most Pakistan families that migrate? And will they get the testing before the firstborn or after producing the first child needing lifetime care?

And even without genetic testing the strain on the NHS due to islam will get worse because of rickets. Have you seen the photos of the skeletal deformed children in the streets of Pakistan?

Can Britain afford to keep importing muslims?

S said...

And that doesn't count the IQ decrease.

So, in effect, islam really cannot survive without war and expansion. They need war to take women captive to infuse the bloodlines.

How far back are these intermarriages? Centuries? It seems like at some point the ressive gene would be bred out.

And what is that woman doing with a photo album. Didn't the taliban say photos are against islam?

And the woman at the doctors office without her husband. What was she thinking being there without a man?

mythusmage said...

On Cousin Marriage by Razib Khan discusses this in some detail.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

All while the white working/under class who fought and payed for the NHS get the 3rd class treatment after the ruling class and parasite class.

This is a crippling jihad against public health resources and the NHS.