Thursday, March 12, 2009


Islamic Saudi Academy Fairfax has a big problem, but one that you residents can do something to address.

The Saudi Academy is trying to expand its propaganda operations in Fairfax.

However, if you show up for the meeting on March 18th to object to this plan, your presence can make a difference. The meeting will be held at 8:15 p.m at the Government Center.

If there is one thing Fairfax doesn’t need, it’s a larger version of Jihad High School. The one that is already there has caused enough trouble.

Here is the leaflet distributed in Fairfax:

I’ll cherry pick some gems out of this flyer for you:
- - - - - - - - -
  • Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, an ISA Valedictorian, is serving a 30 year prison sentence for providing material support to Al-Qaeda, and plotting to assassinate President Bush. Just one outstanding example of student leadership. Translation: This is the Wahhabi version of student leadership, offered in place of college scholarships.

  • Numerous ISA alumni have been arrested and jailed for attempting to travel to Israel using falsified passports to conduct homicide bombings. No doubt this is the jihadi version of a student exchange program. Not all of the students return. Or rather, not all of them return intact. No doubt there is some grisly "ceremony" for the killers and their body parts.

  • Abdalla I. Al-Shabnan, the top official at ISA, was arrested by Fairfax police in June, 2008 for obstruction of justice and failing to report a case of child sexual abuse involving a five year old girl at the Richmond Highway campus in Alexandria. And that’s just the one they caught. Child sexual abuse is an old Saudi tradition, all genders available.

If you’re in Fairfax, get involved. As they say in the leaflet, just show up with a sign.

The person who sent us this flyer also gave us some sad news:

George Mason University has accepted $1.5 billion from the International Institute for Islamic Thought to “endow a chair”. That’s academese for bribing the college to spread Wahhabi propaganda. George Mason!

I sure hope Walter Williams chimes in on this desecration of his school.