Friday, March 27, 2009

If You’re Not White, It’s Not Racism

From Vlad Tepes comes this brief meditation on the racism of some prominent socialists, as occasioned by the notorious words of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva:

For more about Lula’s recent economic pronouncements, see this Sky News report.

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Gort said...

How odd. He blames white people but appears to be one. Perhaps he is just blaming the blue-eyed ones? Maybe he is just a humble self-effacing civil servant. ARF ARF.

Afonso Henriques said...

I know, I know... it's awfull to ask but,

Is Lula white?
I think he would not be much off here in Portugal/Spain. What do you think?
I think he's one of those brown by politics "latino" before anything.

Anyway, it has become fashionable in Latin America... first it was Evo Morales with the "Bolivia of the green eyes" than it is the Lula da Silva and the "blue eyed people hate Brazil!". Interesting.
What I found more disturbing is that Brazil is not an Indian State like Bolivia, it is 50% white!!!
Now, I'll tell the blue eyed Brazilian girl who works in the cafe-restaurant close to my house that she caused the crisis.

Nice you reported this Baron. I'll return with more boing semi-extensive information because I believe people DID NOT UNDERSTAND what's going on. And I think you definetly do not understand this dynamics in Latin America.

Anonymous said...

I never understood how they could elect someone who looks as if they took a hobo off the street and put him into a $1,500 suit...

Afonso Henriques said...
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Afonso Henriques said...


"I never understood how they could elect someone who looks as if they took a hobo off the street and put him into a $1,500 suit..."


Because that was exactly what happened!!!

Lula was born in the end of the world. In one of the poorest regions in Brazil. In South and Southeast Brazil, "Nordestinos" (from where Lula has come) are seen as non-white immigrants. They are seen exactly as Mexican/"latino" immigrants are seen in the United States.
This movement of people is so great that "white Brasil" has been inundated by them. For instance: São Paulo was 80% white in the 70s nowadays it is 60% white; Rio de Janeiro was 70% white in the 60s nowadays it is 50% white; Espirito Santo (immediatly North of Rio) was 80% whites in the 70s nowadays it is 40% white...

Lula became a Communist during the Cold War while he worked in a factory (100% proletarian); He then became a great leader of unions and got some popularity among their fellow workers.
HE WAS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT EVERYTIME FOR THE LAST 30 YEARS OR SO even when there was no party leftist enough to support him. He eventually won the 5th time he run for president.

Lula is famous for saying: "Damn! How hard and "stupid" it is to read a book!"
The man CAN HARDLY READ!!! He was pratically unschooled, he has known to deviate public founds to him and his family and friends, just google "mensalão".

Also, Lula created the Foro de São Paulo which is like the COMINTERN of the Bolivarian Third Worlders of all Latin America, if not all the Americas really.

The great right wing Brazilian thinker, Olavo de Carvalho who was an insider Communist and has made a great work writing about Communism, the past, and the future of it, as well as its mutations and the Latin American arena that he knows excedingly well.
Well, such a man cannot live in Brazil and thus he now lives in a Red State in the United States - Virginia I guess - and he regularly writes to the best Brazilian newspapers. He writes in Portuguese as well as English. I posted his blog/site in the link and I will post it again.
Well that man knows a lot and he claims that Chavez and the like are controled and founded by Lula's Brazil, he also fundaments that very well. He claims Brazil is the great focus of Communism in Latin America and that Chavez is just the recognition squad.

Fjordman said...

We need to realize that we don't live in a democracy, we live in a glossocracy, the government of the word, by the word and for the word. We now have a term for an imaginary problem, Islamophobia, yet we have no catchy and commonly accepted term for a very real and serious problem, the hatred of whites. We need to invent one. In fact, we need to invent an entirely new vocabulary to describe the evil which we are confronted with now.

Baron Bodissey said...


Since so many people in the USA find the term you use offensive, I have changed it. Please use an alternate word.

If you can’t stop yourself from using it, don’t bother to post, because next time I will simply delete the comment.

