Saturday, March 21, 2009

Undercover as a Muslim in Prague

“The truth is that if Muslims practice Islam and expand to become a majority in some country, and the Muslims there are educated in Islam, then they will try to impose the Islamic law on society. That’s logical.

“That is the aim of any political party that comes to power. It’s enforcing its own ideas on how to rule over society.”

The above quote from a Muslim cleric in Prague is telling. It brings a refreshing clarity to the debate, and demonstrates quite clearly that Geert Wilders is right: Islam is not a religion; it is a totalitarian political ideology.

The following program is from Czech television. It features undercover video footage taken by a brave man who infiltrated a mosque in Prague. This is the first of three parts:

The most reassuring information to come from this program is that the Czech security services are not bound by suicidal notions of political correctness, and have the country’s 10,000 Muslims under surveillance.

Parts two and three are below the jump.
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Part 2:

Part 3:

“The whole world is going to belong to Allah.”

Hat tip: Steen.


zebulon9 said...

The above quote from a Muslim cleric in Prague is telling. It brings a refreshing clarity to the debate, and demonstrates quite clearly that Geert Wilders is right: Islam is not a religion; it is a totalitarian political ideology.


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Stop talking, start acting.
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Czechmade said...

They are on the level of Hare Krishna - unable to register due to their low numbers: which means No Money from our govt.

This week someone has also hung a pig head on the gate of the local mosque, which is so far away from the city that we cannot feel the islamization emanating from it.

The mosque had also the highest degree of spiritual pleasure and satisfaction to welcome "No to islam" painted on it. I hope they keep it there as a clear sign of their victimization.

And Geert Wilders was officially invited to come to Prague (by EU deputee V.Železný and others) in May!

heroyalwhyness said...

Take a look at this Al Jazeera video interview in Sweden: (Fast forward video to marker 8:20) to hear Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Filippouli interview Midhat Ibrahim (Midhat Ibrahimbegovic?), a Kosovo national who immigrated to Sweden in 1952, in the main mosque at Rosengard, Malmo's poorest immigrant-populated district.

Elizabeth: "Do you think that Islam limits Muslims to fully integrate themselves into a Western society like Sweden?

Midhat: "Yes. Yes, I think Muslims can integrate. Assimilation, no. Integration, yes. The problem is that Christians don't know much about Islam. Muslims know much more about Christianity and Judaism."

Elizabeth continues: "Before I left, he cautioned me about the growing gulf between young muslims and native Swedes. Many people accuse Islam, and young Muslims have had enough. The conflict starts because young Muslims want to defend Islam. They want Swedes to know, they are not terrorists. It's ignorance about Islam that breeds conflict."

a Czech said...

The movie can be also seen in one piece, here:

When it was first aired on the TV, in 2005, Islamic authorities in the Czech Republic did protest against it.

Czechs, generally, do not welcome Muslims or other foreigners coming in large into our land. Our history can be interpreted as a struggle to create ethnically and culturally homogeneous country. Whether we will be able to keep what we fought for is a question.

Steven Luotto said...

Ciao Czechmade,

In my many travels through your country, I saw lots of Muslims (and Russians!!!) in Karlovy Vary and Marienbad (Marianska Lasagne), lounging in the spas, mud baths, watering holes, and in the evening drinking up a storm (3 thousand Euro bottles of the tippy top of French winedom) usually in the company of gorgeous Kaffirovna babes of ill repute. I guess Bohemia and Moravia will be lucky if those big-spending Muslims only consider your fine regions as getaway places of personal sin. They'd probably be the last to want to see true Islamization there.

a Czech said...

A study from 2006/7 established there were over 11,000 Muslims living in the Czech Republic. Those from Arab countries made about 12%, those from Africa about 16%. The largest part (over 60%) came from the Balkans and the former USSR. Those of Slavic origin do have, IMHO, chance to be assimilated.

a Czech said...

