Monday, March 10, 2008

Red-Handed and Scot-Free

No comment on this one. What can I say? It seems that madness is everywhere.

From the Netherlands:

Acquittal for Man with Loot in his Pocket

THE HAGUE, 11/03/08 — A district court in Rotterdam has acquitted a 20 year old Somali of a mugging. Although the police found his loot in his pocket, the judge wanted to see more evidence.

The victim said he was threatened by the Somali, who told him he had a revolver aimed at his back. He received a blow on his head and was forced to surrender his wallet. When the police arrived they found the wallet in the Somali’s jacket pocket. The Public Prosecutor (OM) considered robbery proven, but ran up against the judge, who wanted to see further evidence.

The judge was unmoved by the OM’s argument that the victim had given a very detailed statement and the fact that the Somali had been convicted of mugging earlier, Additionally the suspect lied in more than one court case in the past, the OM argued in vain.

“One must certainly have guts to immediately mug someone again after just having served a prison sentence of some months. One must also assume that the defendant has learned something from the sentence and that it has made him wiser,” according to the judge, who ordered the man’s release.

The Somali showed that this was not enough for him. He was kept in custody for two months despite, he claims, being innocent and will demand damages from the man who accused him.

Hat tip: Fjordman.

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Anonymous said...

I have not read this story..How absolutely infuriating! I hope the victim will appeal - I flatter myself with the hope that this was the only mentally disturbed judge in the country
The judiciary should know better: the lady who killed the guy robbing her purse out of her car was also mugged by a thug on his way home from prison..I suppose Moroccans and Somali's are pleasantly surprised by the regime in western prisons, and so if they dó get any wiser it is regrettably only of the fact that they have very little to fear. If all dutch people from now on immediately kill their muggers I can only applaud them. The risk of an official judgement is simpy unpalatable..

Charlemagne said...

It never ends. Deport them all.

Bert said...

Paardestaart is right: Only a few hours before the Moroccan criminal Ali el Bejjati robbed the handbag of miss Germaine C., he stood court for a nasty armed robbery. The prosecutor demanded a two years prison sentence [wow, the guts!], but Ali denied any involvement -his brother allready provided him a *cough* alibi- and was let out to robb the last of a long series of infidel-ladies' handbags [Charlemagne: indeed, deporting the scum all together comes to mind]. Bejatti grabbed a handbag, jumped on the back of his partners get-away scooter, fell off [loser] and because of that got crushed under the weels of miss Germaine who -like everybody else would- just wanted her handbag back. As can be expected of Dutch Law, Germaine got senteced for defending herself, Ali got a muslim demonstration in his favour for the two mistakes, and Dutch Law got away with its colossal stupidity.
The average Dutch lawyer has no different state of mind than the average arafat-scafed primitive marxist has: crime is because of social oppression, robbing infidels is understandable because of, well you know, racism, and punishment [of the oppressed that is] is mean and against Human Rights. All with thanks to the spin off of the Paris May '68 communist revolution that helped the lazy and spoilt scum of European society -that otherwise would have to work for a living- gain university degrees for sit-ins, reciting Mao, cheering Pol Pot, cursing money [because for free anyway] and cursing the United States [for keeping the Russians out, for free]. This is what folks like that look like today.
In the Netherlands in the seventies, there were lawyers plegding the abolishment of prisons and punishment all together [and widely celebrated and honoured for it]. The result can be seen ever since: Ciminals are treated like victims, and victims like criminals.

Defiant Lion said...

I used to believe incidents such as this were the result of naivity, of misguided liberalism, of utter stupidity and ignorance.

Not any more. I am now 100% convinced that these people know full well what they are doing. It amounts to a continuing attack on our society, designed to demoralise and then destroy us.

Enoch Powell - a man vilified for his beliefs but whose prophetic words are are now being proven, said this over 30 years ago:

"You may think what you are seeing is an exhibition of youthful exuberance and bad manners. It is not. You may think it is harmless. It is not. You may think it is aimed at me. It is not. It is aimed at all of you. They are after you. All of you are their target. Its aim is to see the day to day way of life, the decent things of life, that the majority want, demolished and destroyed. It is a movement that is in its infancy in this country. It is world wide but no mistake about it, it is spreading."

This video about the EU sheds more light on what the marxists are doing to us.

They have to be stopped. And soon.

heroyalwhyness said...

defiant lion - the link you provided gave me a bit of trouble. I eventually found what I believe to be the video -

No EU - Common Purpose Government Infiltrators

9-15-07 Brian Gerrish
1 hour 55 min 31 sec - 18 Sep 2007

This presentation was given at Leicester England. MEP Rogert Helmer came secially to be there and guest host the meeting. Edward Spalton of the CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) gave a short introduction. The presentation was given by Brian Gerrish on his researches concerning Common Purpose.

i.e. peddling/buying 'new world order'/pc/mc influence under the guise of a charity.

heroyalwhyness said...