I don’t have time for this.


Afonso Henriques said…

Lula has created quotas against white people and established race assemblies to determine who’s white and who’s “negro” and that every Brazilian University has to have a minumum of “negroes” at the expense of better white students.

Brazil is very mixed and you get this: two identical twins, one is considered white and the other considered a “negro”. The Veja (see), a good quality magazine claims it as a proof that race does not exist.

You may have noticed that I am using the word “negro”. This is because Brazil is very mixed. And, while it is “good” to be white and you will see non whites like Ronaldo considering themselves white, you will see some whites considering themselves mixed. To be mixed is to be Brazilian. To be white is to un-Brazilian and elitist. And then there is to be “preto” (blcak in Portuguese). Only very dark people will consider themselves black in Brazil (like Robinho but not Ronaldinho). That’s why the statistics say that the blacks are only 7% or something.

What did Lula did? Brazil was obviously a white country being 53% white and 6% black!

Lula created another class of people. People would identify as they want but there would only be two classifications by the government:

White (49%) and “Negro” which is actually “Negro” in Portuguese and it’s a syonym of black. The negroes in Brazil are everybody that is not white while blacks are only those of relatively pure African ancestry. And voilá, Brazil became a 51% black country despite only 7% of Brazilians considered themselves black, thus a non white country. It’s like as if the Mexican government would classify every mestizo as an Indian.

Lula also claimed the Swiss authorities were racist after a (white) Brazilian women had been proved she inflicted cuts in herself writing SVP (the local Nationalit, anti-immigration party who’s in power) and claimed she was attacked by neo nazi white racists. Obviously she was not.

Still, Lula made that a prove that Brazilians are treated as animals in Europe because everybody here is a white racist.

Afonso Henriques said...

This is what really happened and how the Brazilian media reported it. I am translating it below, please just remember that Brazil is no indian/african state, it is 50% white!!! Some 95 million whites and I think the third country with more whites after the United States and Russia. Translation:

The president Lula blamed the blue eyed whites by the world economic crisis. He "DESABAFOU" (meaning to let the truth or one's true feelings flow) IN THE PRESENCE OF THE BRITISH PRIME MINISTER GORDON BROWN IN BRASILIA. Lula and Browned criticised the proteccionism and defended more rigid rules for the International Finacial System.

(changing set)

The meating was relaxed even in the traditional "hand shake".
The president called the Britih Prime Minister a friend and an adviser.
Gordon Borwn said that Lula is a respected world leader.
During the speach, Lula condemned the discrimination towards the immigrants (in Europe). He affirmed that it was not the poor, blacks, and indians who provoked the economical crisis and he surprised the audience.

(Lula speaking)

It is a crisis caused, fomentated, by irrational behaveours of people who's white, blue eyed, that before the crisis appeared like they knew everything and that now demonstrate not to know nothing. (Lula here makes a gramatical error in Portuguese because he talks in the second person in the plural but articulates the verb with the third person of the singular, he alternates more than one time where he should kept just one form.)


Speaking immediately after, Gordon Borwn did not comented the declration but soon in the beggining of the interview, an english reporter questioned if Lula's opinion would not create a battle of ideas in a moment in which the consensus to face the international crisis is being searched.
The president insisted.

(Lula speaking)

Because I do not know no black banker, or an indian one, I can only say that that part of Humanity which is the most, the most, I'd say, er... victim of the world, pay for a crisis... it's not possible.


When the subject is the economical crisis, Lula and Borwn agree that it is needed a reform for the Interlantional Financial System and will defend it in the meeting of the twenty richest countries of the world next week in London, as well as a found of one hundred "billion" dollars to finance the international comerce.


Admirer of the Brazilian football, principally of the Nation teams who played in the world cups of 70 and 82, the Prime Minister went from Brazilia to São Paulo to know the Football Museum.
Gordon Brown won a Brazilian National Team shirt and at Socrates's side hoped to bring the World Cup to England in 2018.

