Friday, August 13, 2010

A Brazen Muslim

A Gates of Vienna reader writes with a report of his own personal encounter with suburban cultural enrichment. I’m posting it here with his permission.

I want to pass on an incident that just happened to me.

I had to stop at a local CVS to pick up some items. As I pulled into a parking space in the lot I noticed another car had pulled into a spot at the exact same time. As I got out of my car so did he. I kind of laughed because the timing was so perfect it was almost like a choreographed dance.

Parked between our two cars was a beat up black sedan that I didn’t pay much mind to. As the both of us continued our “dance” walking towards the entrance of the CVS we heard someone baaaaing rather loudly like a sheep. We both turned around to see a young son of Allah in the beat up black car. He looked right at us and went “baaaa” again, and started laughing!

The guy next to me (a fellow white man) was stunned. But I knew (thanks to GoV and other sources) exactly what he was doing. I looked at the white guy and said, “He’s doing that because we are kuffar.” I then said rather loudly to the son of Allah, “Isn’t that right? You are acting like an idiot because we are kuffar, am I right?”

He just looked at me laughing and said, “Yes, kuffar. Yes, yes. You know kuffar? Iraq. You fight in Iraq? Kill many people?”

I guess he thought the only people who knew anything about Islam must have fought in some Islamic hellhole. The white guy and I then just walked in the store to transact our business, and on the way I gave him a brief education on kuffar, dhimmi, how we should be killed like lambs, and other Islamic gems. He had absolutely no idea.

As I went my way down the aspirin aisle (because I needed one at this point) it all became clear: there were two veiled woman with four screaming junior members of the Umma. The Jihadist outside (who I suspect was stoned on something) must have been their husband/cousin.
- - - - - - - - -
I was furious. I had to do something but I didn’t know what. I knew I couldn’t kick his a** as I would be the one thrown in jail and accused of a hate crime. My attack had to be psychological.

So I bought my stuff and walked out of the CVS as cool as a cucumber. I calmly put my bags in the trunk, got into my car and started it up. The whole time I could hear him chuckling, with an occasional “baaaa”. As I pulled out I rolled down my window and said “Hey Mohammed? You just f***ed with the wrong kuffar. I got your license number, and my brother’s in the FBI. You just landed your whole family on a terrorist watch list. Have a nice day, scumbag!”.

He stopped laughing and his face went white. I quickly pulled away while he threw some choice curse words after me. Of course it was all bulls***. But I knew if I dragged his whole brood into the equation it would really freak him out. “Family honor” being such an important thing to Muslims.

I still can’t believe this guy had the cojones to do what he did. Where I live is predominantly white.

After this incident I started thinking how lucky I might have been. For all I knew he could have pulled out a gun and started blasting.

The other thing I that really hit home is how utterly oblivious Americans are to what Islam is actually about. I mean, I knew that intellectually. But that guy could have sat in that parking lot all day baaaing like a sheep and no one would have known what he was doing. He might just as well have been speaking in code.

Which is pretty much what Muslims do very well in the West all day long. We must somehow break that Enigma code in the minds of Americans. It is getting better. Every time a Victory Mosque or some other egregious Muslim activity takes place a little more info slips into the mainstream consciousness.


Anonymous said...

Lol Baron

Now you know how this kuffar felt growing up in Saudi Arabia.

1389 said...

Kudos for standing up to this jihadi lowlife.

This is an example of why it is so important to share the knowledge we have with our relatives, friends, and acquaintances. In-person, face-to-face communications are best. Once they are aware of it, they'll start understanding more of what they see going on around them, and they'll pass the information along to others.

It's also worthwhile to pay a visit to your US representative's local office and tell his or her staffers what Islam is really all about. Let them hear from you why our government must stop appeasing the jihadis at home and abroad.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

We can only break the code in the minds of our fellow Americans if we are free to use the full power of humor, ridicule, cartoons, literature, songs and music. That is how a movement becomes a mass movement. We can't lead if we can't use these means of leading our people.

Libs and Muslims both know that. That is why you can use very rational fact based discussions on your blog, but can't step out of line with a song or political cartoon.

We must defeat the Muslim and send him on his way,
This land is for the Christian, the Muslim can not stay.

Sung to Bonnie Blue Flag. If we can't have songs like Bonnie Blue Flag, then we can't have a mass movement. The South had to have such songs. The Libs know that.

The Libs have such songs. If we can't have them, we can never lead our people to action. We can be as rational as we want and buy the next round of exposing Jihad books but it will not become a mass movement.

Gods and Generals: Bonnie Blue Flag.

You want men to fight, you have to have songs. Its songs that say we are a we and they are a they. We are forbidden such songs precisely so we can't do that. This is why humor, songs, cartoons, etc provoke the Lib Muslim wave of hate. If they can keep us from having those, we can't win.

EscapeVelocity said...


He is not a jihadi....just your average Muslim. Islam is the problem, Jihad is only its violent expression.

Svartwulf said...

Although, if Jihad is a tenant of Islam, and he is a Muslim, then he is a jihadist...

