Thursday, March 12, 2009

Growing Muslim Influence in Malmö

Below is a video of the CBN television report described in my previous post. Some of the footage will look very familiar to regular readers of Gates of Vienna, since it was excerpted from Ted Ekeroth’s videos of the recent anti-Jewish demonstrations in Malmö. Ted’s work is now an important part of the historical record of what happened, since the mainstream news media have generally disdained any thorough coverage of such events.

Hat tip: Steen.

Update: A higher quality YouTube video has been substituted for the one originally used. Thanks again to Steen!

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Unknown said...

Ted Ekeroth is a brave man. He's far braver than I am. I takes guts doing that in any Western European country these days, but in Sweden in particular. If Sweden survives as a nation in the future, it will because there are still a few people like him left.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

There is no way my country can survive this onslaught of massimmigration from MENA. Sweden is doomed to become a caliphate within a few years from now.

El said...

actually, i want to congratulate ted on all of his work as well. i have been watching with growing horror his video of recent developments in malmo. he is doing very important stuff, and very brave stuff.

X said...

Robin, I know it looks dark now but please don't give up hope just yet.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

allah akbar to that! :)