Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hassan II: “A Secular Muslim is Not a Muslim”

In the video below, the late King Hassan II of Morocco (died 1999) asserts the absolute primacy of sharia in Islamic countries. In fact, he even denies the possibility of secular law under Islam.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a brief Dutch-language article from the ICLA website, and also the French from the video. Many thanks to Bivouac-ID for the original French-language transcript of the video and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The French blog Bivouac-ID — comparable to the German Politically Incorrect and one of the most prominent French blogs on Islam and the dangers it entails — has a published a video of King Hassan II of Morocco in which he briefly explains why it is an illusion to think there ever can be a “secular” Islam (sometimes called a “European Islam”). In short, Islam is incompatible with Western secular rule of law. Indeed, Hassan II, King of Morocco from 1961-1999, suggests that a secular Muslim is not a Muslim simply because “a Muslim can not be secular”.

A complete transcript is below the jump.
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Former King of Morocco Hassan II: “A secular Muslim is not a Muslim”

0:00 I am not a secular head of state, because from the moment one is Muslim
0:06 one [simply] can not be secular.
0:10 In fact, none of the Heads of State and Governments in the Islamic world —
0:13 I am not saying [just] the Arab world —
0:15 are Heads of State of secular nations.
0:18 And if they say they want to be secular, I say they no longer are Muslims.
0:22 Because the Islamic law [Sharia] is written in our hearts,
0:27 whether one wants it or not,
0:31 both in terms of public law and private law.


parabarbarian said...

The respective constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan explicitly establish Islam as the state religion. If there can be no such thing as a secular Islamic state (and I'm inclined to agree) then why the frell is the American taxpayer being soaked for billions of dollars to build up countries that can only be our enemy? Compared the that camel the Cordoba House is a gnat.

If OBL is still alive he must be busting a gut laughing.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Very well done and thanks to Vlad, Baron.

However, to me this video, as a stand alone device, is not very effective because it's only a single occurrence of Muslim Honesty.

Now, string 10 or 20 films of Muslim Honesty together into a singe production, like Fitna, and you really have something that can change minds.

The time for preaching to the choir is over. With simple yet extensive evidence we must try to dislodge the remaining thinkers from their brainwashed state before, I fear, they will be fixated.

I'd be glad to help out. Let's reach out with better material and undeniable proof. I hope we can shock the Krauthammers and the Bushes out of their "religion of peace" piety, and perhaps gain the conversion of some of the weaker multiculturalists.

goethechosemercy said...

There is a believer in the absolute unification of religion and state.