Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Devalued Prime Minister of a Devalued Government

Here are two more magnificent British rants, both directed at Prime Minister Gordon Brown from the floor of the European Parliament by UKIP MEPs.

The first is the incomparable Nigel Farage:

Below the fold is another speech denouncing Mr. Brown, this one by Daniel Hannan. It’s calmer, but very biting:
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Notice how Gordon Brown grins and fidgets all the way through these — an “inappropriate affect” similar to the one Obama displayed in his recent interview. This may be the latest infectious disease among socialist political leaders.

Hat tip: Gaia.


Afonso Henriques said...


So I am here publishing a rant that I found deliciously interesting. Sorry for the abuse but I think it is on topic with this blog:

"The people live in outrageously expensive cages for rabbits. One can not walk the streets anymore. When I think in what Rome has become, I run to far away. The millions that the "promotors" earn.
Came from the four corners of the Mediterranean, here they are acquiring the best properties so that they can take them.
They despize our taste and our vallues; the bad taste becames synonym of exquisiteness, the idiot becames the genious, mediocre singers are seen as stars. There is no place in Rome for a Roman of old ways anymore. In the streets the foreigners attack us. And, afterwards, they still accuse you and will force you into a court."

Juvenal, I century a.D.

Joanne said...

They both rock, but Nigel Farage rocks a little more. It is about time, we see some strong emotion. Brown needs his smug smirk smacked off his face.

spackle said...

I have one word for that. Sweet!

Winston Smith said...

The first step to failure is always denial. Gordon Brown has been denying his inability to run the country, first as Chancellor and now as unelected prime minister.
There's no doubt about it that Gordon Brown is going to go down as Britain's worst Chancellor & PM, even more hated than Chamberlain.

The very fact that every new child born into the UK owes the economy over £20k shows just how bad our state of affairs really are. And yet, blundering, buffoon Brown is trying to lecture other EU countries what to do? LMAO

We are however seeing a new dawn, the rise, thankfully of nationalism and the eventual total destruction of the monster that is the EU. We can go back to previous trade agreements but running our own countries and borders from home.

Nationalism should never have gone away and we are seeing just what a disaster communist socialism has been.

Unknown said...

No need to comment on the video itself, I think. It speaks for itself. I find it very interesting though, that this speech hasn't been shown every 15 minutes on Sky and the BBC News channels. Go bloggers! said...

Alphonso do you have a link to that actual bit of prose? It is most brilliant and prophetic even if it wasnt meant to be. I would very much like to get a direct source if possible. Will use it to death.

Thanking you in advance.

laine said...

Is there anyone in the present American Congress that can give a speech like that that skewers the Usurper President as he deserves?

Richard said...

This reaction is the same reaction as Wilders gets from his political opponents.
It displays fully their contempt for the voice of the people they are supposed to represent.

Proud Infidel said...

Bravo! Now, if we only had some people with gonads like that in the US Congress who would call out Fraudbama on the floor of Congress.
The US and the UK are being run by malicious idiots.