Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Common Sense in the Face of Mass Insanity

As everyone knows by now, I am a Danophile. I rant and rave at length about what a great place Denmark is and how the Danes are different from all the craven dhimmis in the rest of the West. I know you’re all sick of hearing about it.

But I mustn’t neglect the Italians. The Italians are very much like the Danes, except that they have wine, better weather, and more hand gestures.

Take, for example, this news story from Al-Reuters:

Italy Wants 30 Percent Cap on Immigrants in Class

ROME (Reuters) — Italy’s center-right government wants to introduce a 30 percent cap on the number of foreigners per school class in the belief that it will help immigrant children integrate with Italians, a minister said on Tuesday.

“We are thinking of a 30 percent quota,” Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini told local television.

“There have been many cases of classes almost entirely made up by immigrant students and obviously such conditions are not ideal for proper integration.”

Immigrant children would learn more Italian if they mixed with more local students, the minister said.
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Quotas are the latest in a string of initiatives aimed at regulating immigrants, including tougher laws against illegal immigrants, which have boosted Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in opinion polls but also provoked accusations of racism.

Gelmini has been one of his most controversial ministers, provoking school and university protests with reforms aimed at cutting teaching staff and increasing discipline.

This is encouraging. It’s no more than common sense, but the fact that the story can draw so much attention is a sign of how far we have fallen from ordinary common sense.

The West has descended into a sort of collective insanity, and the Italians and the Danes can help show us the way out of it.

Hat tip: KGS.


Unknown said...

Perhaps this could be a good thing, but just wait for the left to start spreading its vitriol. In Slovenia we tried doing something sensible for our Gipsies, because they were making absolutely no progress in school, especially in Novo mesto, the town I come from. So the govt recomemded special group learning just for them. But of course the human-rights watchdogs screamed bloody murder and accused the govt (which was at that time lead by a centre-right coalition) of segregationism, racism, even apertheid and, wait for it, compared the Gipsies to the Jews. The govt modified its strategy a bit but effectively did what it said it would do and there has been some progress. However, the left never stopped accusing them of racism. I expect the same will happen in Italy and of course, wait for good news from Brussels. THey will definitely want to have their say.

Theoden said...

This is not a good proposal at all. This will force Italians to put their children in schools with a high percentage of immigrants (even if it won't be above 30%). Those who can afford to will not accept this and move their children to private schools. People may even choose to emigrate rather than have their children's education ruined (as well as their personal safety).

Segregation is what keeps the system still barely working. Forced integration will break it completely.

We should welcome segregation. The alternative is mixing with African and Middle Eastern cultures - That would mean the death of Western culture (even more so than what has already happened).

spackle said...

At least its a start. A halt on immigration would be too much to hope for. Until people start treating being called a "racist" with that of being called a "doo-doo head", nothing will change. It appears however that some in Denmark and Italy are at peace with being doo-doo heads.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Theoden.

Wilders proposed something like the italians: A 50% cap on immigrants in each neighbourhood.

It pretty much has the same problem: it means that you have to fill up neighbourhoods that are now predominantly western.

I know i wouldnt like it! Its the reason that im living where im living in the first place.

The same goes for the school my kids go to. Its a Montesorri-school which is a system unknown or unpopular with immigrants. These schools are absolutely fine and the selectivenes, lifts the multicultural pressure on my kids behaviour, the schools budget, curriculum, levels of education, etc.!

At the moment the % of immigrants (ethnic dutch) is about 15% to 20% and the strain is beginning to show. Putting it up to 30% would make it go downhill from there.

Nevertheless, in some, left wing and highly PC cities however, there are allready plans of putting a system into place that would force the dutch to put there kids in predominantly immigrant schools.

So in a bizarre way, one might even argue that with this proposal, the italians are following the left wing agenda of forced (upon the indiginous people) multiculturalism. Even the argument that immigrants learn italian quicker and better that way, is frequently put forward by our (leftish) PC-elite.

Czechmade said...

"the craven dhimmis in the rest of the West".


You increase your suffering by sticking to the temporary border configuration from 1948-1989.

Tuan Jim said...

Maybe it's just me, but the way I read it, it sounds more like the immigrants are going to be the ones getting "bussed" to different schools - to spread the numbers - rather than forcing anything on the native population. It doesn't say that every class has to have 30% immigrants, it just says that no class will have MORE than 30%.

PatriotUSA said...

How refreshing this would be here in the USA, to limit immigration members to a mere 30% of what it is currently in a classroom. Would like to see it go even farther and stop certain groups from immigrating all togethr but that will not happen under our current socialistacrat President Obuma. As I am new here I need to gradually work my way in. Let's just say I DID NOT VOTE for OBUMA! I do not CLAIM HIM AS MY PRESIDENT. I am also not a fan of Cair, Msa, and especially the Muslim Brotherhood. I will stop for now.

