Thursday, March 26, 2009

Make Room for Islam

The Christian Church in all its various forms seems unable to stop apologizing for its existence, especially when confronted by angry and offended Muslims. With Islam advancing and Christianity receding, Europe’s churches have to step aside to make way for mosques.

This is now literally true: in Bosnia a church is being moved to assuage the feelings of offended Muslims. According to the Austrian Times:

Church Moved for Muslims

Church leaders are spending 100,000 GBP moving a chapel half a mile — so it doesn’t offend Muslims.
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The Orthodox church was built on the site of a derelict mosque in Divic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and is being taken away to improve relations with local Muslim worshippers.

Builders will spend a week driving the church to its new location on a massive low loader truck.

The article doesn’t mention the fact that any mosque that now exists in Bosnia was — figuratively if not literally — built on the ruins of a church as well as on mounds of Christian corpses.

Are Christians offended by this fact?


C’mon now, speak up!

< crickets chirping >

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VSO said...

These guys either don't get it, or don't have the means to fight back. EVERYTHING offends muslims that isn't Islam.

John Sobieski said...

Sad watching Western civilization just crawl under a rock and curl up and die.

joe six-pack said...

Sooner or later it has to come to the boiling over point. Generally it is best to get things like that over with. The world probably will not and it will certainly not be led well by the U.S. The war will most likely catch at least the majority by surprise.

Unknown said...

Bosnian Serbs were fighting reasonably well for their civilisation, untill other members of western family cut their wings. I am sure that if there was no pressure from NATO, the Orthodox Christians of Bosnia would have a better chance at standing up for themselfs

Avery Bullard said...

Russkiy beat me to it!

It was obvious in 1992 when the Bosnian war started never mind 1999 when the NATO thugs bombed Serbia (this week marks the 10th anniversary of the NATO assault) that the Serbs were defending not just themselves, but the West. How ironic that neocons who supported crushing Serb skulls (as Bill Kristol put it) now claim we must stand by Israel.

. said...

Wrong again, Baron. Read Rebecca West's "Black Lamb and Grey Falcon," a classic from 1941 (and pro-Serb to boot). She tells the true story of how Bosnian Islam came to be.

The Bosnians were Bogomils, a Christian sect similar to the Albigensians in Southern France. Like the Albigensians, they were ruthless persecuted by both the Catholic Croatian Church and the Orthodox Serbian Church. The Ottomans were considered liberators by these people, and they converted to Islam.

So your outraged little comment about Christian churches and corpses is, in fact, a lie.

. said...

And I see that this story is bringing out the Serbian genocidaire wannabes, howling for Bosnian blood and using useful tools like you, Baron, to try and fulfill their genocidal fantasies.

Be careful what you wish for, Baron, because these people don't want to stop with Bosnian and Kosovar Muslims. Then they want to go on to "cleanse" some of those pesky Croats from Serb land - unfortunately for the genocidaires, they're not Muslims, so they'll have to figure out another justification.

Homophobic Horse said...

Remember the stupid propaganda about multicultural tolerance of Islam and multiethnic "Bosniak" identity?

Croat groups in Bosnia have denounced what they call the 'Islamisation' of the Muslim-Croat federation and have prepared a document demanding their own entity

"using useful tools like you, Baron"

I dare you to substantiate that conspiracy theory, Gordon.

Independent Accountant said...

The necons are crazy. They pushed us into the Iraq war. Little known, but Israel and Saudi Arabia (SA) both opposed it believing pushing out Saddam would only strengthen Iran. This may be the first time since 1948 Israel and SA agreed on anything.

christian soldier said...

When WILL Christians finally become 'outraged'? Waiting.....waiting...still waiting...

dienw said...

As a Christian, I am disgusted. Yet at the same time, I have no right to demand that my fellow Christians commit suicide to oppose this: that is between the LORD and them: their responsibility is to preach the kingdom of God.

Zenster said...

... angry and offended Muslims.

The foregoing is a self-evident multiple redundancy.

Homophobic Horse: I dare you to substantiate that conspiracy theory, Gordon.

Don't hold yer breath, mate. Nodrog's principal role here at GoV is as a firefighter whose sole resource is a can of gasoline.

christian soldier: When WILL Christians finally become 'outraged'? Waiting.....waiting...still waiting...

As is so often the case with historical Islam: Only after enough of them die.

There have already been more than enough outrages. The terrorist assault upon the Church of the Nativity should have put all Christianity on notice that Islam will respect NOTHING that is not Muslim.

njartist: As a Christian, I am disgusted. Yet at the same time, I have no right to demand that my fellow Christians commit suicide to oppose this: that is between the LORD and them: their responsibility is to preach the kingdom of God.

I continue to wonder exactly what sort of monumental atrocity it will take before Christianity realizes that "their responsibility" is not just to "preach the kingdom of God" but to protect it as well.

All non-Islamic faiths that want to survive had damn well better set about making immediate pacts with each other to defy and combat predatory Muslim theocracy. And, yes, I realize that "predatory Muslim theocracy" is another self-evident multiple redundancy.

It is long past tea for those who believe in Freedom of Religion to start acting like it. First and foremost on the agenda is to lock out Islam from all religious protections, tax exemptions and any form of protected speech.

Islam is an intolerant political ideology whose theocratic framework is inseparable from its governmental apparatus. Without that principal separation of church and state, Islam is intrinsically disqualified from all benefits properly due other truly benevolent faiths.

The sooner that Christians and other religious groups realize this and begin acting upon it, the fewer of them that will have to die in Islam's withering embrace.

It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see this yesterday... I've been quite busy this week.

This is perhaps the most ridiculous thing ever. I am so sick of Islam in the Balkans! The Muslims there have been getting away with murder (literally) and still countries such as the US keep supporting the wrong side. The poor Serbs have been so maligned and it makes me very angry.