Friday, March 13, 2009

The Islam Scream Team: Starbucks A Jooish PLOT


Yep. That coffee shop I find it hard to pass by is actually a sinister plot by the Jews. The mermaid symbol on the Starbucks cup is no mermaid at all. She’s really Queen Esther, from the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Esther.

At least that’s what she is according to the eminently sane Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi. He wants all Starbucks shops in Muslim countries closed. Of course, he also has other interesting beliefs:

An Israeli-American organization monitoring Arab media, called MEMRI - or rather, this is its acronym - has accused several prominent Muslim clerics and sheikhs from Arab TV channels, including Dr. Sallah Sultan and Sheikh Safwat Higazi, of incitement to the killing of the Jews and to hatred of the U.S.


“This is a great honor for us. Yes, I am an antisemite. Yes, I hate Zionism. Yes, Judgment Day will not come until we fight the Jews. These are the words of our Prophet, like it or not.”[…]

“Yes, We Hate Them… If Our Rulers Let Us, We Would Catch You in the Street… [And] Devour You With Our Teeth”

“Yes, we are enemies of these people. We are enemies of all those who plunder our land and our rights, and we are enemies of the American government, and of whoever helps our enemies in the killing of our brothers. We are enemies of whoever helps our enemies - America and all the others.

“Yes, we hate them. Yes, we are hostile to them. By Allah, only our rulers prevent us from getting to you. By Allah, if they let us, we would devour you completely, and we would bite you with our teeth. We would not wait for weapons, for RPGs, or for bullets. If our rulers let us, we would catch you in the street, and we would devour you with our teeth.

“Yes, we are your enemies, and we will continue to be your enemies, until the day Jesus son of Mary descends, fighting you and calling to join Islam, the religion of the Prophet Muhammad.”

I think maybe he’s saying he doesn’t like us. Or is he saying he's a cannibal and we're gourmet food? You really have to wipe the spittle off that statement to see it clearly...
- - - - - - - - -
But he’d better keep his mitts offa my Starbucks.

I wonder what this idjit would say if he knew some Christians agreed with him regarding the Starbucks’ logo? Or rather, at least one of the logos. Seems that the Christians didn’t like the bared breasts on the babe and were planning a boycott of some sort.

So it’s not really a Jooish plot, it’s a hedonist plot.

It’s not really Queen Esther, it’s porn.

Reminds me of the time my mother brought home a small marble copy of Venus de Milo and put it on the coffee table in the living room. Her closest friend showed up for Sunday dinner a few days later and was aghast. Mother wasn’t going to leave that…that naked woman out in plain sight when Father McCafferty showed up, surely not? Mother attempted to explain Venus de Milo to her friend but no luck. As it turned out, Fr. McCafferty came through the back door; Mother quickly grabbed him while he was still in the kitchen and asked him to explain Venus de M. to her friend. Having been briefed, Father sauntered into the living room, looked around casually, and picked up the statue. Showing it to the friend, he inquired innocently, “So, what do ye think now of this new statue of the Blessed Virgin?”

I hope the Starbucks’ execs have plenty of aspirin to go around.

[That great image was done by Bernie Hou, but I can only find information on him here, where he explains how it came into being]

Hat Tip: Tundra Tabloids


heroyalwhyness said...

Awesome Starbucks/Queen Esther/Escher imagery! Way cool!

Dymphna said...

Ah, yes...Queen Esther. Persian royalty before the Muslims were invented.

Where is Uncle Mordecai when we need him?

I hope Starbucks survives the meltdown. THey sure are closing stores all over the place...

Czechmade said...

No plotting capacities and capabilities with other infidels?
This is really humiliating.

Stop insulting us!

laine said...

Some Muslims are more honest than others. You'll again notice no denouncement of Higazi by "moderate" Muslims nor any movement to get him out of whatever mosque he rules. They are moderate the way Germans were moderate, led by their extremists into war and looking forward to their privileged status as victors dominating over others. In fact, that's what the Koran promises Muslims, even the lazy ones who will be carpetbaggers.

This is why it is not unfair to deport all Muslims from western countries except the miniscule fraction who have spoken up against sharia and for the secular state in such a way as to put their lives in danger from the Muslim majority i.e. apostates though they may kid themselves that they are still Muslim.

Anonymous said...

higazi? really? you need to get an EDUCATION and to stop shaming muslims with your ignorant comments!

the jewish people have just as much a right to live in peace as any other! of course provided that they also exist peacefully with others...hint! hint!

have you read the quran or prophet mohammed's history? any prophet's history?

all prophets are of the same exact line of descendance, including mohammed!

and please look up the word MERMAID. you might actually learn something?

you could also look up the starbucks site. another great way to learn about where the logo came from!

and this message is for all people of any faith or none...couldn't we just all get along?! it's about #%$*ing time!

please try peace and love. it might actually work!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Muslim troll,

Yes, of course, we can all just get along if Muslims will stop actively fighting for Islamic supremacy - especially in non-Muslim countries!

Additionally, ALL Muslims need to renounce violent and non-violent terror tactics - especially the implementation of supremacist Sharia Law which elevates Muslim men over Muslim women and Muslims over non-Muslims.

Specifically, Muslims need to stop sending missiles into Israel!


Anonymous said...

So resorting to name calling (muslim troll) and false accusations for a whole people, are the mature and peaceful way to go?

Terrorists come from all faiths and walks of life. Most of which happen to be IGNORAMUS, fanatic and lunatic.