Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Natural Thing to Do

Russkiy is a regular reader and occasional commenter here at Gates of Vienna. He lives in New Zealand, and sent this account of the cultural differences he recently encountered among Arab immigrants:


You can’t make this stuff up…

About a year and a half ago, on the streets of Auckland (New Zealand’s biggest city), I started seeing “strange” looking people, kind of like Indians but different. They had dark skin complexions, but their facial features were distinct, and another noticeable feature of many of these youths was their rather large bottoms, much like a female body type, but males.

I later found out that they were actually Arabs from Saudi Arabia. Most of the other Arabs I knew were different from them, more Caucasian looking.

After I learned that they were Saudis, I started talking to them, practising my Arabic (I have been learning Arabic for about four years). All this time I was hoping to get them talking about their views. For about six months I didn’t get anywhere, until yesterday…

Yesterday I was on my way from work. When I passed a Turkish café, I saw a Saudi man of about 40. I found an excuse to sit down and chat with him. He first said that he was a tourist, but after finding out that my girlfriend is a lawyer, he told me that he had a problem. He had come to NZ to give assistance to his nephew, who has been charged by the police.
- - - - - - - - -
His nephew was walking down the street and saw some girl looking at him, so he came over and hit her (not sure how hard), so police came and charged him.

This man came and paid money to the girl to get her to drop the complaint, which she did, but the police are not dropping the charges.

What amazed me is that there was no shame apparent in the behaviour of his nephew, as if it is such a natural thing to do, and how dare they prosecute his poor nephew! His nephew is a victim of this cruel society…

I don’t know whether my knowledge of Arabic made him think that I am sympathetic in my views towards them or that I am a Muslim, I am always vague about that subject when they ask me.

— Russkiy


Anonymous said...

How very interesting. Oil money + islam = obnoxious buffoons acting as if they owned the world.

Yes, Russkiy, your knowledge of Arabic definitely made a difference to him. You were somewhat one of his own.

Knowing what they really think and say when Westerners are not around is priceless.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Makes me glad to read that NZ has not yet slipped into the usual western dhimmitude yet. Hope they never will either. Keep on using taqyyia and kitman when you deal with this scum in the future. It's a good thing they get to taste their own medicine.

Unknown said...

Just want to note that these Saudis are not emigrants but students.

I think New Zealand started market itself in the Gulf as a Cheap place to get British type of education, and about a year and a bit ago the whole flood of Saudi and some emerati students started to poure in.

I can say that most other arabs like Palestinian and Iraqis dont like Saudis, and often make fun of their disfigured appearances. I think extencive interbreeding really screwed this guys up.

I have spoken with dozens of them, I have only met one who I thought was "sort of alright" who you could speak with without constantly thinking OMG what a freak.

Unknown said...

Sorry, not interbreeding but inbreeding

Independent Accountant said...

What's the big deal? How much did he offer in the way of "blood money" for striking a kaffir girl? If it exceeded $100 US, it was too much.

heroyalwhyness said...

I find it strange that this saudi would find his nephews behavior within norm yet ask for legal advice, even second hand, from a female attorney

babs said...

Fine him, give him 30 days in jail and throw him out of your country.
If NZ takes that stance now you will avoid the typical escalation of this behavior that we see in so many other western nations.

PatriotUSA said...

Stop letting these people into NZ before they screw the place up as they have done everywhere they go. My personal experiences with muslim people has been ok..... to a point. I never feel they are being honest, truthful and they behave extremely weird, not just around me. So I do not trust them. By nature, I give my trust to no one until they have earned by being honest on all levels.

How I wish here in the USA we could close the door on most immigration until we have a much better system in place that virtually scrutinizes all immigarnts to the nth degree. muslim immigration, I would shut the door on it completely and deport as many as possible. So call me an islamophobe, I won't deny it and I will stick to my guns.

Zenster said...

What babs said.

PatriotUSA: ... I will stick to my guns.

With you, pal, that statement works on a lot of different levels.