Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Immigration Brake or the Pensions Brake?


From commenter Freedom Fighter, this news:

Sweden Democrats ask legal official to rule on ad

The far-right Sweden Democrats have submitted their own election film for review by one of the country’s top legal officials after TV4 refused to broadcast the advert on grounds that it promoted religious hatred.

The party, which could win its first ever parliamentary seats in next month’s general election, disputes TV4’s interpretation of the advert and wants the Chancellor of Justice to rule on whether the film represents a form of hate speech.


The clip promotes the Sweden Democrats’ demand that, like other parties, pensioners’ taxes be cut to the same levels of wage earners. However, they claim their plans would be funded by reducing immigration.
Read the rest of the news article here. There is back-and-forth lawyer-talk analysis as to whether the ad is “hate” speech.

I mentioned last night that TV4 in Sweden refused to run a campaign commercial by Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) on the grounds that it contained “hate speech”.

Now, thanks to Kitman, you can watch for yourselves and see if you can spot the “hate speech” in this brief 30-second ad:

I don’t see any “hate”, but I can see why the Powers That Be wanted to censor it. If a few more of these get through to the Swedish public, it could be their downfall.

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goethechosemercy said...

Hate speech?
I don't see it.
It's just an argument for national over global priorities. Good ad.

Zenster said...

The ad is definitely hateful. At least it is for Liberals and Socialists who hate facts and reality.

All through Europe and even here in America − be it through polygamist broods, chronic unemployment, Genetic Jihad™ or a barely concealed demand for jizya − Muslims continue to absorb a vastly disproportionate share of social services and other taxpayer funded benefits.

This lopsided ratio of take versus give is symptomatic of Islamic culture everywhere and, for that matter, all through history. In the West it is also emblematic of an abject refusal to assimilate and thereby constitutes an unacceptable form of parasitism that requires immediate redress.

Nothing symbolizes this parasitic behavior more than Islamic terrorism itself. Although active terrorists constitute a minuscule fraction of this world's population, or even its Muslim headcount, their violent actions siphon off a tremendous amount of global wealth.

For the moment, let's set aside the staggering cost in blood and treasure of military actions in Muslim-majority nations and merely address transportation security issues alone. Here are some cocktail napkin calculations related to the expense of maintaining airport security:

TSA Budget = $7.79 Billion

~1.5 million passengers per day originate from American airports

2 hours of wait time = 3 million man hours lost

Compensate regarding shorter pre-boarding waits for domestic travel (i.e., ~1 hour)

2 million man hours lost

USA Per Capita Income = ~$40,000 = ~$20.00/Hour

2 million man hours lost per day x $20.00/Hour = $40M/day

$40M/Day x 365 = $14.6 Billion/Year in lost productivity

Thus we have over 20 Billion dollars in annual travel security costs in America alone. This number does not even include equipment and other security-related infrastructure or private staffing expenses related to terrorism.

Now, multiply this on a global scale and the figure easily meets or exceeds ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

All of this money is being flushed down a rathole because one group of people refuses to abandon a violent quest for global domination.

Does anyone doubt that Muslim consumption of Western social benefits most likely approaches yet another TRILLION DOLLARS as well?

Geert Wilders' PVV party has calculated that the Netherlands pays out almost 10 BILLION DOLLARS per year in benefits to immigrants, many of whom are Muslim. Compound that figure for other similarly afflicted Western nations and another trillion dollars is not out of the question. Especially so if one factors in the cost of Muslim criminal activity and the legal expenses incurred to curtail it.

This is equivalent of paying almost $2,000.00 to every Muslim man, woman and child on earth, EACH AND EVERY YEAR.

Islam is as unsupportable as it is indefensible. When the cost of military actions against political Islam is factored into this equation the total skyrockets to even more obscene levels.

These sort of expenditures could put a rapid end to global hunger, illiteracy and a host of other pressing issues that are far more deserving of our largesse.

In yet one more way, Islam continues to perpetrate crimes against humanity, just as it has all through its sordid history.

How much longer is the civilized world supposed to tolerate this vampire death cult?

goethechosemercy said...

Western civilization giveth and Islam taketh away.

mriggs said...

Sweden is probably lost... or to put it another way, eventually we will have to 'destroy her in order to save her'. Put yet another way, Sweden will probably have the distinction of serving as the canary in the coal mine - her demise will demonstrate to the rest of europe the immediacy of the danger, moving her neighbors to act decisively against the islamic danger.

This is good - if you don't live in Sweden.

urah2222 said...

And my dear swedes - the choice is clear Grandma or the "Ninja Women"
I vote for Grandma. Tak skal du Ha!
The Swedish establishment apparently prefers the "Ninjas."

Ratatosk said...

For the whining north wind and the winter,my brother,
For the wakening morning's star so clear,
For our home and our land and our prayer-pleading mother,
For teeming cities and ice-heavy waters
Our tankards we raise -- and for days yet to come
And for love and for friendship once dear.

When the lakes lie here frozen and dead and it's snowing,
The whirl-weather dancing on heather and moor,
We drink and we dream about spring streams a-flowing,
And bring to mind Terrvalak's red sundown glowing
And farms that shine red against daisies and lilies
And shadows that play in the woods.

For the hardest, the wind's bitterest embrace,
For the poor folk who fight for their bread and their breath,
For poverty's gift of a pale, haggard face
For food-groaning tables and sleighs by the gate
For sore-ravaged bodies and all-healing death.

In the hour of the star, we are glad and united,
We forget that the earth became brimfull of hate.
We rise under Yule skies with gleaming stars lighted
Enringed by a sense of the night of the mighty
For them and the earth and the heaven -- and us,
Come, comrades, our tankards we'll raise.

Dan Andersson

1389 said...

Zenster, I've put up a blog post on the hazards of consanguinity: Islam and Genetic Damage

Dymphna said...


Here is my favorite Swedish poem:

Friend, in the desolate time, when your soul is enshrouded in darkness
When, in a deep abyss, memory and feeling die out,
Intellect timidly gropes among shadowy forms and illusions
Heart can no longer sigh, eye is unable to weep;

When, from your night-clouded soul the wings of fire have fallen
And you, to nothing, afraid, feel yourself sinking once more,
Say, who rescues you then?— Who is the comforting angel
Brings to your innermost soul order and beauty again,

Building once more your fragmented world, restoring the fallen
Altar, and when it is raised, lighting the sacred flame?
None but the powerful being who first from the limitless darkness
Kissed to life seraphs and woke numberless suns to their dance.

None but the holy Word who called the worlds into existence
And in whose power the worlds move on their paths to this day.
Therefore, rejoice, oh friend, and sing in the darkness of sorrow:
Night is the mother of day, Chaos the neighbor of God

Erik Johan Stagnelius

All I know aabout him is that he was born on the island of Oland and died of heart disease in 1823 at the age of 29.

Oh, and he used opium to treat the pain of his heart problems, which probably hastened his death.

Sad life, but he left behind one great poem. I'll bet it is even more powerful in Swedish, but the English version is darkly mystical enough to make this a lasting work.

syntec said...
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Dymphna said...

Comments advocating violent change aren't permitted here.

There are lots of other venues out there in cyberspace where such ideas may be welcome.

Not here.