Friday, March 20, 2009


“It’s a nice little island you ’ave here, guv’nor — wouldn’t want anything to ’appen to it, now, would yer?”

In an Islamic state governed by sharia, the relationship between the rulers — the Muslims — and the ruled — the dhimmis and the slaves — is very straightforward.

Slaves, of course, are the property of Muslim citizens, and may be bought, sold, and abused at will.

Dhimmis — non-Muslims living under the rule of Muslims, but not enslaved by them — are also exploited, but to a lesser degree. Their treatment is mandated by sharia, and they are second-class citizens. Their clothes, dwellings, methods of transport, and general demeanor are carefully prescribed to enforce and emphasize their inferior status. Above all, they must pay the jizyah — the poll tax. The wealth of the Islamic state is dependent on this income stream as a supplement to revenue gained from external plunder.

When Muslims live among the infidels, their behavior is different. If their numbers are small, they keep to themselves, obey the local laws, and maintain a low profile. This is Stage One.

When their numbers pass a certain percentage, however, they enter Stage Two, and become more aggressive and demanding. In the lax and permissive societies of the West, this percentage is quite low — somewhere between 1% and 3%.

When their numbers exceed 5%, Stage Three has been reached, and their enclaves for all practical purposes become mini-states governed by Islamic law.

France is already in Stage Three, and Britain is hovering between Two and Three.

One of the symptoms of advanced Stage Two is the “Sheikhdown”: the protection racket whereby Muslims extort concessions and benefits from the host government by implicitly threatening violence. The closer a society moves to Stage Three, the more overt the extortion becomes.

When the moment is auspicious, Muslim leaders start the Sheikhdown by informing their hosts that because of their neglect and ill-treatment of Muslims, they risk arousing the violent enmity of their guests. The imams express their regret over this unfortunate situation, but, don’t you see, they have no control over it — the pious servants of Allah become enraged by all these insults against their religion and their prophet, and once their blood is up there’s simply no stopping them.

“I mean, what can we do? We deplore violence as much as anyone else, but the situation is beyond our control.”

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The imminence of Stage Three in the UK was made obvious today by two separate news stories. The first concerns the notorious exile Sheikh Omar Bakri, who is warning Britons to moderate their behavior or face the consequences:

‘Wake Up Before it’s Too Late’: Hate Preacher Omar Bakri Warns of Another 7/7 Terror Attack

Britons should ‘wake up before it is too late’ or suffer another 7/7 terror attack, hate cleric Omar Bakri has warned.

In a sinister rant, the warped preacher threatened that ordinary Muslims living here would rise up and retaliate for the ‘evil’ acts of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bakri, banned from Britain four years ago, broadcast his twisted threats from his Lebanon bolthole over a speakerphone to a bizarre press conference in London arranged by his UK lieutenants to justify their vile protest in Luton last week against soldiers returning home from Iraq.

Defending the Muslim fanatics who held sick banners insulting the families of dead soldiers, Bakri, 50, taunted: ‘Why are you so fussy and upset to hear that those who return from Iraq as “heroes” are really murderers and killers? The moment you start arresting us because we are Muslim you are digging a big hole.

‘You want to declare war against us? We will declare Islam against you. It is time for you to wake up before it is too late. If you put pressure on Muslims and push them underground, people will come and rise and retaliate against you. The 7/7 bombers were just ordinary Muslims in the community. It shows how your evil policies have pushed them.’

On a similar note, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari adds a quantitative precision to the threat: if Britons continue to mistreat the good, loyal, harmless, and peaceful Muslim subjects of the Queen, they will inevitably create two million Islamic terrorists.

According to The Daily Mail:
- - - - - - - - -
UK: Threat of Up to Two Million Muslim Terrorists, Warns Community Leader

Britain will face have to deal with up to two million Islamic terrorists unless there is an end to ‘demonising’ of Muslims, the leader of the most influential Muslim organisation has said.

Treating all Muslims as if they were terrorists will encourage large numbers to become terrorists, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said.

The warning from the chief of the Muslim Council of Britain — the grouping that Tony Blair’s Government has considered the leading voice for Muslims — came amid rising tensions over the increasingly suspicious attitude to Muslims in the rest of society.

Dr Bari declared: “Some police officers and sections of the media are demonising Muslims, treating them as if they are all terrorists, and that encourages other people to do the same.

“If that demonisation continues, then Britain will have to deal with two million Muslim terrorists, 700,000 of them in London. “If you attack a whole community, it becomes despondent and aggressive,” he added.

The message from Dr Bari appeared to be aimed at muting criticism from police officers and broadcasters and newspapers who have questioned widely-held Muslim attitudes and at police officers who have called for greater surveillance of Muslims.

You can’t get more overt than that. Muslims are to be exempt from criticism — or else.

And, as usual, their numbers are being inflated:

It appeared to contain a measure of exaggeration — according to the last national census, there are fewer than 1.6 million Muslims in the country.

But by suggesting that a majority of British Muslims may be prepared to support or engage in terrorism the Muslim Council chief may undermine figures who have tried to ward off attacks on Muslims.

No kidding. Wouldn’t you think he’d wait until he had a couple of million more bovver-boys before he made his threats? But, no, Muslims can’t help themselves: they have to jump the gun.

