Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shilling for Hamas

As I have reported several times recently, the mainstreaming of Hamas and Hezbollah is well underway. Since the election of Barack Hussein Obama the process has accelerated. Our new president is determined to prove his Islamophilic bonafides, and legitimizing Hamas is one way to do it.

There are plenty of other participants in the game, both inside and outside of government. I reported recently on the efforts of Sen. John Kerry, Madeleine Albright, and all the rest of the proponents of the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project. With the addition of Grover Norquist and CPAC, it becomes quite clear that the Great Whitewash of Islamic Terrorism is a bipartisan affair.

Needless to say, the process is not confined to the United States. Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled some recent material on Europe’s love affair with Hamas.

First, his translation of an article by Carel Brendel:

Netherlands admits color to terrorism

By Carel Brendel

Hamas is not at all a terrorist movement. The fundamentalist organizers of suicide attacks and rocket shellings, who have a included in their charter a number of Koran verses about the murder of Jews, should as soon as possible be removed from the European list of terrorist organizations.

That is not me who is saying this, but the signatories of an international call addressed to the candidates for the European parliament. Hamas, which takes the anti-Semitic fantasy The Protocols of the Elders of Zion for real, should according to these terror-friends be admitted as a legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. The most well-known signatory is the theologian Tariq Ramadan, who is considered a reactionary by wise leftist people, for forty miscellaneous reasons. Some Dutch people are also in solidarity with Hamas.
- - - - - - - - -
Then of course there is Abdou Bouzerda, chairman of the anti-Semitic splinter group Arab-European League (AEL). There is also the writer and firebrand Mohammed Benzakour, promoter of the “Partij voor de Dieren” [Party for the Animals, animal rights party, related to the murderer of Pim Fortuyn] and a regular guest on the blog of the Socialist Party senator Anja Meulenbelt [Feminist, dedicated anti-Semite and Palestinian lover, in recent years married to the former Palestinian terrorist Khaled Abu Zaïd]. Number three is the Middle East expert Robert Soeterik, especially recommended by cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot and again a regular trespasser in Anja Meulenbelt’s photo album.

The fourth signatory is Miriyam Aouragh, who this time represents herself as co-organizer of the Dutch anti-racism and anti-war campaigns, initiator of the national demonstration for Gaza a while ago in Amsterdam, and research fellow in Oxford. On other occasions Aouragh describes herself as “active in the ‘Netherlands Admits Color’“ and the International Socialists”.

The sad event on the Museumplein in Amsterdam, when the SP-celebrities Harry van Bommel and Gretta Duisenberg chanted “Intifada, intifada!” and other demonstrators “Hamas, Hamas, all Jews to the gas”, was an initiative of this Trotskyite chairwoman. No wonder that the Ueber-anti-racist René Danen, chairman of “Netherlands Admits Color”, was prominently present as well. On behalf of the organization he tried to prevent the attack on counter-demonstrator Ben Kok [who walked straight in the demonstration with an Israeli flag] from being recorded on camera.

Aouragh spoke in 2004 in Dam Square in Amsterdam at the scandalous commemoration event for Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin. The activist of “Netherlands Admits Color” now again advocates a part for this anti-Semitic terrorist organization. That is of course her own choice. But I am curious whether the Netherlands Admits Color also has the dirty guts to again show up this autumn at the commemoration of the Kristallnacht, the beginning of the persecution of the Jews by the National Socialists.

I am also curious to see whether internet-guru Francisco van Jole [low-brow leftist TV presenter, blogger and willing Islamosexual doormat] will say something on the next demo-day of the Netherlands Admits Color. For the rest on that day, the PvdA [Socialists, Labour] politician Ahmed Marcouch, promoter of subsidies to Salafist organizations, will also be one of the prominent speakers.

Concerning Mohammed Benzakour, VH writes:

The Hamas Supporter Mohammed Benzakour claimed, for example, in a TV debate on the night of the death of Theo Van Gogh that the murder of Van Gogh did not spring from religion. This caused an immediate harsh clash with professor Afshin Ellian who was also present, and responded angry: “The murder DID! His murderer went to a mosque, he has an imam, he has a mother, he learned everything from the Quran! To commit a murder, to make a sacrifice! For a perverse God! And you say that?!”

Later in an interview about his sincere outburst, Ellian said: “I have to report things as I see them, don’t I? I’m not anti-Islam; I only criticize. We are in Europe, aren’t we? People like Benzakour, and there are many like him from the Islamic world, they infuriate me; he pretends the Van Gogh murder is some kind of regular street violence murder case. But it all has to do with Islam itself. And there must be a debate about it.”

And on Miriyam Aouragh:

Miryam Aouragh usually in payoffs leaves out those jobs or functions that do not suit her purpose. She also publishes on Electronic Intifada, a website for Hamas fans, and Aouragh wrote about Hirsi Ali: “We can hardly regret Hirsi Ali’s decision to substitute for Holland a job at a neo-conservative think tank in the US. We [Aouragh and Anouk de Koning] hereby offer critical Americans and readers of the New Yorker all our support in taking over our burden.”

On the René Danen video:

Text: “Filming in public places? Verboten! First you can see the Jewish Christian Pastor Ben Kok being attacked by the Pali-shawls, and from 00:48 you can see the Stasi Offizier René Danen admit color.”

Finally, concerning the USA:

The USA has these suspects on the Hamas-list:

  • Greta Berlin (co-fondatrice of the Free Gaza Movement)
  • James Petras (Bartle professor emeritus Binghamton University)
  • John Catalinotto (managing editor, Workers World Newspaper, USA)
  • Sara Flounders (co-director, International Action Center, USA)
  • Emory Douglas (Former Minister of Culture of The Black Panther Party, USA)
  • Dr Julio Pino ( professor of history)
  • Dumas F. Lafontant Doumafis, (Organizer, African Liberation Day)
  • Sebogo Bernard Nkumah (Chairperson of Boston Branch, All African People’s Revolutionary Party)

P.S.: The Israel Forum is collecting the names of Hamas supporters. Very interesting initiative.


joe six-pack said...

We are our own worst enemy. A major problem is that our external enemy today is a very real and very large threat that is very underestimated by so many. I just hope that enough people eventually get it that we will be in time to stop them. I have believed for a long time that this war will eventually become much, much larger than it has ever been in the past. I just hope that it does not become so large that it risks human survival. With repeated suicide attack occuring for only the 2nd time of all of recorded history combined with WMD, this may not seem as far-fetched as it would at first glance.