Great story, though if the teller had wanted to be really ruthless, he could have said that the women inside talked to him and Still, FBI watch list is a winner for sure.

We can't kill these people. We are men and women of the Law. But nothing says we can't get them to take care of their own.

Anonymous said...

Always carry a ham sandwich, I guess.

EscapeVelocity said...

NorseAlchemist, the point that I wanted to make is this...

There are those who wish to use terms like Islamist and order to perpetrate a fraud that the problem is not Islam (or contained within Greater Islam Proper).

Its important to use language that indicts Islam and Muslims and not Islamists and Jihadists....for this reason.

The Left has turned those terms into splinter groups that do not represent Islam Proper.

Svartwulf said...

You point is well meant EV, but my own point is that there is no difference between a Jehadist and a Muslim, however much the Left might like us to think so.

mriggs said...

What anyone can do is to call child services on their muslim neighbors this season and inform them that children in the neighborhood are starving the whole day long because their parents refuse to feed them and even forbid them to eat at school.

Svartwulf said...

Mriggs, That's....bloody brilliant. A catch 22. Either they take the kids, and are called racist, or they don't and people can start bashing Child Services for not doing their jobs in protecting children from abuse.

I love it!

hadley said...

So how do we defeat them? We engage in creative cultural warfare, like making a stencil that has Muslim magic words (the name of Allah? Or "your sister is a Muslim whore") in Arabic and stenciling it very swirly style on the pavement all over town. Put it right in front of an office building or subway entrance so everyone HAS to step on it. That triggers the magical "shoe" insult. Or create T shirts with a beautiful swirly design that says "your mother is the offspring of a homosexual donkey", something like that. These magical offensive things have power, yet because no American can read them they allow us to make war openly without triggering a reaction from liberals. If the right magic words are chosen Muslims can be blocked by their religion from entering our spaces without violating their own religious laws.

Another tactic is to go up to a veiled woman and talk to her. For example in a supermarket. She is not supposed to speak to a kuffar male (but no white folks know that) so smile and ask her where the milk is. If there is some obscene Arab double entendre, like "salt" sounds like "Salk" which means "sex" in Arabic, then smile and ask if she knows where you can find "salt".

There are ways to be aggressive in ways that are invisible, or secret, yet make life intolerable for Muslims.

But what are the magic symbols? What are the hand gestures, or words or actions, all innocuous, that trigger their insanity and make them flip out in totally inappropriate ways.

We need a book of tactics, like Obama's buddy Saul Alinsky wrote - "Rules For Radicals" - to give us direction. So who knows the magic buttons we can push?

Gort said...

I have a friend who has a young German Shepherd. The other day he was driving with the dog in the car and as they passed a black tent walking down the sidewalk the dog went wild.

I guess dogs just know, being unclean and all.

And, hadley, I have some dandy "magic" aggravations that will be brought to bear soon.

Svartwulf said...

I've got some of my own, and will come up with more.

It pays to be Asatru. They hate us polytheists.

Anonymous said...

Guys, here's where my being a feminist can help. I don't think it's a good idea to harass women, just because they're in tents. Leave them alone, you can't win. You'll only alienate kuffar women as well, and I assume you want women on our side? And telling a Muslim his sister or wife offered services? That will just get her a beating or worse. Pointless and counter-productive. We should definitely discuss here before we do damage for no reason. (I don't like the tents either, they block the bike path and you have to go around them, but I would never get into a catfight with one of them.)

1389 said...

Dogs don't like people who hate dogs.

Svartwulf said...

Latte Island, it would be nice if we could get Muslim women on our side. It is true they are oppressed. Perhaps with the younger ones we can, at least those who aren't dogmatic or dead for Westernizing.

That said, what we face can only be described as a war. A war, that has lasted for over a thousand years and more generations than I care to count. It would be nice if it was a bloodless war, but there are far too many dead for that to ever happen. And, while I feel for those Muslim women who are slaves to their men, which are slaves to Allah, if it comes down to their women or my people, I know which I'm willing to sacrifice.

It isn't nice. It isn't pretty. It isn't even right. But to win a war against that which claims to be the ultimate in "good" you have to break out a little "evil."

To quote my god Tyr: "No sacrifice, no victory."

Anonymous said...

NA, I'm all for war and stuff, but don't make it look like a bunch of fraternity boys picking on people who are weaker than them. Backlash and all, not to mention it's low rent in itself. The guy in the blog post who openly confronted the male Muslim who was rude, then explained things to the other white guy, was perfect. If he had done the thing about telling lies about the women to the Muslim, that would have been not only cowardly but it would alienate anyone on either side who heard about it. No one's harder line than I am, I want all non-white and third world immigration stopped, but that doesn't mean I think people on our side should pick on the weakest among them (women), especially if the women haven't confronted them first. What's next, being cruel to their pets?

Svartwulf said...

