Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/19/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/19/2010The IMF-backed EU bailout of Greece gave Athens access to new credit on the condition that the Greeks implement austerity measures. Austerity has been a great success — Greece has reduced its budget deficit dramatically by cutting public spending, pension benefits, salaries, etc. — but the draconian reductions have had a devastating effect on the economy, which was heavily dependent on government spending. Economic activity has slowed to such an extent that unemployment in some areas is 70%.

In other news, a judge in Perth, Australia, has ruled that a witness must remove her niqab before she testifies as a witness in a court case.

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Jedilson Bonfim said...

(Swedish Integration Minister Nyamko) Sabuni told the Expressen daily on Wednesday, “I strongly disagree with these views (that “Islam is like Communism or Nazism. There are no good practitioners — just confused or evil.”) and there is of course no truth in them.”

Has she ever bothered to read Mein Qurampf? Or inform herself about both the ayrab slave trade and ayrab racism against blacks like herself? Her ignorant statement sure shows us that she hasn't.

Fortress said...

Quite a number of posts from the beloved MSM dealing with how wrong the U.S. people are for recognizing the Islamic behaviors of our president and coming to the obvious conclusions concerning the behaviors of the muslims who support the ground zero mosque, and their marxist enablers. Spin control is in overdrive here, and all it serves to do is torque the people off. I wonder if they lay awake at night with the cold grip of reality coming down on them as knowledge of their own true irrelevance intrudes upon their bunnies and kitties dreams...or if they're so self delusional, the thought would never pass their minds. Even as the hatchet from Islam and those more-Marxist-than-thou comes barrelling down on their heads...I wonder if they'll remain so deluded.