Monday, March 23, 2009

The Islamic Bullies of Fairfax

Last Wednesday night there was a hearing before the Fairfax (Virginia) Planning Commission about a proposed new Fairfax campus for the Islamic Saudi Academy.

We have written previously about the Alexandria campus of the same institution. The school is feeling the heat, and will not be able to renew its lease on the existing campus. They need a new site, and they need to expand, so the Popes Head Road property in Fairfax is just what the imam doctor ordered.

Here’s some footage taken before the meeting began. You can see the crowd, and then the ostentatious prayers — all those faithful posteriors in the air in front of the big glass windows in the municipal building. Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR (an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial) appears near the end of this video:

Daniel Pipes has this report, which draws on Jeffrey Imm to provide an account of what happened that night:
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Saudi Strong-Arm Tactics in Virginia

Jeffrey Imm (a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Federal government, with work for the FBI, DHS, and TSA) provides first-hand testimony at “Virginia: Bullying Mob Packs Govt Meeting in Support of Islamic Supremacist Institution“ of what took place yesterday at a Fairfax County Planning Commission meeting. The topic was a possible exemption of the Islamic Saudi Academy from a zoning regulation so it could build an expansion of the school. According to Imm’s estimate, 600 supporters of the ISA turned up wearing printed badges reading “I Support ISA” with the ISA logo and the Saudi Arabian emblem.

At the government public meeting, the Fairfax County government board auditorium was packed by Islamic Saudi Academy supporters beyond capacity with dozens standing in the aisles and corridors, as it sought to show its clout to Northern Virginia’s Fairfax government. It was an event that most Fairfax residents were unaware of, but the Saudi Arabian-backed institution’s supporters were well organized to demonstrate their power in Virginia. …

As Islamic Saudi Academy’s attorney Lynn Strobel presented their case to the Fairfax County Planning Commission, she emphasized the public support of her clients seeking the expansion of this Islamic supremacist, Wahhabist-based institution. In a dramatic move to demonstrate their power, Lynn Strobel turned to audience and asked the supporters of the Islamic Saudi Academy to rise. In the auditorium packed with individuals wearing printed badges “I Support ISA,” virtually EVERY person stood up.

It gets worse:

The bullying mob of Islamic Saudi Academy supporters was frequently allowed to disrupt the tiny number willing to speak against the Islamic Saudi Academy’s planned expansion in Fairfax County. Several speakers challenging this expansion were loudly booed and laughed at. … During one of the few breaks in the heated meeting due to the overflowing crowd of ISA supporters, several of those who sought to speak out against the ISA were cornered and confronted by some ISA supporters.

This frightening experience has future implications: “Clearly when supporters of Islamic supremacist institutions publicly demonstrate that they can outnumber their opposition by such vast numbers, such supporters will become further emboldened and confident in their ability to influence government agencies, laws, and legislature.” We who wish to resist those institutions carry a heavy burden, Imm concludes:

Those who believe that we can win victories for freedom by merely marching in place and reassuring ourselves—need to wake up. If we are not willing to get out in public to defend equality and liberty as citizen activists, we can be certain that there will be plenty of others supporting institutions and ideologies that do not respect equality and liberty who will act in public. Those who support ideologies against equality and liberty will continue to persuade the media, the government, and your neighbors—that they represent the majority of public opinion.

Hat tip: JD.


Dymphna said...

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has an excellent run-down on this subject, too:


Atlas is a dynamo.

babs said...

Put the shoe on the other foot. Imagine a Christian Academy where some of its followers have been indited for attempt of murder. Do you really think that a packed house of Christians would sway the planning commission?
It is to laugh if some Christian minister lead the audience in prayer before the meeting... THAT WOULD HAVE MADE THE NATIONAL NEWS!

babs said...

"Keep your God out of this planning discussion."
That should have been the rallying cry of all non-Muslims at this meeting. I would have loudly booed their "prayers."
There is no place for religion in our political discussions, unless you are Muslim...

Joanne said...

Why didn't anyone break that up? I would have done just that! I would have stood up and said the Lord's Prayer - at least God would have been listening to someone.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Ok so I was wrong. You have more to worry about than mexicans. Now you have the muslims to worry about too. And I must say they are more dangerous than the first. The muslims are devious and clever. Aside from being aggressive and violent they will also use the system against you. Infiltrate every agency or organisation, academia and politics alike, not to mention media.