Friday, March 13, 2009

The Beast is Loose

Most readers will be familiar with Nazir Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, the Muslim member of the House of Lords who allegedly prevented the entry of Geert Wilders into the UK by threatening to unleash 10,000 Muslim protesters on the Houses of Parliament.

A couple of weeks ago Lord Ahmed also made headlines by being convicted for dangerous driving. He had been involved in a fatal accident after sending text messages whilst driving, and was sentenced to three months in jail. But — surprise! — his sentence was reduced, and now he has been released after serving a measly sixteen days of his sentence.

His lawyer successfully argued that his client’s continued incarceration would negatively impact his ability to serve his community, so Lord Ahmed is once again a free man.

Needless to say, not everyone in the UK is sanguine about this particular instance of British “justice”. The comments at Old Holborn are particularly ripe, and mostly not reproducible in a PG-13 blog environment.

However, one magnificent comment left by “The Honest Version of Vera Baird” is worth reproducing in its entirety, with a few strategic asterisks inserted to ensure propriety:

Everything’s f**ked. We welcomed these Muslims with open arms, because we have a common enemy: conservatism, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, the old values of the democratic age. We thought they would help us build the new age of post-democracy; job security and fat pensions for us, communitarianism for you, and “social justice” for all.

We knew we’d be able to call our enemies Islamophobic when they objected to multiculturalism and immigration. We turned a blind eye to the anti-feminist abuses of Islam, because the ends justify the means, and anything that helps us dismantle the last traces of a “free country” is a good thing. Every law that bans “hate speech” — or any type of speech — is a victory for us.

But the project has gone wrong. The Islamists are more powerful than us now. We have to do what they say. And now, we literally let them get away with murder. The monster has turned on its maker.
- - - - - - - - -
However, we are telling you about this. We are making it obvious now. Our interference in the process of justice is plain. You can all see that the Islamists can do what they like, and we dare not stand against them. We banned Wilders so that you would watch his film. We released Ahmed so that you would know that the law is powerless against him. We protect the Islamist “anti-war protesters” and arrest you if you bother them. We are sending you a message.

Because we do not have the courage to do anything. That will be your job. We are washing our hands of the whole business. We think it is too late to come up with a peaceful solution. The beast is loose.

After the new Holocaust has wiped out England’s Muslims, including the peaceful majority who are not Islamists, then we will say “It wasn’t us! It was the BNP, and the people who voted for them!”

Even though it was our fault, because we allowed Islamism to flourish in our arrogance. We gave seats in Parliament to the Islamofascists, and we gave police protection and favourable media coverage to the terrorists. And, at the last moment, with Sharia looming and the global Caliphate being assembled, we forced you to choose between Nick Griffin and Islam. And you chose one type of fascism over the other.

Nobody can rant like the British. Nobody.

Hat tip: Gaia.


Anonymous said...

Your certainly looking in the right direction on the British blogsphere for the new breed of blogger.

Old Holborn, Leg Iron and Co, have broken the backs of the on-line New Labour thought police, who's cries of "Racist" to everything and everybody who didn't conform at once to Socialist scripture is now a joy to behold.

These days, if someone I respected called me a "racist" I would be deeply offended and wonder as to why. However, when New Labour and their politically correct cohorts now voice that particular allegation I ware it like a badge of honour, because their ilk are now meaningless to me.

I don't care what they think, say, report, on whine on about Internet wide. And that to a large extent is down to Holborn and co, taking on the left both barrels at the ready, and for that I salute him.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Being a Muslim certainly has its advantages. License to treat women badly and hate Jews some of them, an extended ability to dodge the law another.

Unknown said...

After the new Holocaust has wiped out England’s Muslims, including the peaceful majority who are not Islamists, then we will say “It wasn’t us! It was the BNP, and the people who voted for them!

Victimology 101. The poor Muslims are the victims in all this because the assaults, rapes and murders they commit in the present have made them the target of a future, imaginary Holocaust.

Those beastly Englishmen! They oppressed the Nazis by winning the war.

Afonso Henriques said...

It was fun but the BNP / Nationalism bashing.

Do you really believe that if the BNP or the most radical party in the world gets an absolute majrity, they will start "holocausting" people?

Come on!

X said...

I'm more worried about the fact that their manifesto includes nationalising industry and cutting ties to the Commonwealth, amongst other socialist proposals. I will never, ever vote for a socialist party.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Go read that manifesto again. Be a little more careful this time. Did you ever read it a first time? Or are you just taking your views from the mainstream politicians and media?

Ties to the Commonwealth were cut with the EU - the BNP will work to repair the cut.

Industry will be rebuilt (currently almost non-existent), and structured differently - it's not the same as nationalising.

Yes the railways will be taken back into public ownership (do you think what we have now isn't a total disaster area?), as will the utilities.

We will adopt a foreign policy stance of (heavily)Armed Neutrality. Friends with everyone if we can be, but no one's pussy either.

X said...

