Monday, August 30, 2010

Dr. Pearl's Contemplation

The father of Daniel Pearl wrote the opinion piece in this post. He is a professor of Computer Science at UCLA, and a philosopher of science who has worked extensively on Artificial Intelligence.

His contemplation of the “undercurrents” in the situation of the Ground Zero Mosque are particularly relevant, given the nature of his son’s death at the hands of islamic murderers who have yet to stand trial for their many barbaric crimes.

No Ground Zero mosque

Dr. Pearl begins with this thought:

I have been trying hard to find an explanation for the intense controversy surrounding the Cordoba Initiative, whereby 71 percent of Americans object to the proposed project of building a mosque next to Ground Zero.

I cannot agree with the theory that such broad resistance represents Islamophobic sentiments, nor that it is a product of a “rightwing” smear campaign against one imam or another.

Americans are neither bigots nor gullible.
You are correct, sir. We are not Islamophobes, but as someone in the comments at the Logan’s Warning website once said, we are Islamosophias, i.e., wise to the ways of Islam and no longer taken in by the pretty-sounding deceits.

Dr. Pearl then considers the survivors of those killed on September 11th:

Deep sensitivity to the families of 9/11 victims was cited as yet another explanation [for this “intensity” - D], but this too does not answer the core question.
These families may not be the whole answer, but certainly they have used their energies in a desperate attempt to halt this desecration. In fact, Dr. Pearl, they could use your support.

If one accepts that the 19 fanatics who flew planes into the Twin Towers were merely self-proclaimed Muslims who, by their very act, proved themselves incapable of acting in the name of “true Islam,” then building a mosque at Ground Zero should evoke no emotion whatsoever; it should not be viewed differently than, say, building a church, a community center or a druid shrine...

- - - - - - - - -
A more realistic explanation is that most Americans do not buy the 19 fanatics story, but view the 9/11 assault as a product of an anti- American ideology that, for good and bad reasons, has found a fertile breeding ground in the hearts and minds of many Muslim youngsters who see their Muslim identity inextricably tied with this anti-American ideology.
Sir, I can’t see any “good reasons” at all for this anti-American ideology which has its tentacles wound deeply into UCLA, where you teach. It is not merely blood-sucking Islam, which you have noted; it is also the leftwing professors and student groups at your school and at colleges all over the country. The “long march through the institutions” is complete. It remains to those of us who see this as dangerous to our country to work against it.

The Ground Zero mosque is being equated with that ideology. Public objection to the mosque thus represents a vote of no confidence in mainstream American Muslim leadership which, on the one hand, refuses to acknowledge the alarming dimension that anti-Americanism has taken in their community and, paradoxically, blames America for its creation.
The Ground Zero mosque is a very large object lesson of that ideology, sir. It is more than a vote of no confidence in these people, it is the realization that they do not wish us well and are working overtime to make manifest the Caliphate in America. Yes, you’re right: they are most alarming.

In public, Muslim spokespersons praise America as the best country for Muslims to live and practice their faith. But in sermons, speeches, rallies, classrooms, conferences and books sold at those conferences, the narrative is often different. There, Noam Chomsky’s conspiracy theory is the dominant paradigm, and America’s foreign policy is one long chain of “crimes” against humanity, especially against Muslims.


Terrorist acts, whenever condemned, are immediately “contextually explicated” (to quote Tariq Ramadan); spiritual legitimizers of suicide bombings (e.g. Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi of Qatar) are revered beyond criticism; Hamas and Hizbullah are permanently shielded from the label of “terrorist.”

Overall, the message that emerges from this discourse is implicit, but can hardly be missed: When Muslim grievance is at question, America is the culprit and violence is justified, if not obligatory.
Bingo! Tariq Ramadan is a friend to your son’s killers. In fact, he and they would subjugate us all if we didn’t remain vigilant.

True, we have not helped Muslims in the confidence-building process. Treating homegrown terror acts as isolated incidents of psychological disturbances while denying their ideological roots has given American Muslim leaders the illusion that they can achieve public acceptance without engaging in serious introspection and responsibility sharing for allowing victimhood, anger and entitlement to spawn such acts.
“We” have done no such thing! It is the Muslim Brotherhood and the Leftists, tunneling through our intelligence bureaucracies and the Pentagon who have brought off this charade. No sensible American believes it for a minute.

Dr. Pearl concludes:

The construction of the Ground Zero mosque would further prolong this illusion.

