Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/14/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/14/2010Almost two-thirds of the $520 million in aid donated to Pakistan for the 2005 earthquake has failed to actually reach earthquake relief agencies. The fact that so much money has been misappropriated has made aid donors, even within Pakistan itself, reluctant to donate for flood relief.

In other news, the recent plunge in the stock market has triggered a technical indicator known as the “Hindenburg Omen”. In layman’s terms, it means that it looks like the American economy will soon crash and burn.

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Zenster said...

Interior Dept. Documents Detail Obama Admin Plotting to Seize Western Lands Without Congressional Approval

If there was any question about whether or not this Administration has declared a war on the West, these new documents are evidence enough.”

Without realizing it, Rep. Rob Bishop has managed to elucidate this administration's agenda with repsect to Islam.

It isn't just America's Western states that have had war declared upon them. The gangsters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have made it clear that all of Western civilization is in their crosshairs.

BHO's overt support for the Ground Zero mosque has ripped the mask off of their anti-American agenda.