I'm not advocating frat boy antics, and if you can come up with a better way, I'm all ears. I don't like going after women, it isn't honorable. Personally, I'd rather spark infighting between the different groups and then mop up the rest. But is seems at times to me its either convince them to go after their own targets (and they're going after their own women anyways) or let them kill us and pray that our own people react. So far, the latter hasn't worked. And while we, with our Western sense of honor, like to think of these women as victims (and they are) we must recognize that they too, espouse Islam and are just as often to strike against their fellow women as much as Muslim men are. And, in someways, are even more draconian than the men.

We must play subtly, for sure. But can we honestly say that we shouldn't harm their women, when their women are doing just as much harm as the men?

Ratatosk said...

NorseAlchemisT; if your asatru, you know you need to work within the Wyrd. Use the opportunities that arise, do not force them to happen. Just stay ready, and wait for the moment, dont rush it.

And while you wait, prepare.

Besides, taking advice from the past, it is not by confronting those who try to colonize us that we will win. We need instead to resist and isolate those among our own people that, out of stupidity, greed, or wish for power, side with the enemy. Study the Hansa, and how it took control over Scandinavia.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

"After this incident I started thinking how lucky I might have been. For all I knew he could have pulled out a gun and started blasting."

Indeed: it is called "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" and as the mass of Mahometan THUGS here in the U.S. increases, we expect that the probability of "SJS" will also go up exponentially.
( cf. "Carbecues" in France or just check the Cultural Enrichment Archives here at GoV. )

The good thing here is that yet another Asleep Sheep has been awakened by one of his fellow citizens. (Ha, ha, perhaps he is reading Gates of Vienna right now!)

Baron, let me strongly recommend to the fellow GoV'er who sent you this info that he obtain a Concealed Carry Permit and arm himself.

Is anyone here fool enough to think that arrogant little Raghead bastards like this will be nice to us when, in the words of some of our own politicians, "they become the majority."

Gort said...

To One_of_the_last . . . . .

I do second your recommendation and urge all those who are of the proper mind to be prepared.

I have what is needed to "pack" in about 40 states. But, more than a card in the wallet and piece in the pocket is needed. Training, practice and the proper mental attitude (call it grace under fire if you wish) is what must go along with the credentials.

When I am asked why I choose to carry I refer to it simply as a piece of safety equipment like a motorcycle helmet. When I'm on my cycle and have the misfortune to have my head moving quickly towards the concrete I will not have time to go home and get my helmet. The same goes for the need to protect yourself from deadly force directed at you by a hostile person.

Be prepared.

gsw said...

Throw out all 'racist' sounding dialogue, such as non-white, immigrant etc.

Instead, attack 5th. columnists: i.e. those using ideologically anti-democratic theats to freedom.

Shari'ah is anti-democratic and therefore anti-American & treasonable.

HATE the ideology & do not condone its perpetration!

Anonymous said...

gsw, the problem with avoiding racist and anti-immigrant language, and only objecting to Sharia because it's undemocratic or some such, is to paint oneself into a corner. Without being able to tell the truth, that most third world people, Muslim or otherwise, don't fit into modern western societies, we're limited to pretty sound bytes like religious freedom, which of course, can justify building more and more mosques and inviting more freaks from everywhere in the world, because that's more "democratic."

There a fine line between turning off potential allies by bullying women, and being so nice, that we can't tell the truth (which is that the problem has something to do with race, not just "values").

Muslims and other incompatible third worlders have their own countries, don't they? Why are those countries so awful? Maybe because of the people who live there?

SF said...

Latte, I must disagree in this respect: If a group of people of my own race had the ideology of radical Islam, we would be enemies. The problem is not racial.

X said...

It's ethnic, to steal that modern calumny of a word. The problem we have is that the influx of foreign populations regardless of their ethnicity is having a negative effect on the native population and on the stability of the country as a whole.

Reposting something I left on EU Referendum (the context was immigration to the United Kingdom but the arguments are the same for any nation):

What you're saying is the odd wife or adoptee is one thing, but the mass-importation of entire communities of foreign nationals (of any ethnicity) is detrimental to the stability of English society as a whole. Right?

My wife is swedish. One swede isn't an issue. 10 swedes, not a problem. 100 and you start getting the problems of clumping (a person will seek out his own kind if he can) but still manageable. 1000 and an enclave starts to form. Import the entire municipality of Högsby (approximately 6000) and you irrevocably change the area, driving out the indigenous culture and replacing it with something foreign.

And, as nice as Swedish culture is, it's not English and shouldn't be imported en-masse. One or two in a year are fine, but an entire city's worth each year? No.

For the majority of this country's history the "importation" of foreigners has been on that level of one, two or ten a year averaged over time. Even the mass-import of the Normans in terms of population percentages was tiny and they were quickly absorbed into the population and effectively bred out. This is fine. People will interbreed on an individual level all the time just because people do that. Populations can't do that. A population can't breed with another population. Importing one population to another is like transplanting an organ from an incompatible donor - you might claim it's beneficial but the host has to suppress his immune system in order to "tolerate" what his body perceives as a parasitic invasion. The analogy isn't perfect (organ donations do have beneficial effects) but that's how populations function, in general: they're a body, with an immune system. Importing a donor population is more like trying to give someone a cow's liver. They don't need it, it doesn't work and it only ends up causing pain.