Friday, March 27, 2009

Trailer for the Pro-Köln Movie

I mentioned last week that the Pro-Köln movement was preparing an anti-Islamization film deliberately modeled on Geert Wilders’ Fitna.

Now the Pro-movement has distributed a trailer for the movie, which will be released next week. Here’s a report from the Pro-Köln website, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Trailer for the Anti-Islamization Film

On Tuesday, March 31, the Anti-Islamization film by the Pro-movement will be presented to the public at a press conference. About a dozen television stations, radio stations and printed media have already been notified. The interest in Germany and in neighboring countries, notably in the Netherlands, is high. For this reason Pro-Köln published a first section of the total 13 minute long film, which is known in the Turkish media as the “German Fitna-Film”.

Here is the [German-language] trailer for the “German Fitna-Film” by the Pro-movement on the dangers of the Islamization:

Download links:
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I’m hoping to get a translation of the voice-over and a subtitled version of this video. Stay tuned.


Piggy Infidel said...

Translation of voice over ....

Islamic countries are without exception ruled, to a lesser or greater extent, by totalitarian regimes which simply walk all over human rights.

In Sudan a jihad-inspired war of annihilation has been waged for years against the Animist and Christian people of the south. 2 million innocent people murdered, approx 5 million refugees.

The Christians of Iraq are experiencing a wave of terror and unimaginable brutality, fleeing in their tens of thousands. Yet in the neighbouring Islamic lands, as "non-believers" they are similarly persecuted and humiliated.

Ther last Christians in Turkey are also persecuted. Originally they comprised (taken together with other "non-believers") a majority, these days their total has fallen below one percent, resulting in massacre, persecution and forced islamisation.

Today we find the symbols of Islamic power erected in all former Christian villages. But this isn't enough to meet the demands for submission from this political-religion. The lastest target - the cities of western Europe, among them Cologne

Baron Bodissey said...

Piggy Infidel --

Thank you! That was just what I needed.

I'll pass it on to the subtitler.

Unknown said...

Long live freedom!!!!

costin said...

Baron, the Deutscher Fitna was released yesterday. But without the english subtitles for now.

"Deutscher Fitna" von Pro Köln Teil 1/2

"Deutscher Fitna" von Pro Köln Teil 2/2