Friday, March 28, 2008

YouTube and Google Video Versions of “Fitna”

Stefan at Politically Incorrect has supplied us with a lot of additional links to Fitna download sites, and I’m providing a new list below the jump.
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I haven’t had time to check all the new links (marked with “PI”), so caveat emptor:


Captain USpace said...

Good work Sir! Thank you!


CarnackiUK said...

Anyone outside the Netherlands wanting to make a donation to Geert Wilders to help pay for the making of FITNA can use this email addy to make a PAYPAL payment:

Payments can also be made via his official site but I could only find donation instructions there in Dutch.

Heartland Infidel said...

Thank you for the links to the video. You at Gates of Vienna are doing a very important job.

Darrin Hodges said...

This the one I have been embedding since yesterday afternoon, clearly somebody re-uploaded it very early on, before liveleak pulled the "official" version.

Ray Boyd said...

Here's one I putup at viddler. Not only can you watch it but you can get a quick download from there too:

Afonso Henriques said...

Honestly, I was expecting more. It will not mark the average Dutch for life... The Jewisch Dutch however will open his eyes after this moovie.

Maybe in Southern Europe where a fight with islam has already taking place or is taking place right now, the belicism would be more evident. I just think that a relgious Catholic or Ortodhox who have Historically fought islam would do a more profound moove.

I fear the average Dutch will just look at it and say: "Ooo... so, the muslims are really barbarans, what a odditie!"

I really got disapointed.

Mitch Rapp said...

I downloaded a copy of the video on my hard drive in case the streaming sites keep giving in to muslim pressure. I will never cave to the islamic scum that threaten the world with their false religion.

I will share, post, and hopefully publically show this video in the near future.

***No Sharia***
M. Rapp

Bela said...
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rickl said...

I downloaded it too. It's too big to e-mail, but at least I can burn it to disc and share it that way.

Fosca said...

BanKi-moon should be censored. And politicians and intellectuals blinded by multiculturalism who kneel in front of ISLAM, should be banned.
Fitna should not be censored, because it only shows us the truth. Nothing more, nothing less

Abif said...

hello people

You are right everybody has to be told the truth and nothing but the truth and true enough most often than not truth will hurt when you are on the receiving end. The Movie about Fitna is about the atrocities of Islam and what is does stand for in some minds and doesnt stand for in the other islamic minds.

This is the truth as i can perceive it should Mr Geert Wilders have made this movie duringthe times of Moses i am sure it would be ablout the atrocities of the Jews towards the palestinians and should MR Wilders did this movie during the holy crusade then it would be about the atrocities by the christians.

Dont go blaming the muslims about terrorism because they are not the founders its their religious fore fathers who have and still are the founder members of this acts.

When terrorism is legalised its is called WAR for democracy and War to save guard the terrotary rights of a nation.

Today the world has changed in different ways of terrorism in the means of business autonomy. Its al lthe same thing once is / was and will be done cruely while the terrosrism of business autonomy will be done diplomatically the end result is the common people will suffer.

So lets not hate Islam lets hate all terrorism be it whatever means it is done. I support all the good values of all human beings that is the essence of life.

I believe this movie is about opening peoples mind be it muslims or otheres and not about who or which religion you support. I have opened my mind when are you people going to start.

A close mind is the pathway to terrorism and it has nothing to do with islam


X said...

Funny how you apologists have to go back thousands of years for your arguments...

There were no "palestinians" in the time of Moses. There was no palestine in those days. It can certainly be argued that the Israelites (they were not called jews in those days either) were being pretty violent but that was nearly five thousand years ago.

The crusades were a reaction to an invasion. They were a screwed up reaction, but they were a reaction to Islamic atrocities and should be considered in that light. In those cases the atrocities comitted during the crusades were a direct contravention of the teachings of Christ.

You cannot say the same about the atrocities committed by Muslims. They are following the example of Mohammed himself.

Baron Bodissey said...

Bela --

Please don't paste long URLs into the comments; they make the post page too wide and mess up the appearance of the permalink page.

Use link tags; the instructions are at the top of the full post's comment section.


Bela said...

There is a much more interesting an mind boggling video on google. It's a long movie but in the beginning you can see Blair, Bush, Clinton praising Islam and the audience - Powell, Rice, the whole gubmint was carried away by the "wisdom" of these scumbags.

This a must to see to understand that Islam has won and we shout into the void.