Thursday, August 19, 2010

Indonesia Looks Askance at Geert Wilders

The Indonesian government seems to be a bit nervous about the possibility that Geert Wilders will have an influence on the policies of the new Dutch government.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article on the topic from Radio Netherlands:

Indonesia: opinions say Wilders may be harmful

If the views of Geert Wilders on the Islam are to become part of the official [Dutch] government policy, it could disrupt the relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia. This is what the Indonesian ambassador to the Netherlands, Junus Effendi Habibie, said in an interview with Radio Netherlands. “That would be very regrettable,” Habibie said.

The ambassador says that Wilders has the right to say what he wants. “It remains an internal affair”. But he added that Indonesia is worried that the Dutch people may support his anti-Islam positions. Habibie said Indonesia ‘closely’ follows the political developments in the Netherlands and the Wilders’ role in them.
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Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Ninety percent [some say 85%] of the 240 million inhabitants are Muslim. In early October, the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will make a state visit to the Netherlands. At that occasion a bilateral cooperation will be signed.

If the Netherlands were to substantially cut down on [subsidies for] development cooperation [as the PVV intends in general, and not particularly on subsidies for Indonesia], the consequences for Indonesia would be large. “Then we shall have to find funding somewhere else. We do need help, but we are not dependent on the Netherlands. Indonesia will not collapse when the Netherlands does not want to give aid any longer.”

The interview with Habibie by Radio Netherlands took place in the context of the Indonesian celebration of 65 years of independence. The country declared its independence of the Netherlands on August 17, 1945.


EscapeVelocity said...

What needs to happen is that Western Nations start making statements and ultimatums like this directed at Muslim Nations.

Zenster said...

If the Netherlands were to substantially cut down on [subsidies for] development cooperation [as the PVV intends in general, and not particularly on subsidies for Indonesia], the consequences for Indonesia would be large.

To say "large" is an understatement. Were the West sufficiently incensed with constant Islamic attacks all it would need to do is halt any grain exports to Muslim countries.


There is a Cree Indian saying:

Only when the last tree has died and
The last river has been poisoned and
The last fish has been caught,
Will we realise that
We cannot eat money

It is high time that Muslims in the Middle East are told to eat sand and drink oil.

EscapeVelocity said...

Perhaps the Organization of Food Exporting Countries?


Zenster said...

EscapeVelocity: OFEC?

Works for me. Muslims need to try irrigating their wheat with oil and see how far they get.

It is exemplary of the usual towering Muslim ingratitude that Islam continues to stab at the heart of those that feed them.

There are so many different ways to thwart jihad and it is a searing indictment of Western leadership that none of its political officers can bring themselves to use even a single avenue of geniune reprisal against Islam's central players.

We are batting at the curtain's fringe even as it is being run down upon us.

Marian - CZ said...

"The ambassador says that Wilders has the right to say what he wants"

The sad thing is, alas, that this opinion of an Islamic nation ambassador is actually more enlightened than opinions of Dutch prosecutors and their usual minions.

(Captcha: weerstri. Sounds vaguely Dutch).

Juniper in the Desert said...

Zenster: "eat sand and drink oil".!!!

The best quote I have read for years! BRILLIANT! no more grain to keep murderers alive!!

Juniper in the Desert said...

Zenster, I agree with what you say about the curtain coming down.

But just look at those photos of Jews ploughing the sand in Israel and what they have created. We can do that, THEY can't! No surrender!

Zenster said...

Juniper in the Desert: no more grain to keep murderers alive!!

The MENA (Middle East North Africa) region is the world's fasting growing importer of wheat. As scarce water resources are increasingly diverted away from agricultural irrigation and into municipal reservoirs, many of the MENA countries are abandoning food crops in favor of continually expanding their populations (read: ummah).

Importing wheat is just another way of importing water. The water necessary to irrigate yearly MENA imports of wheat equals the entire annual flow of the River Nile.

By importing wheat they are, effectively, importing water. It requires 1,000 tons of water to grow one ton of wheat.

We are slaking the thirst of terrorist killers and filling their bellies even as they slaughter us.

Juniper in the Desert, thank you for your encouragement. "Drink oil and eat sand" is one of my own pennings and is second only to "Muslims are skinless people living in a sandpaper world".

It is long past tea to put Islam on its best behavior. Each act of terrorism must bring increasingly harsh reprisals until Islam's very existence is called into question.

The Western world can survive just fine without Islam. Whereas, Islam would perish without the West. The time has come to make that abundantly clear to Muslims all around the world.

EscapeVelocity said...


The lack of donations to Pakistan is an encouraging sign in that regard.

Pakistan suffers – but our wallets remain closed