Afonso Henriques said...

Ok Baron, sorry.

I really do not have an exact idea of how offensive it is to Americans because here blacks like to be treated by that English word, believe it or not. And because it is always in the media, one just needs to turn the TV on.

Despite that, I used that word because we have two word for the colour black. It means the same, it is just to show how artificial the "negro" term is.

Afonso Henriques said...

Just my two cents: While the ideology that is behinde Lula is despicable, he is indeed right in what he says: We have only white people to blame.

I would not find it acceptable in a Nation where to wear a shirt 100% black is okay and usual, and that to wear the same shirt saying 100% white is punishable with up to three years in jail however.

Anonymous said...

Afonso, Lula is white, maybe he has some admisture and he is f#*!ing ugly. His face is somewhat typical of northeastern whites and near whites. That's one of the reasons he is president. As for being 50% white i don't believe in it. All kinds of mestizos are registereds as white. I once saw a pure blooded indian woman registered as white. A 30% number is much more reasonable. But worse than that is the black situation, i have seen many ligh skinned mestizos some with skin fairer than mine call thenselves blacks, not mullato neither mestiço but BLACK. So a country with a 3%,5% black population has after the PT party rise to power increased to 50% at least in official statistics.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hearing the left propaganda in the universities is very odd, since most whites in the south are poor.
My wife family still toils the earth and its most precious possessions besides the land is a 15ys tractor and a 20yrs mille. And they are well-off in their agricultural region! Now i will tell that the fault of the crisis is theirs since they are blue eyed.

Winston Smith said...


How about Caucaphobia?
I can't think of a better word for an irrational fear of whites. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Leukophobia or Albuphobia.

Baron Bodissey said...

blah --

I just had to talk to Afonso about the same issue. The word you used is considered offensive by most Americans. If you can't think of an alternative, then use asterisks.


blah said...

As for the mixture in Brazil, the left transformed a country famous to be racial tolerant (with it's problems) to a country were mestiços (ranging from the inverted quadroon (3/4 black, rare) to the octoroon (1/8 black very common) now classified as negro (n****r, in portuguese that's better than black, to get the english meaning someone would call the other of crioulo) sees the whites as bloodsuckers and Elite people.

darrinh said...

Perhaps Lulu believes in reverse "one drop rule" ?

Afonso Henriques said...

you said a lot of things but only one stoke me.
You say that whites in the South are poor? I've heard and read a lot about it but I think those are only relatively poor, is it not?

I mean, when it is compared with the staggering third world levels of poverty in the Northeast and Bahia, as well as the whole North of the Nation in general and the "guethos" of the Southeastrn cities don't you think they are comparably better of?

Ron Russell said...

It seems that to be white is in itself racist. I live in the deep south, southwestern Mississippi, white people here have a good standard of living. Many, many myths about the south and this is one. Tobacco Road was just a movie.

Anonymous said...

Afonso, yes they are poor but they are not miserable. They live hard but good lives. City people are generally better off ( a typical small town house )( )
and they have light, running water, sewer, etc. Their kids generally work in larger cities as Curitiba, Porto Alegre, São Paulo and return to invest in the towns after some years. Even in the bottom line south people when working as maids or prostitutes they tend to get to the top of these professions.

Anonymous said...

Darrin, the left believe that if you have a drop of negro blood you are black. That's it.
Ron Russell if you are white and think that being white is being a "racist" do yourself a favor and kill yourself. Oh and by the way that kind of povertry was as real in the pre-war south as it is now in Brazil.

Afonso Henriques said...

"Even in the bottom line south people when working as maids or prostitutes they tend to get to the top of these professions."

In a playfull tone, even the blacks of the South are better than those of the North, see Ronaldinho Gaúcho. Black or "negro" I don't care.

On another playfull tone, one thing I believe the South will never beat the Northeast: Ribamar from "Sai de Baixo", Tom Calvcante, I think...
for years that I hope for a commediant of his level to be found! The world would be much funnier.