Saturday, March 21, 2009

“Next Time It’s Your Turn”

I reported yesterday on the latest wave of incendiary violence that has engulfed Rosengård, the Muslim-dominated suburb of Malmö in southern Sweden. Our Swedish correspondent CB has translated a report about a violent incident in Rosengård that took place back in December. It’s a reminder that the anarchy in Malmö is really non-stop — there’s always a certain level of violence simmering; it just flares up into major incidents from time to time.

First, here’s CB’s prefatory note:

Malmö riotsI just read this article in Skånskan about riots in Rosengård. The article is a bit fuzzy about when it occurred, but it shows a thuggish backside of the riots. It’s interesting that the media have been highlighting the fact that people from AFA and other Leftist groups have been part of this, and made it to look in some instances as if this was a problem from the outside, one that gave Rosengård and the “youths” there a bad reputation.

Since this article is replete with the code-word “youth”, one has to surmise that this mob-behavior is in fact local and not AFA’s handiwork. Death-threats and rape-threats and dog-shootings for not partaking in riots are a new addition to Swedish headlines.

The article says the date was December last year, but sounds at the end like its more recent. Either way, it gives you a pretty ugly picture of the things going down in Malmö and Rosengård.

I’m not sure whether the reference at the end to the gang is to the 21-year-old’s buddies or to the 28-year-old. If the former, it might be a sign of health still existing in people’s hearts, them feeling he went too far. If it’s the 28-year-old’s friend, well, that would be to be expected. Just note the infamous: “youths” everywhere in the text. Since no one is falling for it anymore, it might be a good time to get a new newspeak word. No?

This is the Malmö soup that Mayor Reepalu and the Left have been cooking for a long time. This is the same Reepalu who didn’t want Sweden to play tennis against Israel under any circumstances — he said: “It is the state of Israel we are talking about!” But he gladly allows Swedish schoolchildren to partake in an exchange programs with Saudi-Arabia, so one must believe he regards them as a beacon of light compared to Israel.

In violation of the Swedish constitution, by trying to make foreign policy, he actually gives support to terror-mongers like Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Whose co-religionists chant of killing and expelling the Jews in Sweden and elsewhere, one can assume. That is also a violation of Swedish laws, but since they seem to apply less and less in Malmö, perhaps Reepalu is getting what he’s worked for.

A sad thing is that people in Malmö who did not ask for it got Reepalu’s soup as well.

And now CB’s translation of the article from Skånskan:

Did not want to participate in riots — got his dog shot

First the 21-year-old pointed the loaded gun at the 28-year-old — and after that he shot the man’s dog. It was the punishment for refusing to participate in the riots in Rosengård.

On the evening of the 18th of December last year the unrest had turned into full riots in Rosengård, Malmö. Several hundred youths roamed the suburb committing arson and throwing rocks at busses and cars.

A 28-year-old man and his friends walked along Ramels road and watched the events curiously. With them was the man’s dog.

All of a sudden some youths approached the party. The youths encouraged the men to participate and pick a “scrap with the police”. Among other things they suggested that the 28-year-old set the dog on the police. When he refused one of the youth pulled a loaded gun on him. He placed it at the 28-year-old’s head.

“I will kill you and rape your wife,” said the 21-year-old youth.
- - - - - - - - -
The dog had been anxious earlier, but became enraged now and tried to attack the armed youth.

The 21-year-old took one step back, lowered the weapon and shot the dog in the neck.

“Next time it’s your turn,” said the youth, and ran away.

The 28-year-old and his friend called the police, although they had a hard time getting to the place because of the unrest.

Finally a patrol showed up and determined that the dog was dead. The patrol was then ordered to move to another location, after which the 28-year-old and his friends were left by themselves.

Shortly afterwards the 21-year-old and the other youth returned. They put the dog in a plastic bag and took it with them. Later the 28-year-old learned that they had thrown the dog in a burning container.

The next day the 28-year-old went to the police and made formal charges. It led to the arrest of the 21-year-old and two of his friends were also arrested, booked and incarcerated. His friends were released after a while.

The 21-year-old youth has been kept in custody, and on Wednesday he was charged with serious weapons crimes, serious unlawful threat, and damage of property — to shoot the dog is in this case labeled as serious damage of property.

The 21-year-old denies the crimes. This, even though several other youths in the gang witnessed his shooting of the dog.


laine said...

How did a rampaging "youth" likely on Welfare obtain a gun in Sweden, which I expected to be one of those jurisdictions with strict gun control? Or is it like Finland with high gun ownership but relatively few shootings? This may change with changing demographics.

Is one allowed to mention John Lott's findings that if you subtract blacks from the equation, the rate of gun crime in the United States is comparable to Canada's and European rates?

Anonymous said...

Pointing a gun at somebody's head is merely an "unlawful threat"?

Czechmade said...

Very important moment - coersion within and without. The dog was a scapegoat to make the threat feel real.

As long as you have no balance coersion from the police - these people are simply kings.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Gun owning is strictly regulated here. My guess is that it has been smuggled into our country. Due to massimmigration we also have lots of criminal gangs nowadays, mostly of foreign origin. Thanks to the EU customs is a bad joke these days so bringing in weapons, drugs or whatever is probably not a big problem.