IoshkaFutz: Karlovy Vary and Marianske lazne are famous spas. The region did attract some Russians to settle permanently. Many of those are connected with the Russian mafia who treats Karlovy Vary as its holiday resort. The Czech state, so far, was unwilling to act. We do not yet have districts or towns inhabited dominantly by the Muslims.

Czechmade said...

Mostly it is difficult to find one muslim dominating any street.

Some of these "Russians" are Israelis. Israel is trilingual.

Some of these "muslims" are oriental communists, or other ex-muslims (enjoying better qualified jobs).

No sign of unity. Those "muslims" must be pretty scared of muslims.
And those muslims again of our police.

Avery Bullard said...

Who are all those Oriental looking people in Prague?

A few weeks ago I was in an internet cafe off Wenceslas Square. When I looked around I realised I was the only white person in the room. All the others had oriental (East Asian) features and they were all young so I'm guessing they're students of some kind.

Are there many 'Russians' from the Asian parts of the old USSR in Prague? Surely they are not all Chinese?

Marian - CZ said...


Almost anywhere else in CZ, I would say "Vietnamese". We have a lot of Vietnamese small businessmen + guest workers here.

However, the historical center of Prague is a favorite target of Japanese tourists, so you might actually meet Japanese.

Chinese are rare, although they do exist here. You can find them in the "Chinese restaurants" here, but some of those are actually run by Vietnamese.

Russian Asians - almost impossible to meet here, they just do not come here.

Marian - CZ said...

BTW, there is a permanently expanding group of young Vietnamese teenagers, some of them born in CZ.

They usually have Vietnamese citizenship, as "jus solis" does not apply here; at least one of you parents has to be Czech in order for a new-born to be eligible for Czech citizenship. So, only children from mixed CZ-VN families are eligible (btw mixed girls are really good-looking!)

This generation is known as the "banana children" here, meaning "yellow from the outside, white on the inside". They are usually very well integrated and study really hard. They also usually turn their backs on many of the traditions of their parents, which drives the parents crazy (but helpless).

We might need them one day if some kind of 'showdown with Islam' happens... OK, I just saw "The Platoon", I confess... :-)

Czechmade said...

Dear Bullard, some places in Prague are extention of the airport and we do not visit our wonderful MC airport every day.

If you are around, let me make a little research on you via GoV for GoV from local point of view (proGoV).

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Ack, have never been to Prague although it is one of those places I would love to visit some day. I have a question to our czech readers and hopefully any of you could help me out. I'm looking for a movie which I saw on tv when I was a kid in the early 70's. It's hard to google for it because I don't remember the title nor the names of any actors in it. All I remember is that is was about a young witch who wanted to live a normal life with ordinary people and therefore runs away from her witch-school. The headmaster who is a vampire is tryin to find her and bring her back to school. I've only seen it on tv a couple of times and that was more than 30 years ago. However, I did love it as a kid. Does this ring a bell for any of the czech readers?

Avery Bullard said...


Vietnamese? I never even thought of them.

It is extremely unlikely they were Japanese visitors. Even the girl who worked in the internet cafe was Asian. She spoke Czech (or some Slavic language, since I can't tell them apart!). They didn't seem like tourists either.

Even at another internet cafe I was in, closer to the south part of Wenceslas Square (in the same 'mall' area as some heavily advertised 'Irish' pub on the west side of the street), there were numerous young Asians in it. Yet, strangely, I didn't see many other east Asians about. I saw plenty of brown people, but they seemed to be local gypsies.

Czechmade: I was in Prague for just a week but I've been back home for a month.

All in all, Prague looked a lot more, uh, 'Western' than most of the cities I visited. (Brussels, the least).

laine said...

From the interview quoted in herroyalwhyness's comment above:

"The conflict starts because young Muslims want to defend Islam. They want Swedes to know, they are not terrorists. It's ignorance about Islam that breeds conflict."

As always, this shows the narcissistic Muslim viewpoint which cannot accept either indifference or criticism. Only wholehearted dhimmitude will do.