Baron Bodissey said...

Theoden & erdebe --

Yes, I take your point, but I don't agree. Allowing schools to become majority Muslim forces them to become fully Islamized, as the example of the headmistress in the Dorset schools showed. 80% Muslim, but the other 20% forced to have an Islamic religious education. It's very insidious and deadly.

The end result is to have sharia enclaves no longer governed by the laws of the rest of country. And partition is just the beginning --Bosnia is the model for the future. Wherever Muslims are even a modest fraction they will agitate for more, encroach further, and cause the civilized folk to retreat even more.

By forcing their concentration to remain under a ceiling, the host culture has at least a CHANCE of regrouping and rolling the process back.

Until modest methods like this become acceptable, the radical and truly necessary steps must remain entirely unthinkable.

Baby steps first.

Baron Bodissey said...

Correction: not Dorset, Surrey.

parisclaims said...

It's a start. They might like to move the decimal point leftwards a couple of places.

Unknown said...

Gosh - where are they going to get so many Italians? Are there still enough of them if there are supposed to be 'only' thirty percent muslems per class?

Anyway - in the Netherlands for years now the authorities have been trying to spread white kids over the black schools and vice versa, and it doesn't work..nobody wants it - not even they themselves

Maybe it would have worked, once - if the multiculturally besotted planners and plotters had at least acknowledged the possibility that immigration of muslems on such a scale might raise problems..they might even have sounded their people first, who knows?

But of course it was racist to even discuss the matter back in the seventies, so nobody spoke up: everything was hunky dory. Immigration would enrich our culture immensely - as far as we had any, that is - and that was that. The 'folks in the old quarters' who were the first to reap the rewards of the unasked-for bounty were simply narrow uneducated bigots and ignorant racists, so the powers that be looked the outher way and whistled a tune, until falsifying the statistics was not an option any longer - and now of course it is too late

But wait a minute - I seem to remember that busing in the US was no succes either..Could it be that these things are not for politicians to remedy?

Unknown said...

What is it exactly that you all fear so much about becoming multicultural? Have none of you ever traveled outside of your own countries at all to see what else the world has to offer? it's actually not all that scary out there.

Also, I noticed that the article said "foreign" and not "muslim". That would include people from South America, North America, Asia, and even other European countries, would it not?

Now I get that everyone is in a panic about Islam at the moment, given how it's presented in the news, but for those who are really freaking out, how much research have any of you done? Have you actually talked to any muslims to see what they think? Have you drawn your own conclusions through experience rather than what you've read in the newspapers? Is it possible that they might have something to offer, and you might have something to learn even if you don't agree with their religious dogma?

X said...

JMF, I am quite ill at the moment so I'm afraid I won't be my usual affable self in answering you.

You dare assume that the visitors of this site have never been "out there"? I've been "out there". I've probably been further than you have, in fact. I've seen parts of the world that most "well travelled" people never got anywhere near on their stupid little packaged adventure and experience holidays, their "dangerous" and "rebellious" trips to god knows where, that make them feel so superior to the working class inferiors they look down on their entire lives and berate for not wanting to "experience other cultures". I've spent time amongst people who you would probably not even want to acknowledge exist, let alone interact with.

Frankly sir, you know nothing about other cultures. If you did, you would realise that cultures cannot live together without boundaries - that is, the knowledge that one culture is here, and another there; that one culture does things this way, and another that way. Attempting to mix them produces conflict as different cultures attempt to act in their own way. This "multiculture" you seem so enamoured with is a recipe for increased conflict as disparate cultures are forced together and their own cultural imperatives clash. I'm sure you would say "why can't we all get along?"

Simple really. We can. That's why borders and cultural assimilation were invented. When cultures mix, one has to become dominant. When you have two imperatives, one of which says that you must drive on the left, and other that says you must drive on the right, you cannot have both operating at the same time. One must become the dominant cultural imperative and the other must be rejected entirely; or, you must have zones where one imperative is dominant. These zones would have to be clearly marked so you know which side to drive on, and the enforcement of those zones must be strict enough to prevent people from driving on the wrong side. We call these zones "nations".

I don't go driving on the left in France because it's my "culture" to drive on the left - and yes, that is a cultural phenomenon, whether you want to admit it or not. Neither do the French drive on the right when they're here. Nor do I assume that France should do things my way when it comes to the preparation of food, and vice cersa. Er have our culture. If others want to live here they should accept that and be content with it. Where their own culture has no obviouc conflict with ours then it will be fone, but where their culture conflicts with ours then it must be subservient. Why? IUs our way better? The cultural relativist would say both are equally good, but that is nieither here nor there. Our culture is our culture. If they want to express those elements of their culture that are in direct conflict with ours then they should do so in a nation that is compatible with those elements of their culture. They should not demand that we sacrifice our culture to accommodate their culture merely because they want it to be so.

In conclusion, bite me.