Thursday, August 19, 2010

Racist Attacks on Germans — In Their Own Country

Cultural Enrichment News

Below is a German news video about the growing threat immigrant gangs pose to “persons of German background” in culturally enriched areas of German cities. Not all of the translation is completely clear, but readers will be able to get the gist.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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sheik yer'mami said...

This is the very brave and outspoken judge Kirsten Heisig who has recently been murdered.

Her death was declared a suicide, which doesn't make sense at all, her abandoned car was found several kilometers away from where she was hanged, on her way to work....

why would you kill yourself when you just released a book?

Kairos said...

Heisig is working for fifteen years as a judge not since she was fifteen (as translated in the film), of course.

The circumstances of the "suicide" are very strange. Her book "das Ende der Geduld" (the end of patience) was just to be published, everything worked just fine for her.

And now we hear she was depressive.

Many people here cannot believe that our own authorities would arrange such thing or even, if arabic criminals killed her, hide these facts. They do not believe that our media would buy the lie or speak it out while knowing it is a lie.

But my trust in our authorities is completely gone. I think that we are just again in an age, where a more and more morally bankrupt system is tracking down people who do not have the "right" opinion and where even secret killings are used to silence those people.

Greetings from Germany


Juniper in the Desert said...

She was very brave, God rest her soul.

This racism against English people is quite overt here: it is all over facebook postings by muslimes, when there are demos there are racist placards - the government is racist too against its own people!
Muslims can say what they want about native British, British may not say a word against muslimes, or act against them.
Goodness knows what it is like in schools, but young white girls are kidnapped, raped and drugged by muslime gangs and forced into prostitution or murdered, as in the case of Charlene Downes of Blackpool. She was chopped up and put through a mincer by her muslim killers, as her body has never been found!

Zenster said...

Kairos: But my trust in our authorities is completely gone. I think that we are just again in an age, where a more and more morally bankrupt system is tracking down people who do not have the "right" opinion and where even secret killings are used to silence those people.

The prospect of fiercely anti-Nazi Germany taking a page directly from the Third Reich's playbook is more than a little disturbing.

There is a well-established pattern that cannot be ignored in which personal misfortune befalls those who criticize Eurabia. This trend makes it very difficult to imagine that Kirsten Heisig's death was a suicide.

Moreover, her comments on the tape reveal observations that must have caused extreme discomfort for German authorities who continue to appease Muslim thugs:

Video time point: 02:54 − The Germans move to the east side of Berlin. I move to Lichtenberg. There are many Nazis, but my child is not getting bullied by Turkish or Arabic people.

Far too many people who have raised the alarm like this can be found populating hospitals and graveyards.

Europe's Islamization proceeds apace in direct proportion to its coddling of the Muslim thugs that colonize it. Likewise, Europe's descent into Liberal fascism follows an identical arc. All involved seem to have forgotten the immortal words of Britain's greatest Prime Minister:

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

− Sir Winston Churchill −

Kairos said...

Zenster: Your analysis is accurate.

We have some prominent voices who speak out loud what everyone thinks. Some of them are silenced with threats, some just dissapear.

Nearly every second member of the new bulit party "Pro NRW" was beaten up by chaots or immigrants. Media does not seem to care.

It is as if being conservative means being nazi means being racist means you have no right to live.

When "nazis" are beaten up, have strange car "accidents" or commit "suicides" no one cares because, well they are "nazis", aren´t they?

It is the same all over Europe. There is no doubt that it will become very uncomforable the next years, perhaps it will become very bloody too.

Our friends across the atlantic should take the situation here as a warning. Don´t close your eyes as we did when Muslims took over parts of Yugoslawia (yeah, I know, the Serbs are to blame).

America (Canada etc.) can at least stop islamization. But for that the veil around the islamic "religion" has to fall. When everyone knows that islam is not a religon but a political ideology than muslims can not longer claim "religious freedom" to spread their message of hate.

Zenster said...

Kairos: It is as if being conservative means being nazi means being racist means you have no right to live.

When "nazis" are beaten up, have strange car "accidents" or commit "suicides" no one cares because, well they are "nazis", aren´t they?

While traveling in Germany I encountered some very deep denial about Islamization. Much of it was in direct proportion with enthusiasm for Obama. I also saw very little of any Nazi presence.

Your use of "sneer quotes" when referring to "nazis" is very important in that it helps identify the misdirection and intentional confusion being sown by Europe's Antifa (Anti-Fascist) groups.

