Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Qadaffi Demands Tribute from the EU

The variously-spelled Muammar Ghedaffi is visiting Italy again, and has been engaging in his customary idiosyncrasies since his arrival. Yesterday he hectored the Italians about their lack of respect for women, and today he is demanding annual payments from the EU — or else.

Muammar QadaffiAnd what is Col. Gadafi threatening if Europe fails to heed his demand for jizyah payments? He promises the Europeans that if they don’t pony up, they will be overwhelmed by black immigrants from Africa.

When reading about the Colonel’s warning, it’s important to remember that he is not threatening the EU with the prospect of Libyans or Tuaregs or Egyptians. He is promising an influx of those whom Libyans (and all Arabs) consider sub-men: negroes. Arabs refer to black Africans as ’abeed (the plural of ’abd), which means “slaves” or “negroes” interchangeably.

So watch out, Europe! Time to get out the checkbook:

EU: Pay Billions or be Swamped by Black Africans, Warns Gadaffi

Rome, 31 August (AKI) — The European Union must pay 5 billion dollars annually to stem the tide of illegal immigrants departing from Libya’s shores — otherwise Europe could be become an African outpost, Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi has claimed.

Gadaffi made the provocative remarks during a two-day visit to the Italian capital, Rome to mark the second anniversary of a controversial bilateral ‘friendship’ pact.

“Libya, with Italy’s support, asks the EU to provide at least 5 billion dollars a year to stop illegal immigration, otherwise Europe could one day become part of Africa — it could become black, because millions want to come here,” Gadaffi said.

He made the remarks during a speech at a gala dinner in Rome late on Monday hosted by Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and attended by 800 people.
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Guests at the ‘iftar’ feast to break the Ramadan fast included several cabinet ministers and the heads of Italy’s main business association Confindustria, its largest defence and aerospace company Finmeccanica and energy giant ENI.

“Libya is a gateway for illegal immigration and so we need to work together to combat this phenomenon,” Gadaffi added.

Earlier during his visit, Gadaffi drew criticism from the EU and Catholics for telling hundreds of young women he invited to hear him speak that he hoped Islam would become the 27-member bloc’s religion.

Under the friendship pact, Italy’s conservative government agreed pay Libya some 5 billion dollars (4 billion euros) in reparations for transgressions committed during three decades of Italian colonial rule over the North African nation from 1911-1943.

The money will mostly be invested in infrastructure projects, including a new 2,700 kilometre highway across Libya from Tunisia to Egypt.

Italy also provided several coastal patrol boats to intercept vessels transporting illegal immigrants to Italian shores, as part of a controversial agreement to turn back immigrants in the Mediterranean.

Italy is Libya’s largest trading partner and it is Gadaffi’s fourth visit in two years.

By the way: as a matter of principle, I try never to spell Moamer Ghadafi the same way twice. It’s easy to manage, because the numerous variant official spellings of his name allow the enterprising blogger to refer to him hundreds of times without being orthographically repetitive.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.


Fjordman said...

That's funny, because four years ago the same man said that mass immigration from Africa to Europe is "inevitable." See my older GoV post The Migration Flood, or the article Africa migration to Europe inevitable-Gaddafi:

Migration is an age-old fact of life that governments must accept if they want to manage the flow of job-seekers moving from Africa to Europe, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi told an Africa-Europe conference on migration. “Action against nature is like rowing against the stream, which leads to failure,” Gaddafi told African and European interior ministers at the first African Union-European Union conference on migration, the Libyan news agency reported. “Political borders, official papers and identities set for every group of people are new, artificial things not recognised by nature. Land is property of everyone, and God commands all human beings to migrate on earth to seek a living, which is their right.”

Baron Bodissey said...

Fjordman --

Yes, I remember. But in this case, I think the Colonel is specifically threatening Europe with negroes, not just with immigrants from Africa.

My hunch is that he expects Europeans to be less repelled by the idea of Libyans and Moroccans and Algerians than they would be by darker-skinned people from south of the Sahara. In other words, he expects them to feel the same way he does.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Pirate scumbag...

Jedilson Bonfim said...

The introduction to this article is one of the reasons we GoV readers love this blog. Such truths, when those on our side aren't ignorant of them, sure complicate the leftards' job of keeping up their anti-Western narrative in order to silence critics of mahoundianism as "racists." After all, isn't racism suppose to be a solely Western vice if we listen to them?

On the topic of how arabs consider blacks sub-human, it's quite likely that the latter are actually regarded as animals or inanimate objects. Raymond Ibrahim once wrote an essay, Are Slave-Girls in Islam Equivalent to Animals, in which he showed how Mein Qurampf uses the arabic equivalent of the English it in order to refer to concubines. I guess it'd be safe to assume that the same applies to slaves who perform labor other than satisfying the bestial sexual urges of their owners; after all, sex-slave or not, mahoundians regard their slaves as their possessions.

Anonymous said...

The Baron wrote,

"He promises the Europeans that if they don’t pony up, they will be overwhelmed by black immigrants from Africa."

Well, is he wrong? The rickety, overloaded boats making their way to the continent are usually filled with blacks, not Arabs.

"He is promising an influx of those whom Libyans (and all Arabs) consider sub-men: negroes."

Well, now you've moved from fact into speculation. Yes, maybe he himself thinks the Blacks are a race of "sub-men" or whatever. But then again, maybe he just thinks that the Whites think that the Blacks are a race of "sub-men", etc. Or maybe he's just clever enough to make Whites feel guilty for secretly thinking that about Blacks and then make them, as an act of penance, take millions more Black refugees of the Libyans' hands. Who knows? That's the problem with speculation.

I'm kind of surprised to see this article here. It sounds more like something I might see on the Glenn Beck show.

Baron Bodissey said...

bartholomewscross --

Actually, the racial hierarchy observed by Arabs is well-documented. I don't have time to find the links now, but if you do some reading, you'll discover citations showing that they place blacks at the bottom of the racial heap.

Arabs, of course, are at the top. So they definitely regard Europeans as their inferiors.

And what does all this have to do with Glenn Beck?

Baron Bodissey said...

And yes, of course Europe will be overwhelmed with penniless illiterates from Africa if it doesn't take measures to stop the influx. But that was never my point.

My point was twofold:

1. Gedafi threatens a flood of black Africans as an outcome distinct from a flood of North Africans, and

2. He sees himself as able to stop that influx, if the Europeans only pay him off.

I find it interesting that he asserts he can keep the blacks out of Europe if he is paid enough. It implies that he lets them through now only because the Euros haven't yet paid him protection money.

costin said...

Oriana Fallaci on Gaddafi - Oh, no! He is stupid!! .... not smart al all

kenlowder said...

Italy should just use the Reagan method of dealing with him. Drop a few bombs near his tent in the middle of the night. I got his attention real fast last time.

Anonymous said...

The Baron wrote,

"I find it interesting that he asserts he can keep the blacks out of Europe if he is paid enough. It implies that he lets them through now only because the Euros haven't yet paid him protection money."

Haha, well put. Thank you for clarifying your position.

Of course I agree that the Arabs think themselves superior to the rest of humanity. If they could prove it, they'd just be rude. But since all evidence points to the contrary, they end up looking like pompous braggarts.

Anyway, the reference to Glen Beck was just my cynicism getting to the best of me. I knew Beck was no intellectual super-star, but his descent into "Whiteness Studies" and the debunking of real American history (it's too white, you see) has left me shell-shocked and wondering what he's caught and if it's contagious.