Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday’s Child

Grover Norquist is a conservative activist and the president of Americans for Tax Reform. He is also well-known in Washington D.C. circles as a friend of Islam. Since the 1990s he has held weekly “Wednesday meetings” in which he briefs fellow conservatives and helps plot strategy for the Republican party.

But yesterday it was Mr. Norquist’s turn to be briefed.

A few days ago I wrote about John Kerry’s speech on the Senate floor touting the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project. Yesterday Mr. Norquist’s group was briefed by Vin Weber, a member of the leadership group of the same U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project.

According to several attendees who were present at Grover Norquist’s Wednesday meeting, the participants — presumably including members of Congress — were offered paperback copies of the “Changing the Course” document (pdf), which outlines the steps needed to help the United States achieve reconciliation with the Muslim world.

Unfortunately for non-Muslims in the United States, this prescription involves more engagement and more appeasement. It calls for yet more dialogue with and respect for Islam, and includes a special emphasis on removing Hamas and Hezbollah from the list of terrorist groups so that they can be recognized as legitimate negotiating partners.

The involvement of Mr. Norquist’s group raises questions about of the extent of Islamist infiltration throughout the conservative NGO groups.

If anyone is curious why this year’s CPAC — which has just folded its tents — didn’t have a single panel on radical Islam or the war on terror, remember that Grover Norquist is on the board of the ACU, which sponsors CPAC.

CPAC conservatives have now fallen into line. They don’t use words like jihad, nor do they associate Islam with terror. They have their ACU marching orders.

What’s more, attendees at Mr. Norquist’s meeting yesterday received the Muslim Brotherhood-approved game plan for the Obama administration.

No, not to critique it.

No, not to oppose it.

To get in line and support it.

What is it, exactly?
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As I mentioned above, paperback copies of the how-to manual for American appeasement “Changing the Course” were distributed to attendees, along with a helpful lecture from Vin Weber (Ingrid Mattson, president of ISNA and Weber’s colleague on the US-Muslim Engagement Project, was sadly absent).

Mr. Norquist is making sure that conservatives have the “politically correct” position — that is, Obama’s position. The same position held by Ingrid Mattson and the Muslim Brotherhood. Which, coincidentally, is also the position of Senator John Kerry and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who testified to Kerry’s committee under her US-Muslim engagement project affiliation on February 26.

If we lived in a sane world, revealing all of this to the American public would cause a stir.

But this is not news. It’s a “dog bites man” story.

Still, it’s a damned dangerous dog — and from time to time it still bites.

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If you want to learn more about Grover Norquist and his inside-the-Beltway operations, Paul Sperry’s website and his book Infiltration are recommended reading.

I’ll just include a few excerpts from his supporting documents:

8.1a Canceled checks for major donations to GOP powerbroker Grover Norquist’s nonprofit Islamic Institute from now-convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi, who provided seed money for the controversial Washington think tank, which has a stated goal of “promoting the appointments of Muslims to positions of influence.”
8.1b Check for donation to Norquist’s Islamic Institute from the Safa Trust, an alleged terror-underwriter based just outside Washington. It is part of the notorious Safa group, which investigators believe runs a terror-support group using Muslim charities and think tanks as cover.
8.2a Norquist’s Islamic Institute was a sponsor of the 2000 anti-Israel rally at the White House in which Muslim leaders such as Alamoudi shouted their support for terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. This press release called a “Friday Brief” — which has been removed from the institute’s website — shows that it strongly advised Muslim members to attend the event. It directs questions to the institute and also to Alamoudi’s American Muslim Council, which has staffed much of the institute.

For additional documentation, see the Sperry Files.

No doubt Grover Norquist and his Wednesday meetings will continue, and Washington Republicans will become even more well-informed about the benefits — both spiritual and financial — that Islam brings to the United States and its elected representatives.

“Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”

Hold on and pray for Thursday.


. said...

Norquist's political calculus is simple:

1. American Jews overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

2. Norquist is a Republican.

3. Arab-Americans aren't a consolidated voting block, therefore,

4. Grover Norquist aims to consolidate Arab-Americans as Republican voters.

It probably helps that Arab-Americans of the Muslim variety undoubtedly hold misogynistic and "traditionalist" views that Norquist thinks will fit quite nicely with the "Christianist" wing of his party.

Norquist's moral calculus? Abominable.

Canadian Sentry said...

Garbage can Grover is a tacit agent for the muslims. He is a softer version of Chas Freeman who is the American version of george galloway.

Why shocked? He is married to a muslim as was or is, george galloway.

dienw said...

What does this say about those so-called conservatives who so easily fall in line: where are their vaunted principles? Are these the fiscal conservatives? -- money worshipers-- as opposed to the social conservatives? If so, then this appeasing Islam is proof that fiscal conservatives are nothing and cannot be relied upon by men of principle.

Anonymous said...

Tri-Faith Initiative, a partnership of Temple Israel, The Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska and The American Institute of Islamic Studies and Culture, is inviting you to attend Dinner in Abraham's Tent: Conversations on Peace.

The idea of interfaith trialogue is commendable, except, in this case there is one enormous problem. Muslim side is represented by none other than the infamous Ingrid Mattson, the president of ISNA. The same ISNA that was a co-creator of Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America, which, among other things, reads: "Establishment of Islam in North America, meaning: establishing an effective and a stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood which adopts Muslims' causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at unifying and directing Muslims' efforts, presents Islam as civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic state [caliphate] wherever it is. ... Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America: The Process of settlement is a "Civilization-Jihadist Process" with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brothers] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

Muslims Against Sharia and many other moderate Muslims raised this issue in the past, but our words are falling on deaf ears. Make no mistake about it: conferences like "Dinner in Abraham's Tent" are legitimizing Islamofascism and advance Muslim Brotherhood Strategic Goal described in the aforementioned Memorandum.