Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inshallah, in Thirty Years We’ll Have a Muslim Prime Minister

Hat tip: Dazed and Confused.

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Zenster said...

Inshallah, in Thirty Years We’ll Have a Muslim Prime Minister

As is so often the case with absolutist and totalitarian ideologies, they are usually their own worst enemies.

The towering arrogance and brazen hubris exhibited by British Muslims clearly manages to steadfastly ignore how this sort of blatant antagonism will lead to a world, some three decades hence, where there may not be many Muslims left, much less ones to serve as European Prime Ministers.

Remember, Islam will countenance billions of deaths, be they Infidel or Muslim, and it is far less discriminate than most Muslims think. If the only way of seeking global ascendancy is by risking a Muslim holocaust, Islam will take that chance without a backward glance.

I can also assure you that this world will not take three decades to arrive at the tipping point of deciding whether it is more trouble to live with Muslims than it is to live without them.


So who exactly does this foreign parasite represent?certainly not the indigenous people of England and his agenda is crystal clear that there is no place for us in our country,we have no alternative but to vote BNP.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...

I agree with Zenster - I think things like this wake more people up to reality than they harness Muslims.

Clearly the 'at this rate they'll all [the MPs] be Muslim' is supposed to be a joke, but knowing what I do about history I don't find it so funny myself.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Most Muslim MPs represent heavily Muslim constituencies. The only other choice is generally a white Muslim -apologist, for example George Galloway.

A party would only stand a Hindu or Sikh candidate in a Muslim constituency if it wanted to lose.

I suppose 'racism' just works for some people.

Unknown said...

Right, right, it's not his aim to have a lot of Islamic MPs in Britain. No, no. He'd just really like to see that come about, and will do everything he possibly can to support any Muslims trying to get themselves elected. And is he asking if his deity "wills it" that a Muslim becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain? Or is he saying that he believes his deity wants that to happen, and that this deity of his will take a hand in the affairs of man in order to make it so?

And when he talks about Islamic MPs, is he thinking of women? Is he really standing there in front of a crowd of Muslims telling them that pretty soon, he believes that a woman will be in a position of political power over them? Maybe he is, but you know ... somehow I don't think that's the case at all.

The Frozen North

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

One thing all these loonies has in common is the delusion of grandeur. Seeing this there is no doubt what-so-ever that no muslim should be an MP in any western parliament. I consider these people as fifth columnists. As soon as they're in power they will overthrow the government just so that they can implement their caliphate, whether we like it or not. They truly are trjan horses. They shouldn't have been allowed into our countries in the first place. I suspect it will be a bloody deal to get rid of them. But rather them than us.

Matt, Cornwall said...

'Inshallah' in thirty years we'll have kicked these Muslims out.

Czechmade said...

A tougher policy against muslims will also give voice to those who deeply disagree and do not have enough backing for their stances from the upper political class.

You may be nicely surprized to hear about those people. Some will be also opportunists who will sense the end of the officail muslim agenda. Nevertheless prepare for nicer surprizes.

When those polit class fervent collaborators loose a bit, you may get a very different picture.

For our totalitarian boys it might have a devastating effect. They planned a smooth progress and easy victory shouts.

thll said...

It's curious that this clip has only just hit. I wonder who's been sitting on if for these few months?

Homophobic Horse said...

Bosnian Croats fear Islamized Bosnia, and demand their own state

Can you believe the irony of that? Isn't the ethnic partition of Bosnia something the Western powers took every measure imaginable to prevent? Where are the c**ts who demanded a "multiethnic" Bosnia now? Where are the degenerates who promulgated the fiction of a tolerant multicultural Islam?

laine said...

Whom does this gentleman represent? Why the Muslims who elected him AND the Muslim umma, i.e. the worldwide Muslim community. If he wants Muslim parliamentarians to dominate in Britain, then all his stances that are "western" are in fact TAKIYA, since he well knows that the vast majority of mainstream Muslims would never accept a secular state wherever they dominate nor any of the other things on that list of what he's supported to date.

What is a moderate Muslim? One who's committing takiya.

To be truly moderate by the western understanding of the word, a Muslim has to be EX- Muslim, or an apostate by their definition.