Monday, March 16, 2009

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[No more hope and change in this post]


Homophobic Horse said...

This comparison is not appropriate. If could bare any comparison in international politics it's more like Chamberlain. In American dosmestic politics he is an even more tasteless version of Kim Jong Il.

Dymphna said...


It's strictly for fun!

Bush-bashing is over, time for Obama the Odious to take his place in line.

ODO is here. I plan to enjoy it and to heck with being accurate or apropos.

Anonymous said...

There is something interesting to note about these three men: the last names we know them by vs. their real last names. Hitler's father changed his last name from Schicklgruber to Hitler a bit before Adolf himself was born. Stalin was born with the last name Djugashvili, and it was later in life that he adopted the name we all know him by today, which means "man of steel" (from the Russian word сталь (stal), which literally means "steel"). And with Obama, wasn't he listed as having the last name Soetoro during his childhood in Indonesia?

I just think this is an interesting connection. Obviously, this observation alone does not make Obama evil. But I think Homophobic Horse is being naive by comparing Obama to Chamberlain. Chamberlain was an idiot, in my opinion, but because of his idealism, not because of evil intentions. Obama is not some naive idealist. I believe his intentions are much worse--see my blog entry "Why I Dislike Obama".

Dymphna said...


I dislike him for the reasons you iterate in your post which could be summed up as his contempt...and it's a very cool contempt at that. Which makes it creepier.

There is so much about him that is a blank page: no law review records, no college grades, no travel records (i.e,. passports), no college friends, no thesis papers, no nuthin'...

...until he shows up in Chicago, anyway. I mean the second time, after law school. Do we know who funded law school? I'll bet not.

What web of associations we can manage to untangle lead to unpleasant people like terrorist Bill Ayers and that racist pastor of his. Ayers is staying out of sight now and the pastor has long been run over.

I wondered why Obama didn't bother to go to his grandmother's funeral. Why we never see his sister Mai, but hear lots about his Kenyan relatives.

Obama has too many shadowy corners for a man who ran for president. Everyone else has to have the spotlights under the bed and in the closets, but not Obama. Obama doesn't even have closets, so don't go there. Nothing to see.

This is going to be a strange interlude in American presidential history...

Henrik R Clausen said...

There's another creepy aspect to this, namely that in all three cases many millions have projected their hopes for a better life on these persons, assuming that One Person to Fix It All is a relevant cure for ills of society.

The first two failed miserably. For obvious reasons the jury is still out for Obama, and will be for a while. But I see no way, whatsoever, that he has a reasonable chance to live up to the huge expectations.

We do not need to project our hopes on a Great Leader. We need to take responsibilty back, and to take democracy back. 'Democracy' means 'Rule by the people', not 'The Right to Choose Your Dictator'.

X said...

It's an unfortunate but common tendency in mankind to project all our hopes onto a public figure, either a known figure or an unknown but hoped for new napolean, ocromwell. And, as with love, so too hate; witness George Bush and Margaret Thatcher.

It's a callback to the days when one man had that power. We still crave our kings.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Thatcher did great.

Unfortuntely, she was eventually outmanouvered by the Empire-building bureaucrats of the European Union and their British allies.

X said...

She was suckered into it, certainly. Whether she walked into it entirely with her eyes closed is something we'll never really know, but I expect she was exercising a little pragmatism, or what she thought was pragmatism, in the hopes that she could extract concessions from the paymaster later. Like many of our politicians she then discovered that the EU never gives back what it takes; she's been an uncompromising critic of the EU ever since, where previously she was willing to compromise a little with the (unfulfilled) expectation of compromise in return.

I do wonder what would have happened if she'd been able to properly reform the welfare system. It was the one thing she refused to touch but it's the anchor that always drags us back to socialist policies. Without a comprehensive welfare system creating a built-in bias toward labour we'd probably still have a conservative government. We might even have dropped out of the EU by now. Maybe. Then again, given the man who manoeuvred her into joining ERM was none other than john major, who also lied to our faces about maastricht and the shape of the EU when he was PM, perhaps not.

She was hated without reason as some sort of dictator by the left. The mentality that invests everything in a strong leader will seek out and transform an opponent into another "strong leader" in order to vilify them.

Anonymous said...

So there's a documentary on Netflix titled "In the Face of Evil:Reagan's War in Word and Deed" which highlights the socio-political scene which created the atmosphere for men like these to arise.

Why didn't people see it then? The movie attributes it to the same thing as Atlas Shrugged - people ignoring it and hoping it would just blow over.

Stalin is a perfect comparison. He did it all for the "good" of the country and he didn't violate one of the three components of socialism - laborers a country's
greatest resource. I think we'll see Obama's true colors when we face a serious conflict.

laine said...

I think this including Obama in this troika of benighted thought is much more appropriate to his world view than Mount Rushmore would be.

. said...

Once again, Dymphna, you have entered the parallel universe of Obama-hatred whose irrationality seems to know no bounds and continues to grow by the day.

The consequences for our world emanating from your irrational Obama-phobia could darken our world for many a decade.

Homophobic Horse said...
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Homophobic Horse said...

"The consequences for our world emanating from your irrational Obama-phobia could darken our world for many a decade."

You're right, the consequences of the paradigm represented by Obama are going to darken our world for many a decade.

"Man Made disasters" - The Obama administration's latest policy turd

"Gordon", you couldn't be more embarrassing if you "fouled" yourself in public.

Joanne said...

All three fit the profile perfectly of a psychopathic narcissist, so the comparison is perfect.

Check out links at bottom of article

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll watch the movie "The Lives of Others". It isn't fear of a man, it's knowledge of where ideology takes that man in the context of over 10,000 years of recorded history.

Kiddo said...

Gordon, never fear. I consider photoshops to be reciprocal, so I couldn't drag myself away from photoshop until I had put Baron's mug in place of Obama's.

And Dymphna, it really is "Strictly for fun"!! LOL....watching the slide into Obama Derangement Syndrome is pretty amusing.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I see Obama as more of a megalomaniac than a narcissist.

And by the way, The Lives of Others is a great film. I'd highly recommend it.

. said...

Natalie, I agree, The Lives of Others is a truly great film.

And Jennifer, while it is a great movie, your attempt to link Barack Obama's presidency with the failed East German police state is truly pathetic Obama Derangement Syndrome at its worst.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said before, Obama is only the tip of the iceberg. I don't think he is the one to worry about, it's the foundation that provides his support. Obama is a Marxist and not a Facist, so I don't think he's like Hitler, but at the core of each ideology is the premise that man is the greatest resource.

Whether that be for the use of military might and nationalism or for the personal goals of collectivism.

The Lives is not only an example of Germany, it is an example of any paranoid government who has failed to serve the people and instead have required that it's people serve it. And the people let it happen! One freedom at a time...

I'd be interested in hearing what you think Obama's vision is and where he, and those who advise him, want to take this country.