A point made by Kirsten Heisig needs substantial clarification. She mentions that the presence of Nazis somehow interrupts the pattern of Muslim crime against indigenous Germans.

This is very different from the original alliance between Hitler's Nazis and Islam. Some questions:

• Has the current crop of German neo-Nazis come to understand that Islam is a genuine threat to all White races?

• If they have managed to make this important distinction what, if anything, will they do to shake off remnant perceptions of their original concord with Islam?

• Finally, the EDL has capably fought the "Nazi" label by openly displaying Israel's flag in a show of support at their gatherings.

Can the German neo-Nazis show themselves as pro-Germany and, somehow, still maintain their historical anti-Semitism without re-entangling themselves in the old Nazi−Islam web?

Any insights would be much appreciated.

Kairos said...


When I talk to people about islamization most of them put me in the "nazi" box and close it to never ever think about it again.

Others say they have the same bad gut feeling about this, but "what can you do about it?"

The few who understand have a feeling of waking up. It is like seeing the world with other eyes - especially with other eyes than everyone around you. This is kind of hard for most people, so some go back to the false hopes that everything will be fine.

Your questions:

- There is much dissent within the German "right wing." Our christian conservative party CDU recently acts as if they were communists, so who to vote?

There are the neo- Nazis who are anti- semitic and think Hitler was a good man. They too know that Islam is the biggest threat, but since they want everyone to piss of from Germany it is not a big deal for them, if you know what I mean.

There are the "civil" right- wing parties like the mentioned Pro NRW or the "Republikaner" who are philosemitic (pro) or know at least that Israel is part of the Western World and the bravest stronghold against islam (Republikaner).

Personally I see Hitler as a socialist (it is calles National Socialism for a reason) and the Nazi- Regime as a communism in another colour (brown instead of red).

But this is the point: All dissens is about how we see Hitler and the Jews and the Holocaust, no one is discussing what it means to be German, or European or White.

We hope for some prominent faces to built a new conservative and anti- islam party like Wilders party in the Netherlands. 20% of the Germans would vote for such a party, if the right people stand for it and the smell of neo- Nacism is not around it.

I think most of the neo- Nazis do not really know that Hitler actually was allianced with the sons of Allah, most of them do not know much at all.

EDL is really cool, we need a similar thing in Germany.

I think the German neo- Nazis are just too obsessed with our past and with the "Führer."

to be continued...

Kairos said...

A modern anti- islamic force in Germany has to be civil, proud and patriotic and hold the values truth and freedom.

In the east of Berlin and whole East Germany there are many "Nazis" and very little immigrants. Public opionion says it is because after the fall of the wall many people in the east lost they work (ergo they became nazis) and immigrants fear to move there. Well, I think there are other reasons, but here in NRW (in the West) we have 25% immigrants, in the large cities up to 66% of the newborn have "migrational background."

I think the moslems prefer the big cities. In Bayern (bavaria, south germany) there are very few of them, like in the east, but in the Rhein- Main region and in West Berlin it is just like in NRW.

I think there is a pattern to this, but I cannot proof it.

So it is not the "presence of Nazis" that protects it is just that the Nazis are mostly in the East and the Moslem Ghettos mostly in the West. When a Skinhead would come to the school where I teach he would not last ten seconds. Since the "Free Gaza" incident any Jew would share this fate. They even have beaten up an American, because everyone knows that the little and the big Satan (Israel an US) are working together.

I think the claim to be alone with your own kind that the neo Nazis make is... healthy. For it feels to be a foreigner in your own country these days.

But our society will not tolerate any movement that has the "Nazi" stigma, so I think we have to built a civil and conservative movement like the "tea party" to counter the islamic jihad.

And most of the time I think it is already to late.

It will not "crash" in 4 or 5 years, we are at war already and we are about to loose it, because the vast majority of us does not even know that we are at war.

And when another kid is raped or beaten up by muslims media - if not silent at all - discusses "social causes" or "youth violence." Saying that Islam is the problem is a free ride to social isolation.

Zenster said...

Kairos, thank you very much for the background about this situation. Your perspective as an informed citizen is really valuable.

I agree with you quite a lot about how all European countries need to emulate Geert Wilders and the approach he is using to inspire nationalism in his own country.

Both Europe and America's survival depends upon it.

Kairos said...

Geert Wilders is forming an "international freedom alliance." This is great, but we also need national anti- islamic organisations.