If I were New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg, I would reassert Muslims’ right to build the Islamic center and the mosque, but I would expend the same energy, not one iota less, in trying to convince them to put it somewhere else, or replace it with a community-managed all-faiths center in honor of the 9/11 victims.

Fellow Muslim Americans will benefit more from co-ownership of consensual projects than sole ownership of confrontational ones.
Sir, I honor your horrific loss in this war, but I disagree with your view of these Ground Zero developers as people who could or would operate in good faith anywhere. They’re deceptive and they’re criminals.

As you noted in the beginning, 71% of Americans think this is wrong. I would hope that you number yourself among them. These particular people don’t deserve a mosque no matter where they plant it. The more we find out about them, the worse they are revealed to be. Thinking they should be moved is giving aid to those who slaughtered your son.

Yes, that’s a tough thing to say, but the evidence is all around you. If you, Daniel Pearl’s father, cannot speak out more forcefully against these enemies of America, then who can? Please consider offering your support to the Families of 9/11 who are working so hard against this mosque.

And no, it’s not an “initiative”, Dr. Pearl. It’s a deception.


Zenster said...

A commentor at Big Peace by the name of GaltFan summed up much of this issue quite succinctly:

We are supposed to believe that it is a small minority of all Muslims who are the radicals and who perpetrate their evil in the name of Allah. The rest are mere moderates who just want to get along? What is the percentage? 5%? 10%? Two percent?

If it is only 2%, then that means there are merely 26,000,000 of those people who are out to destroy all other ways of life -any other system of beliefs and values -anything that is not Muslim... 5%? Now we're at 65,000,000. Ten percent is obviously 130,000,000. Why can't (won't?) 90-98% of the Muslim population put a stop to the violence committed in it's name by such a small minority of it's professed adherents?
[emphasis added]

On topic, the same exact question applies: Why can't (won't?) 90-98% of America's Muslim population put a stop to this clearly offensive and atagonistic Ground Zero mosque project?

The only possible answer is that a vast majority of American Muslims overtly or tacitly support construction of the Ground Zero mosque and, even now, refuse to come forward in order to oppose this blatant provocation despite widespread condemnation of it all across America.

What other possible interpretation is there? If, as supposedly accepted wisdom dictates, only 2% of Muslims support terrorism, why then are a whopping 98% of American Muslims unable to unite in opposition to the Ground Zero mosque?

Is the actual number of Muslims who support terrorism far greater? Or is there some coercive force that subdues them (other than Islam itself)? If Muslims have, indeed, come to America to escape the strictures of Shari'a law, then how is it that some 98% of them cannot unite to throw off the yoke imposed upon them by a mere 2% of the fundamentalists?

There cannot be more than one answer to this basic and vital question. What's more, the onus is upon Muslims to police their own ranks. The West bears no obligation to perform this burdensome task for Islam. The West's only duty is to sufficiently cripple the source of Islamic terrorism until such assaults subside.

There is no requirement for the West (or any other nations) to be fastidious about how this goal is achieved. Only a sense of humanity stands between Muslims and their wholesale slaughter by a global community that is fed up with constant terrorist attacks.

The more that Islam weaponizes the West's sense of humanity and decency, the sooner those traditions will be discarded in a quest for simple self-preservation.

joe six-pack said...

"or replace it with a community-managed all-faiths center in honor of the 9/11 victims."

This will NEVER happen. Islam does not share power, it does not share devotion, it does not share anything.

Juniper in the Desert said...

This navel-gazing is no longer relevant, even by such a learned and suffering man.

As joe six-pack says, islam does not share with anyone, it steals and kills and this is rationalised in the koran.

The west will never be in "agreement" with islam because muslims think they are superior! It is a joke, but they are steadily brain-washing the idiots.

We know that muslims lie to advance islam and all the other things in the koran, hadiths and suras.

We know there is no talking.

On the EDL forum, a number of so-called moderate muslims have come on but their bluff has continually called by certain people who know all about the koran, and can quote chapter and verse. In every instance, the mod-mus has retired, heaping curses on the other person and saying how can you understand islam if you are not a muslim!

Professor Pearl must look to the koran for the simple straightforward injunctions.

Jewish Odysseus said...

I hate to put it this way, but this proves the apple doesn't fall far form the tree. Mr. Pearl's son was so naive that he went into a meeting w/al-Qaeda operatives in Pakistan unprotected--a Jewish American!! As a result, he became the first video-slaughtered martyr, God rest his soul.