Muslims cannot grasp that it is the right of Swedes or natives of any other western country NOT to learn about Islam or the Muslim perception of their co-religionists' attacks on non-Muslims around the world. We don't have to be interested or open to their stinking ideas. We can be bored, disgusted, frightened or aloof. It is also our right to reach conclusions on the basis of observable BEHAVIOR of Muslims as to what their religion means for us regardless of what it is on paper. This is not ignorance. It is favoring empiric observation over the theoretical especially since the theoretical includes takiya and is therefore totally unreliable.

Sure, the more intelligent among us are doing our homework on what threatens us but not with the goal of making Muslims feel more understood or comfortable. That's the PC mandated attitude that smells like five day old fish. No, we're studying the enemy.

In fact, their biggest supporters among westerners are those who are the most ignorant on Islam and the Koran, the ones who have no idea that Islamic "peace" means submission to Allah in all things by everybody to give the most basic example. So Muslims don't want us to learn about Islam independently but to let them propagandize us.

Some Muslims are so brainwashed themselves that they might actually fantasize that merely reading their magical book (which the vast majority of Muslims themselves have not done) and being exposed to the five times a day prayer-brainwashing, we ourselves will succumb to the system that has brought misery everywhere it dominates. Other Muslims swear by the old tried and true method by which Islam spread for centuries i.e. bloodthirsty raiding and terrorizing populations into conversion.

If the less bloodthirsty Muslims sincerely want to change westerners' attitudes in their favor, it should be made clear to them that their thrust should be toward controlling their violent jihadis, not whining about how the victims must spend time on the distasteful task of learning about an anachronistic primitive system so their potential attackers feel more at ease.

When you voluntarily come to Rome, don't force Romans to waste their time learning about your barbarian culture. It's time to learn about the history and culture of Rome i.e. the countries to which you CHOSE to move. Too many Muslims know little except how to manipulate our graces which to them are just weaknesses to exploit. What they do know, they hate and are trying to substitute their own failure of a belief system that has created 57 loser countries.

And yet they work toward world domination...misery loves company? Or is the idea just as with communism that the psychological ecstasy of being a cog in a utopian system (equality for communists, submission for Muslims) makes up for having to live as a serf with a low standard of living?

Thanks but no thanks.

liuk said...

Robin Shadowes: Hello, the movie you are talking about is this: :) Kind of classic here, being played on tv at least twice a year. Sadly, they are making crappy sequel now.
As Marian said, we have many Vietnamese people in here. Our country established major migration route with Vietnam during communist days. They form third largest immigrant ethnic minority. First minority is Ukrainian, second is Slovakian.
Fortunately, Vietnamese children are integrated really well, I was with some on the bike tour and they were singing folk czech songs, you can see those kids chatting with our kids in fluent czech language etc.
Since the migration route is still very active (in 2008 Vietnamese even surprassed Slovakians annually), some of the newest immigrants are being sent home by the governemt because they are workless cause of the economic crisis.

Czechmade said...

We inherited also East German Vietnamese, they gave them some 40 000 DM to start a new a life at home, they moved here.

The parents speak very limited market Czech, but they force their kids to do well at school.

Just a reversed situation if you look at Turks in the "Old West".

Our Ukrainians have mostly Uk. citizenship, but many come from the ex-Czechoslovak territory (Ruthenia) and feel sometimes insulted, if you call them Uk.

These Ruthenians are a separate minority, if they have CZ papers.
Many moved here few generations back. Also many Jews in US come from Ruthenia, unfortunately they adopt saxon names, so we cannot recognize them as such.

The Vietnamese are officially not a minority yet. Our Jews refused to be an official minority, they are a religion while many are also Christian or mixed with us.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Thanks , liuk for the information. I'm pretty sure this is the one. Sequels made long after the first one usually are disapointing. However it might bring about one advantage, namely that the first one gets released on dvd as well. Too bad there wasn't pictures on idmb because I would have recognized the actor who portrayed the headmaster, the one named Josef Blaha I assume, since he had a very special look. I'm sure I saw him in other movies as well back then. It saddened me to see he passed away although I had a gut feeling he would not be among us anymore.