Saturday, August 21, 2010

Multiculturalism on Steroids

Here’s another video featuring LTC (ret.) Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District:

If only he were running in the 5th District of Virginia, where I could vote for him…

Hat tip: Kish Collections.

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Profitsbeard said...

If West were POTUS instead of the kowtowing Obama, there would be some hope for America and the West,

Hundreds of thousands will have to be sacrificed to the Idiot God of Politcal Correctness before this multiculti delusion ends.

And fools like Barack are thrown back into the mental playpen where they belong.

Fight on, Col. West!

EscapeVelocity said...

There is a very good opportunity for some of the more eloquent and knowledgable anti Jihad anti Shariah anti Islamization of the Westers, that comment here to influence mainstream conservative US thought, on this thread by Ron Rodash on Pajamas Media, where he blogs.

I highly respect Ron Rodash, he is a former Communist who like David Horowitz (but perhaps more tentatively) turned against the Western Left which came to be dominated by Radical New Leftists. He has a good mind and intellect, and his voice is widely respected.

Give it a go...

A Message to Conservatives: Is Islam Really our Enemy?

Michael Servetus said...

Escape Velicity, thanks for the link and opportunity, I have taken advantage of it and posted the following, though I am far from eloquent.

Do you understand Islam? What it is and what its teachings are? That is the all important point. It is not about freedom, or conflating Islam and terrorism. You cannot know what the conflation of those two are unless you know exactly what Islam is alone first of all. Know Islam as it is and not as various people want you to think of it according to their respective wills, know what it is and says for yourself, understand its sources from which it springs, know its texts, its history, and know it correctly according to its authoritative and primary sources.

Islam is constitutionally set up to be an enemy to Judaism, Christianity and Secularism and as a result to Western Civilization. The constitution of Islam is primarily the Koran, its holy book and secondarily accepted Hadiths, which are traditions of the prophet's behavior and example and the legal tradtions of the Islamic jurists. Outside of these there is no Islam, in other words there are not two Islams but one. Not a nice one and a nasty one, or a wrong one and a right one, only Islam as defined and passed down from its accepted sources. Therefore Islam makes the case for Islam, Islam defines Islam, not individual nominal or even strictly observant Muslim individuals("moderate" or "fundamentalist"). To be fair there are moderate people there is no moderate Islam.

Islam is not debateable or changeable as is the case with true Christianity or Judaism. They are all conceieved as coming from direct inspiration of God through prophets who were called to speak the words of God, therefore they are considered by their respective followers to be divine and above human will or opinion. So in some ways we can say that Islam is no different from these other religions that we have all come to know and live with, but there is one defining difference. This difference is what all people should be aware of. It is the application of Islam not the theory. Yes in theory, as many vaintalkers would assert, religions are similar or even the same, all one and equal, but in application different according to their own teachings which flow from belief. They all believe, yes but they all do not express their belief the same for a reason. Islam expresses its belief in God (some beliefs which are similar in theory to Christianity or Judaism), differently than those two.
So we ought not responsibly or honestly lazily lump them together, that is lazy and sloppy scholarship, not worthy of the name or title of expert or scholar.
Lets get straight to the point, the reasons are that violence is accepted as a tool for solutions to problems in Islam, death and corporla punishment is accepted and actually ordered to be carried out by Muslims in their own community , towards their own as punishements for violations and also to those outside of the faith for the same reason. This is a major problem, because whether a person is a strict Muslimsor not, thewse realities and teachings exist, they exist and beckon one to follow them anbd can be called upon or chosen at enemy time without any conflict with their idea of God. Muslims who are under the influence of Western ideas may experience some sort of intial conflict, although we have many undeniable cases where Western born and raised Muslims turn to terrorism, in the end a conflict between Western ideas that come from " and are therefore the theories and inventions of men cannot compete with the authority of God which allows and calls upon a faithful Muslim as defined by Islam to kill and inflict terror in the form of violent means to an end.

EscapeVelocity said...

Good job, Servetus!

Thumbs Up!

The more the average joe learns about Islam the harder line they will take against it.

Keep hammering away.