Now the naive dad, Mr. Pearl, still hasn't learned the real lessons the jihad is TRYING to teach him. Losing his son wasn't enough! What will it take? Maybe after a few hundred thousand are nuked in Israel?


Jewish Odysseus said...
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. said...

Just out of curiosity, Dymphna, is the recent spate of violence against a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (arson last Saturday), and the opposition to a mosque in Temecula, California (the one where the opponents were going to bring dogs to their rally), also justified and to be applauded and supported?

Jocke said...

' “We” have done no such thing! It is the Muslim Brotherhood and the Leftists, tunneling through our intelligence bureaucracies and the Pentagon who have brought off this charade. No sensible American believes it for a minute.'

It's interesting how the "liberal" left in the U.S. and the left wing of European Social Democrats become more and more openly aggressive. That makes it so very clear that the issue of Islam in the West has got nothing at all to do with liberalism or humanitarian values, that it is obvious that Islamism is nothing but Revolution by proxies.

It is so obvious that the Left wittingly facilitates Islamism that one has to draw the conclusion that the goal is the utter destruction of "so called Democracy" and "Capitalism" no matter what or who will take its place. There is so little hesitation among the leading Lefties that one might believe that the outlines of this confrontation, maybe even of the attack on 9/11, were drawn up between the Islamists and the extreme Left long ago.

ole said...

Just out of curiosity , why do you still believe anybody would make the effort to convice you whether it is ,or isn't "Justfied" ?
You obviously live in a different universe ,with different rules ,a different history , we mostly cant hear anything from over there , except for irrelevant noise ... and the occasional oratoric question... KRRRRRKKK--KSSSTTC--CCWSSST.....

syntec said...

In answer to the poster who made the comment that the long march through the institutions was complete, it is now up to all patriots throughout the West to ensure the long march becomes

the long march that met its Waterloo in a mere handful of decades.

How are we to do this?

By setting up myriad parallel organisations across the West both overtly and covertly with the object of dismantling the present Marxist regime AND to also manipulate the political system so as to facilitate the global targeting and apprehending of the Communist/Capitalist/Zionist (NWO) criminals behind this Marxist Liberal evil.

hadley said...

Danny Pearl was a liberal. Danny Pearl's daddy is a liberal. Danny Pearl's daddy abandoned his people to "go down" (yordim) and live among the goyim in America where he can survive due to our sacrifices while continuing to preach Evil America (his "good reasons" shtick).

Ignore the man just like you would ignore any other Jewish leftist college professor who preaches American-genocide-by-Muslim-invasion.

His son listened to his dad's Kumbaya nonsense and look what it got him. Give me Andrew Jackson as a college professor any day. He would never teach ethno-suicide.

. said...

You're right, hadley. Andrew Jackson wouldn't have taught ethno-suicide, he would have taught, and in fact did practice, ethno-genocide, in his long and shameful jihad against American Indian tribes.

I would like to think that a good professor might try to "thread the needle" between these two extremes.

filthykafir said...

@ The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon (hereinafter, Poster)

Whether Dymphna deigns to respond to you or not (and I urge her to use her valuable time more effectively), I elect to.

While not a refutation of substance, I do draw attention, Poster, to your foolishly dishonest beginning – “Just out of curiosity… .” No, Poster, you’re not acting out of curiosity; you are acting out of superciliousness or malice, neither of which is either attractive or convincing. When one approaching me begins with dishonesty, in intelligent self-defense, I have to assume he will continue in that fashion or, even, degenerate from that point.

I submit to you, despite a couple of unjustified high-profile recent attacks on Muslims (one of which, in Georgia, turned out to have been perpetrated by a Muslim), it is still about five times more risky to be a Jew in America than to be a follower of Mohammed. That ratio has held steady over the past nine years. American Muslims, through their “civil rights” protectors (e.g. the unindicted co-conspirator and Muslim-Brotherhood-inspired-and-affiliated CAIR), whine and moan a great deal about “discrimination” and “violation” of religious rights, but with few exceptions, that whining and moaning is bogus and unjustified.

I draw your attention to the nearly fourteen-century well-documented record of supremacist violence and genocide committed in the name of Allah and justified by the teachings and example of Mohammed. One estimate of the toll of those centuries places it at 270,000,000 dead, and I suspect that is conservative. I hardly think bringing dogs to a protest will seriously threaten the record of viciousness achieved by Islam and Muslims.