The overall strategy is to eliminate the special scrutiny of Muslims by the police and security services:

In recent weeks a number of senior police officers have called for ‘profiling’ measures that would pick out Muslims for greater attention in security checks.

The UK is being called to imitate the USA: over here it is actually against the law to treat Muslims differently from anyone else. A TSA officer who searches more Muslims than would be warranted by their proportion in the population may face disciplinary measures or lose his job.

That’s what Dr. Bari is hoping to achieve.

The British public, of course, remain sensibly immune to the strictures of political correctness:

At the same time a series of highly-publicised surveys have shown that a high proportion of people are reluctant to sit next to a Muslim on public transport or would feel unhappy to have a Muslim neighbour.

And there’s at least one Muslim spokesman who takes a more sensible attitude:

Another prominent Islamic figure also said that extremists had been falsely represented as typical of Muslims.

But Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui of the Muslim Parliament said the responsibility lay on Muslim communities to expose and end the threat.

Dr Siddiqui said: “Muslim failure to act robustly against extremist ideology provides ammunition to those who wish to pursue the Neo-con agenda by demonising Muslims and creating an atmosphere of fear and hatred within society.”

He added: “It is up to moderate Muslims to reclaim Islam and for a new generation of young Muslim activists and leaders to emerge who love both their country and their religion.”

Britain is already paying the jizyah — millions and millions of pounds of welfare payments to Muslims with their multiple wives and droves of children. But now we are hearing demands for more complete dhimmi-like behavior on the part of Britons. Muslim leaders are insisting that it’s time for the British people to learn to respect and obey their natural masters.

This time next year there will be, what — 100,000? 200,000? — more Muslims in the UK than there are now. Not only that, there will be 50,000 fewer “persons of British background”, because intelligent, well-educated, and skilled Britons are leaving the country in droves.

Stage Three is coming soon.

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El said...

according to an article in the times a few weeks ago, the muslim population is in fact up to 2.4 million according to the most recent best estimates. it is growing at ten times the rate of the population as a whole. the 1.6 million figure is eight years out of date.

what's stage four?

Baron Bodissey said...

Stage Four is full sharia.

But Stage Three goes on for a long time, until the Muslims exceed 50%. Internecine warfare, beheadings, massacres, ethnic cleansing -- the works. Stage Three is perfect hell.

Then comes the heaven of the Caliphate.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell the only advantage that British soldiers gain by fighting in Afghanistan is in familiarising themselves with the insurgent tactics of the mujhadeen, the better to defeat their brothers should "British"-born talibs attempt to seize Britain and place it under Islamic rule.

As a child I remember going to England on holidays. When passing through Shrewsbury, a regiment town where a few years earlier the IRA had bombed a military museum, my father forbade me to speak openly lest anyone hear my Irish accent.

For all the taqiyya that the Muslims employ they lack this basic caution and sensitivity. Even in taqiyya (deception) mode the Muslims are aggressive and arrogant in manner. Everything they do and say invites conflict.

Ursus Maritimus said...

No, long before 50%. 15-20%.

First as the communists showed, a well disciplined minority can take control long before they become a majority. The rule of thumb was that as soon as the communists reach 30% in any organization, they will take control of it.

Secondly, a lot of the non-muslims, our leftwing friends, will vote for sharia with various rationalization.

But all these political projections will become irrelevant when the sharia enclaves expand through razzia: Neighbouring areas will get the choice of "Conversion, Dhimmis or Death."

Zenster said...

islam o' phobe: Everything they do and say invites conflict.

Thank goodness for that. If not, we might even demobilize the bulldozers needed to plow over their enclaves. Instead, they give all sane people constant cause to rise up and fight against their barbaric savagry.

Soon enough will come a time when the conflict that they invite so readily comes as a gruesome surprise to anyone not versed in the wicked arts of Total War.

Free Hal said...

El Ingles said:

"according to an article in the times a few weeks ago, the muslim population is in fact up to 2.4 million according to the most recent best estimates. it is growing at ten times the rate of the population as a whole. the 1.6 million figure is eight years out of date."

Unfortunately, I think even your more generous calculation ("Behind the Crystal Ball") of the size of the British Islamic population is an under-estimate.

Please see an essay where I try to narrow down a realistic base number and, crucially, the historic and current growth trend: Euro/Islam rupture -- the numbers . Also Euro/Islam rupture – why the numbers matter .

Should this trend 50-60 year old trend continue in a straight line, as they seldom do, then the results are shocking.

However, unlike you, I don't think ethnic conflict is imminent. I give it 20-25 years, and even then I think the horrible nasty ethnic conflict (still too mild a term) will follow on from the immediate economic cause.

I think hardly anyone, even on conservative or anti-Jihad blogs, appreciates how appalling that ethnic violence is likely to be. Although I think that the distress you expressed in your essay "Pick a Tribe, Any Tribe" implies to me that the awfulness of the reality is hitting you.

Best wishes,


Holger said...

I wonder when the first militant resistance actions from the natives will begin...

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

We kufr have one advantage. They think of us as an extremely weak clan and does not expect any resistance. So when we finally rise up, they will be taken completely by surprise and won't have a clue what it was that hit them.