Monday, August 30, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/30/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/30/2010That wacky Libyan Colonel, Muamar Qadafy, the Man of Many Spellings, is at it again. He is visiting Rome, and reprised last year’s effort by hiring another group of young women from escort services and pitching Islam to them. According to reports, out of five hundred attendees, only three have so far converted. Col. Gaddafi told Italians that women get more respect in Libya.

In other news, the bloom is off the romance between Turkey and Iran. Turkey is demanding an explanation from Iran over remarks by its vice president referring to the unfortunate events of 1915 as a "genocide".

Meanwhile, Iraqis are a bit nervous over the withdrawal of the last of America’s combat troops from Iraq. They fear an increase in terrorist attacks as a result.

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Zenster said...

Baghdad Residents Mourn Departure of Former Enemy

No one expects much dancing in the streets of Baghdad this Wednesday. The streets are deserted these days. It is not only the infernal heat of up to 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) which keeps people in their homes. It is also the fear of what will happen once the Americans are gone.

What's that old saying about how you should be very careful about what you wish for?

This reminds me very little of the uproar over "prisoner abuses" at Abu Ghraib prison.

When the prisoners who had raised such a ruckus over management by American military forces at Abu Ghraib found out that control of the institution was being handed over to the Iraqis they literally begged the US soldiers to stay.

This same scenario seems to be repeating itself on a larger scale. The Iraqis have demonstrated their collective rejection of American ideals by voluntarily installing shari'a law. Now we see them quailing at the prospect of having to live in actual accordance with it and all the mindless mayhem that this Islamic piece of work usually brings with it.

If there is one lesson that America must carry away from its military forays into Afghanistan and Iraq, it is that the era of nation-building is well and truly dead; at least in the case of Muslim majority countries.

The governmental soil of these lands is so parched by Islamic theocracy that there is almost no hope for something so fragile as American-style constitutional democracy to take root in such a place.

The Iraqis are about to get what they have been wishing for, yet one more Hellhole of an Islamic utopia.

I find it extremely difficult not to laugh and point at them for their idiotic foolishness of not avoiding the negative example that is so visibly being set by neighboring Iran.

Clearly, Muslims just cannot bring themselves to not wallow in their masochistic filth known as shari'a law. After so many terrorist atrocities around the world it is impossible for me to squeeze out a single tear for these morons.

In the Muslim world so much of the suffering that goes on is self-inflicted. I might be able to ignore Islam's idiocy if it did not have the appalling habit of inflicting its bilious treachery all around the globe.