Nowhere in the world today, where Muslims have attained approximately a quarter to a third or greater of population density are non-Muslims, kuffar, not hounded, harassed, deprived of rights, and murdered simply because they are not committed arse-lifters. From the Christians and Hindus of Pakistan to the Copts of Egypt to the peaceful and loving Buddhists in Thailand and the Malay peninsula, the despised kuffar struggle to survive. According to Mohammed and his devotees, they’ve no right to take up space and breathe oxygen. And you concern yourself, solely “[o]ut of curiosity,” Poster, with two or three isolated incidents of discrimination in America. Your priorities are severely disordered.

What we all, including you, Poster, may be sure of is that, in America, each of those events is being thoroughly investigated by local law enforcement agencies and that there is a high likelihood in each of arrests and vigorous prosecution. Do the apostate father and daughter currently in hiding for their lives in Muslim Egypt have any similar assurance? No! Eventually, they will be killed.

Poster, Islam is dangerous to all non-Muslims, to freedom, personal liberties, to life and civilization themselves. Your failure to understand that danger speaks poorly of your intelligence, your integrity, or both.

Profitsbeard said...

Islam is an anti-Constitutional, anti-Universal Declaration of Human Rights movement aiming at a global theocratic tyranny.

Why are we supposed to NOT oppose this?

Why do people like Mr. Pearl even quibble? There may be nice Muslim victims of Islam, but Islam, itself, simply sucks.

As the Aztec heart-rippers simply sucked.

As infant-sacrificing Moloch worship sucked.

Islam is to be opposed as a totalitarian imperialistic drive to enslave humanity under a 7th century retrograde lunacy.

Too much "understanding" of- without any fundamental comprehension of- Islam is the problem.

urah2222 said...

IfBaron & Dymphna -
I may say so (without censorhip)
It is NOT our job to make them comfortable - quite the opposite, util they take their superioritasn NONSENSE back to their own "sandbox."


Zenster said...

Excellent comment, filthykafir. Totally spot on.

My own comment from last night has vanished into Blogger's insatiable maw and will have to be reconstituted later on.

Again, good job of deconstructing some rather puerile tripe.

babs said...

Dr Pearl lost a son in a most public and horrific way. Why he espouses these sentiments is a mystery to me. Islamic barbarians took the life of his child. He is Jewish. What more does he need to know? His overeducated nuance nauseates me.
I have a son in the US Navy. He seems to read past this sh!! a lot more clearly than Dr. Pearl.

babs said...

I guess it is a good thing that my son is protecting Dr. Pearl...

Dymphna said...


Indeed it is good that your son and other men like him are willing to do the heavy lifting for us.

Glad to see you back.

babs said...

Thanx D,
The fact is that my son and many others ARE doing the heavy lifting so others can espouse these things. Even the father of Daniel Pearl is protected by my son...

hadley said...

My goodness, Gordon, you have apparently mistaken me for a knee-jerk liberal. I do not consider Prof. Pearl one of my "betters". I know he believes, as so many Jewish liberals do, that God put him on the earth to bring moral enlightenment to me, one of the benighted savages (also known as goyim or "the Nations"). This Is the Jewish concept of "tikkun olam". I do not doubt his sincere belief, but I do not share his religion, nor accept his (or your) superior right to decide what is good for me or my people. Sorry. That Evil White Christian race-guilt just doesn't work on me.

1389 said...

He lost a son and he still refuses to see things the way they are.

I have to say that my relatives would probably talk the same way if that happened to me.

This just goes to show how strong liberal indoctrination really is.

Meanwhile, I would like to remind everyone about THIS:

Rebuild St. Nicholas CHURCH at Ground Zero, not a mosque

The parish still has an active congregation but no building; they have been meeting to worship in Brooklyn. Now, many of us Orthodox Christians, working pretty much independently by word of mouth among friends and parishoners, have finally succeeded in getting some news media attention to this matter.

I'd like to ask all Americans supporting St. Nicholas Church to call, write, or better yet, GO AND VISIT the offices of their US Representative and US Senators. You will probably just get to talk to a staffer, but the staffer will pass this information along. It makes a BIG difference if you take the trouble to write a personal letter or show up in person.

Everyone, please, pass the information along to everybody else you know who might be interested. Put it on Facebook, repost it on your own blog, email it to your friends and relatives, whatever else you can think of.

Let's keep this issue before the public eye!

1389 said...

Was THIS the reason why WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl was murdered?