Friday, August 27, 2010

“A Jihad Has Already Been Launched in This Country”

The English Defence League was banned from holding a march in Bradford tomorrow, so it will stage a static demonstration instead — which, as a matter of law, cannot be banned.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson has given an interview in advance of the demonstration. In the excerpts below he talks about the support the EDL receives from serving members of the military, rampant Muslim violence, and the impotence of all major political parties in dealing with it:

Hat tip: Kitman.

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Kinana said...

If the Government does not facilitate and allow a non-violent and peaceful response it ensures a violent one.

EscapeVelocity said...

Kinana, there are already 2 violent ones...

Unite Against Fascism - Leftwingers


You are correct that the Leftist governments are only ensuring that "the Right" gets radicalized, by having contempt for them, their well being and political interests, and forming a cordon saintaire around them when they organize politically, while continuing to demonize them as Nazis and Fascists.