Friday, March 20, 2009

Rosengård is Burning

Flames are rising over Malmö again.

For five successive nights “youths” in the overwhelmingly Muslim neighborhood of Rosengård have been throwing rocks and bottles, setting fire to cars and dumpsters, and attacking the fire brigade when it responds.

Here’s a video from Sydsvenskan that was taken last night in Rosengård:

This is the translation of the voice-over:

After several days of fires in Rosengård, the unrest continued on the night before Friday. Now five days have passed since the first case of arson, and the motivation for the fires is unclear. Some youngsters were walking around at night in the quarter. Some throwing of stones and bottles against the police has taken place, and the police have put out several fires in dumpsters. At midnight, a few minutes after police had left the area, a larger fire was set in a dumpster, the fire spreading to a dumpster depot. It took half an hour before firemen could enter to put out the fire, as riot police first had to secure the area.

And here’s what The Local had to say about the past few nights:

New Rosengård fires ‘revenge’: police

Police in Malmö claim a recent wave of deliberately set fires in the city’s heavily-immigrant Rosengård neighbourhood constitutes an act of retaliation for recent arrests.

Almost every night this week, emergency services in Malmö have had to contend with young people throwing rocks, bottles, and eggs as crews ventured into Rosengård to put out fires set around the neighbourhood.

Late Thursday night into Friday, several dumpsters and a communal recycling station were set ablaze. Around 40 police officers were called in before firefighters could begin putting out the fire.

There were no injuries, although two young people were detained for refusing to move when instructed.
- - - - - - - - -

Prior to Thursday night’s fires, people have set fire to cars, as well as rubbish bins in stairwells and basements, only to launch attacks on firefighters when they arrive to extinguish the flames.

In addition to firefighters, park and road workers and other contractors have also had rocks thrown at them.

Aronsson attributes the violence in part to the crowded living conditions in the area as well as the social exclusion that results.

“Rosengård is built for 5,400 people. But between 8,000 and 9,000 people live here. Children and young people don’t stay at home but instead are out late into the evenings and sometimes well into the middle of the night,” he said.

In the most troubled section of the area, Herrgården, adult employment [sic; must mean “unemployment” — BB] stands at 86 percent, leaving most of the residents dependent on social welfare payments.

The last sentence of this news story is what stands out for me: most of these miscreants are on the dole.

They gladly take money from the filthy infidel Swedish state, and then trash their neighborhoods, attack the authorities, and make the district ungovernable.

It’s like clear-cutting a forest in preparation for planting the seedlings of sharia.



eatyourbeans said...

The last sentence you mention put this thought into my head. Do Europeans put up with these people for the same reason indulgent owners indulge yippy lap dogs? The pleasure that comes from spoiling someone or something?

X said...

Let them burn. Next time they do this, set up a firebreak around the area and Let. It. Burn.

u.l. said...

'...most of these miscreants are on the dole.'
One could also say they are on the jihza, they think it is the infidels duty to support them. The riots are just a reminder of what will happen on a larger scale lest the infidels think of stopping the payments.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Personally I think we should just dig firewalls around Rosengård and just let it burn, houses aside with the muslims. Those muslims who tries to get out should be met with rapid fire from circling helicopters. The whole problem could be solved in a day or two. I'm sick and tired of these people. They spit in our faces daily. So fook them!!!

christian soldier said...

Noticed the Swedish police have clubs in their right hand-do they have guns too? Are the police 'allowed' to shoot arsonists?

laine said...

Under the guise of importing "workers" Swedish politicians and bureaucrats cast about the world and decided to expedite entry of an overwhelmingly large group from a culture with a poor work ethic, disrespect for education and a colonist belief system that makes it unassimilable.

Predictably these most unsuitable immigrants are idle, both young and old, and equally predictably, those idle hands are engaged in criminality and destruction.

Every Swedish politician should be thrown out at the next elections in disgrace and the bureaucracy purged of the people who engineered this fiasco. They actually deserve to be strung up for their traitorous and criminally stupid actions, taking an advanced peaceable kingdom and subjecting it to anarachists following a benighted Dark Ages Cult.

Henrik R Clausen said...

In Denmark, we are enacting laws that would enable their payouts to be (partially) suspended if they do stuff like this.

X said...

I wonder how long that will last before it's challenged under the Danish implementation of the human rights directive.

Czechmade said...

"It’s like clear-cutting a forest in preparation for planting the seedlings of sharia."

Perfect definition.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Graham, probably not long. Human Rights Conventions are systematically being misused to protect various criminals or terrorist wanna-be's. This misuse is destroying the very confidence in human rights, which is a shame, for human rights is a beautiful expression of our Christian culture and tradition. If they continue to discredit the concept, people will eventually rebel under the 'Human Rights Regime' and abandon the concept.

To protect civilization, we need to keep the barbarians at bay.

Call Me Mom said...

I know that my logic would tell me that allowing "youths" to start fires and then assault the firefighters is counterproductive to extending my life expectancy, but then I had to catch myself. That's just assigning my thinking to people who,obviously, do not share my worldview. I suppose the death of the entire population of the neighborhood in a fiery inferno that was ignored by the proper authorities would further the cause of Islam on the world stage, so it's a win-win for them. Just like Palestine.

They love death, we love life. Co-existence is not possible unless they can be contained in their own communities or restricted to numbers below a certain percentage in ours.