When I read the manifesto it spoke about the nationalisation of key industries and was generally very isolationist in character. If they've altered that in the meantime then great, but if they want my vote they'll have to promise to work toward reducing the size of government as much as possible.

I would argue that the rail system we have no isn't privatised, except that it's administered by private companies under contract, thanks to EU directives on the matter forcing this particular sort of "private" operation. The heavy subsidies, strict regulation and separation of infrastructure management from vehicle operation means that it can never provide effective service and mean that it is effectively government controlled. It's just another con like the private finance initiatives.

I want a party that will promise to reduce government. Government is for defence of the borders (and whatever that may entail), and maybe the postal service. Anything else is surplus to requirements.

I would say more but I'm already derailing this conversation enough.

Darrin Hodges said...

" including the peaceful majority who are not Islamists"

The mythical moderates. There is talk from time to time about an Islamic enlightenment or somehow altering the qur'an. Even if such a thing came to pass in our lifetimes, how can we ensure that the 'bad old Islam' would not resurface in the future? A dog always returns to its vomit.

xlbrl said...

Why is the focus is always put upon the Muslim, who is only the plague flea, and not the rat that carries him? This very article makes clear that is the governing Left, so let us address the Left as we would the Muslim, and before the Muslim.
Otherwise we are dealing from weakness, and weakness is all the Muslim understands.

RVos said...

Kind of unrelated to the relevant matter but luckily there's a bit of good news coming from England as well.
The Lebanese guy who was invited to England is now banned from entering Britain.


Anonymous said...

Please don't link to Old Holborn. He is as anti-Semitic and anti-Israel - both - as they come. Just dig a bit further into his posts.

Anonymous said...


Old Holborn operates a nihilistic in style: "Come as you are and say as you will ethos", as political hegemony, can be widely abused.

Re: See political Islam.

Nobody and nothing should be above the bounds of criticism.

Homophobic Horse said...

The political epistemology of Libertarianism and Cultural Marxism are essentially the same.

Anonymous said...

Dazed and Confused:

I agree that nobody and nothing should be above the bounds of criticism.

I do not agree that the following is "criticism" (all remarks made by Old Holborn on his blog):

"Israel is a vile, racist, suremacist, bigoted nation, the very first founded on a religion that says Jews are Gods chosen people and everyone else is scum. GOD says so. Is it any surprise they want to kill the people who used to live there?"

"This is not a class of cultures. Judism as practiced in Israel is as 8th Century as anything in Islam. For example, if a Jewess marries a non Jew, her father considers her dead. They even write obituaries in the paper. Children of mixed mariages are deported out of Israel when they reach 12 years of age. More details of Jewish racial supremacy HERE" (link not attached)

"David Kelly was heavily linked to the Nes Zions genetic research centre in Tel Aviv. It is working on a weapon that will target certain ethnic groups by identifying the so called Jewish (Ashkenazi) Gene. Once it finds it, and yes, it does exist, you'd better pray you have it too."

"The people who built the fence put it there on grounds of absolute racial supremacy. Not Jewish? Get out. I don't care if you used to live here, you a not a Jew, get out. Remind you of anybody?"

"The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was given to the Rothschilds as a reward for bringing the Yanks into the first world war, thus saving us from the Germans, who were winning. Hitler saw this as a massive betrayal by the large Yiddish community in Germany and the rest, as they say, is history."

"Thud, Are you Jewish? If you ain't, they'll treat you the same as a Palestinian, given the chance."

"'oh yes - send Old Holborn to Israel on a paid-for jolly.' Love to. Mate of mine was stoned on a Kibbutz for cleaning the pool on the Sabbath."

"Liberty is Liberty. Even for Palestinians. Look at the map again. Eventually, they will be gone. Just as God promised. And Israeli firepower is ensureing. How very 'German'."

laine said...

"His lawyer successfully argued that his client’s continued incarceration would negatively impact his ability to serve his community, so Lord Ahmed is once again a free man."

So the British legal system (no justice to be found) springs this chap to work for his community which is the community of traitorous Muslims working to bring down Britain including its legal system.

The law is an ass.

Unknown said...

Great title for the article!

The Frozen North

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Why was this scum made a "Lord" in the first place and who is responsible? Blair? Brown? On a brighter note, ordinary brits at least got *beeped* off in Luton the other day.

Gregory said...

See why your government took your guns away from you guys? And you didn't even protest.....too comfortable eating your blood sausage....heh? Righto!...
Toni Martin was just the first of the citizens to be screwed by the brit government....
The rich people are well protected against the evil muslims and the rich people don't give a damn about you commoners...
'Cause the rich politicians can always 'fag off to the Americas"....
Way to go Englanders........
Hip-hip hoorah to the French of the 1800's....

X said...

people did protest. You seem to believ that guns were taken away all at once but the truth is, each change was too small to register on the conscience of the majority and it took nearly 70 years to bring us to the point we're at today. That's two generations.