Friday, March 13, 2009

Neutering the Constitution

I reported several days ago on Roger S., a reader who took it upon himself to launch his own investigation of Jamaat ul-Fuqra and the Muslims of America. Since his road trip to Red House, he has dug into the internet archives on JuF and started compiling material.

I’ll be presenting some of the detailed data he has brought to light — at least one of the investigative reports he uncovered was previously unknown to me — but for now I’ll present his preliminary conclusions, as sent by email yesterday:

Dear Baron,

MOAAfter analyzing the data on the locations of the Muslims of America compounds in seemingly remote locations it is increasingly obvious (to me) that they are locating close to certain places for the purpose of performing routine surveillance and launching attacks on even more ambitious targets, with the goal of designing an coordinated attack to culminate a major disaster!

Among these locations were the route lines and control stations for the states’ communications, petroleum, gas, electric and hydroelectric systems.

While appearing to be offering help to hurricane and victims of natural disasters, they have analyzed FEMA, National Guard Armories, U.S. military installations, police stations, communications control sites, and airports’ response to disasters.
- - - - - - - - -
This has allowed their civil engineers (which most of them are and some already in government jobs with knowledge of local infrastructure) to design plans and coordinate a nationwide attack while countering our response to these attacks. These plans of attack and surveillance methods are textbook operations that can be found in our own military training manuals like the Department of Army FM 31-21 Covert Guerrilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations.

This manual gives detail on exactly how to use a relatively small well-trained covert group to bring down an established government. One would think they would recognize their own methods being used on themselves. I know we trained them with these methods for the bringing down the Russians in Afghanistan. I hope we can wake up America before it is too late — if that time has not already passed!

I will continue to research and provide any assistance either of you require. I would think Homeland Security would be all over these guys, but it appears they have neutered the FBI with propaganda and the constitution, not to mention the present administration!

I am off on more travels. I hope to be able to give details you can use soon.

Roger S.


dienw said...

If these were "white supremacy" groups, they would be being monitored by the government and publicized by the "news media." I cannot believe that no one in law enforcement or the military has not recognized the nature of these Muslim compounds: one can only draw the conclusion that such observers are being silenced.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Or Waco, Texas but that was some 15 years ago and about christian nut-jobs, not muslim ones. This clearly show how dangerous and dedicated they are to bring down the west so they can establish their insane caliphate a k a hell on earth.

ChrisLA said...

In the film "Homegrown Jihad -- The Terrorist Camps Around U.S." two themes were chilling to me: 1) None of the residents of these compounds wanted to discuss the terror training film that the producers had obtained, and 2) local law enforcement authorities advised the producers NOT to visit the compounds. If fact, one sheriff threatened to arrest the film crew if they parked on a public road near one of the compounds. This means that we now have official "no go zones" in the United States. At what point will our law enforcement authorities realize this is a serious threat?

Susan Storm Smith said...

What makes everybody think they are not being monitored, because it's not across the front page of every newspaper everyday?

They are there but what have they done that is illegal that any police, CIA or FBI can go raid, search or anything? That doesn't mean the government doesn't know about them and keep watch on them.

Yes, there are camps, they are quite capable of making no go zones and many other disasters, but they haven't crossed the line of illegal yet. The question perhaps should be, is America ready to defend itself at home?

spackle said...

"What makes everybody think they are not being monitored, because it's not across the front page of every newspaper everyday? "

In the past I would have agreed with that statement, but now? I dont know.

"The question perhaps should be, is America ready to defend itself at home?"

The regular informed citizenry? Yes. Our ruling elites and uninterested public? No way. Thats why when push comes to shove it will be interesting to see which way the military goes?

Barb said...

JuF in Hancock is located near a Martin Marietta complex and an Amphenol facility both of which deal in missiles and space type issues.

filthykafir said...

Before we get too carried away in this subject, I would like to suggest that if I threw 20 darts at a wall-sized map of the U.S., a significant majority of them would land "close" to some important infrastructure or "sensitive" facility.

JuF may well be preparing for jihad one way or another, but let us not credit them with super powers and laser vision until we have better evidence.