Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cultural Reconciliation Through Pork

It’s good to know that at least one business in the Ground Zero neighborhood is using bacon to promote mutual tolerance among different cultures:

Pork Plant Opens Next to Mosque Next to Ground Zero

SwineBumble Bee Ham is opening a processing plant and deli in New York just two blocks away from Ground Zero next to a new mosque. The new location will process ham to be shipped out to Bumble Bee Hams across the country and launch a new high end deli on the ground level called “Bacon.” The feature item is a bacon burger made from ground bacon, topped with bacon served open faced on a bacon croissant with bacon ranch and a side of bacon sticks. This has set off a firestorm between many Americans and Muslims against so-called “bacon extremists.”
- - - - - - - - -
Critics claim that Bumble Bee Ham is being insensitive to Muslim feelings and seeking to inflame Muslim sensibilities. Supporters swear they only wish to promote a new peaceful dialogue in Muslim/Pork relations. Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the founder of the mosque was reported in the New Pork Times saying, “Most New Yorkers find the placement of Bumble Bee Ham offensive. New York is a big city. Why can’t they just build somewhere else? If they really care about healing delicate wounds between Muslims and Pork they wouldn’t build in a location where most New Yorkers disapprove.”

A spokesman for Bumble Bee Ham responded in the New York Pork declaring, “We have no desire to inflame or insult New Yorkers by inflaming and insulting them. America stands for freedom and we fully believe in that right. Freedom doesn’t include a right to decency or good taste.”

Read the (not quite PG-13) conclusion to this story at Rancor News.

Hat tip: Apollon Zamp.


Anonymous said...

Bwahhaha! I can feel my arteries clogging just reading that! That'd be one major case of heartburn... but oh, it'd taste soo good!

If they're going to dish it out, they'd better be able to take it.

This story brings to mind the Katy, TX pig races of several years ago and all of the hoo-ha that swirled around that.

CrossMuslims said...

Remember what Geert Wilders said about Pigs:
"this man is behaving like a pig, just like the barbarous Prophet Mohammed,who married the six year old girl Aisha."
(The Pigs of Arabia,video)

Foxmuldar Blog said...

Can I get a serving of Breaded Pork Chops? Stuffed Pork chops are scrumptious. Why Muslims have a problem with pork is beyond me. Muslims live with goats and Camels, so a pig is just another animal. Islam has no sense of humor. No wonder they are constantly killing each other off.

Don Sharpe said...

I am a 'bacon extremist'.
Actually, as a Canadian, I am a 'back-bacon extremist'!
Bumblebee Bacon Deli will be a first day stop on my next visit to NYC.

X said...

Mmhmm, that's good satire. Shame they aren't actually doing it...

urah2222 said...

Would make a great strip mall - Gay Bar, Mosque and Pork Store, THAT'S AMERICAN FREEDOM AND DIVERSITY AT IT'S BEST. -DR. SHALIT

1389 said...

Sounds like a plan!

ludwig_10022 said...

Alas, another Landing Gear Mosque joke. Much as I like this one, the realities on New York realty is that the only affordable space for an operation like this would be in the industrial borderland between Brooklyn and Queens—or out of the City entirely.