Thursday, March 12, 2009

Michael Steele is a Yo-Yo

I don’t know whose string he is on, but the man twirls up and down so fast it’s hard to keep up with him.

For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Steele is a politician from Maryland and ran in the last election for governor in that state. Now he is the head of the Republican National Committee and in this role is supposed to serve as the spokesman for Republicans.

He is rapidly becoming an embarrassment and obviously won’t be around long. In fact, he has proved so inept one has to wonder if the Democrats didn’t appoint him.

I’d get the vapors if I were required to describe the scope of his incompetence as a leader, so I’ll let La Shawn Barber do the heavy lifting here:

Say It Ain’t So, Michael Steele!

I’m with her, I thought it was a parody interview…smelling salts time.

BTW, while you’re over there, check out her previous post,

Black poverty is overwhelmingly a phenomenon of single-mother homes

[post mercifully ends here. Republican party will be ending soon, too]


spackle said...

As my 98 year old Jewish grandmother would say while shaking her head, "Oy Vey".

Dymphna said...


She'd better not say that out loud around Freeman and his cronies...

laine said...

I had higher hopes for Steele, reasoning that a black conservative has to have a spine of steel and principles to match because he really does swim against the tide of 95% of blacks and speaks truth to power in their (liberal) community at great cost to himself.

However, is this a case of fighting affirmative action with affirmative action, i.e. desperately casting about for non-white candidates to present to an electorate demanding further opportunity to demonstrate their non-racism? Bobby Jindal is another case in point who might not be promoted in the same way, perhaps prematurely, were he white.

I do not blame either Steele or Jindal whose psychological burden is overwhelming without the 95% backing of the black community that half-black Obama received. Indeed, they are called pejoratives that I won't repeat here that imply they are merely doing the bidding of their white masters. Obama with his Clinton retreads gets no like criticism.

Star Parker seems feisty and well spoken. She would be a marvellous counterweight to the Democrats' nannyism, especially Hillary!

Get Star Parker to run...Dems would be cut off at the knees because they couldn't do the hatchet job they did on Palin.