Having watched the video linked by defiant lion, it is of note that the concerns expressed by Brian Gerrish were tarnished by his utter lack of comprehension of the threat of Islam. Mr. Gerrish actually presented his concerns to an audience at the famous Birmingham mosque, stating he believed the muslim community is being set up as the next Jews. His concerns about the EU's covert influence in the UK are limited to UK interests. Mr. Gerrish would certainly benefit reading Bat Ye'or's excellent, fully documented book, EURABIA to familiarize himself with the origins of the Eurabian axis, the foundations of the EU threat.

Zenster said...

It sounds like the Netherlands is ripe for a lecture tour by Bernhard Goetz.

Much as with how bleeding heart multiculturalist politicians will push this world into the convulsions of a Muslim holocaust, so will flaccid judges cause ordinary citizens to begin offing these Muslim thugs without a backward glance.

Isn't it curious how the most lenient types are those who end up causing real societal mayhem? People certainly cannot blamed for taking the law into their own hands once the judiciary refuses to enforce it.

Too bad it's more than a sure bet that future victims cannot bring this limp-wristed judge up on charges of being an accomplice to any future attacks by this Somali turd.

Finally, where is any outrage within these supposedly tight knit Muslim communities over young hoodlums giving such a bad name to the Religion of Peace? [spit]

Why aren't the Muslim elders taking up collections to compensate victims of these junior thugs? Can it possibly be that they, too, regard such spoils as their rightful jizya? Perish the effing thought.

One can only hope someone asks the Netherlands' Muslims these questions as they are being prodded onto barges at gunpoint for repatriation back to their native Islamic utopias.

The deafening silence of whatever ostensibly decent and honorable Muslims there are merely serves to deservingly lump them in with their less savory co-religionists. Any patience or sympathy I might have had for them was exhausted when the Beslan atrocity went unprotested by Muslims worldwide.

Zenster said...

heroyalwhyness: ... he believed the muslim community is being set up as the next Jews.

They most certainly are "being set up". The only problem being that Islam is doing all the setting up. None of this should come as any surprise when dealing with a cult that has ZERO regard for the sanctity of human life. Islam's clerical elite do not care how many bodies are hurled into the furnace so long as they continue to gore Western civilization's ox.

In their savage glee they forget that twisting the blade too vigorously often can cause it to snap, leaving a rather enraged and wounded beast to turn upon them. When that time comes, I shall merely laugh and point.

Al-lat said...


You may want to feature this- THIS OUTRAGE - in a news story:

The same thing is happening on this side of the Pond - with the perfidy of Arbusto in the Mexican-U.S-Canada Treaty.

Defiant Lion said...


Sorry about the link,I tried to split it so maybe I messed up doing so. Thanks for posting the correct link.

You're right about Mr Gerrish, but I think what he presents about Common Purpose reveals a lot as to why our society is collapsing.

It's the deliberate attack angle that I was commenting on. As for Islam, I'm sure we both agree as ti how deadly a threat that is.

But are muslims being used by marxists to create chaos - a chaos they will ultimately crush by force and impose their new order?

Time will tell.

Sodra Djavul said...

Judge: What evidence of mugging do you have against this poor, innocent Somali?
Prosecutor: Well, your honor, we have testimony of the victim, the victim's injuries, and we found the victim's wallet in his possession.
Judge: Hmm, that's not quite doing it for me. Got anything else?
Prosecutor: Well, we know he's been convicted for mugging before, and has committed perjury. Additionally, he just got out of jail for a similar crime.
Judge: Well, it should be obvious he wouldn't commit the crime after just getting out of the lockup. Why don't you and this supposed "victim" stop being racist. By the way, the defendant is eligible to sue this racist klutz for damages resulting from defaming him after giving him his wallet and tripping.
Victim: What in the hell???



mikej said...

In the United States, juries are not informed that a defendant has prior convictions, and judges aren't supposed to consider them during the fact-finding portion of a trial. Still, it seems unlikely that, given similar evidence, a mugger would evade conviction here in Texas. In California, who knows?

closed said...

We don't get many mugging here in the Pacific Northwest ... all three states have had shall-issue CCW laws for years.

Muggers get shot to pieces here, and are not allowed to sue their victims for any injuries received while attempting the crime, or afterwards.

The smart ones stick to shoplifting and burglary, and avoid confrontation with citizens like the plague.

Cops will at least try to arrest them ... citizens will just shoot them on sight.

The one question I have about this whole thing in europe is "Why obey ANY law?" If nothing happens to criminals, then simply kill them, and then claim you were trying to rob them when they resisted.

darrinh said...

Deport the African, shoot the judge. Next!

laine said...

"The criminals get treated like victims and the victims get treated like criminals" says it all.

The judge expressed total faith in the previously convicted criminal and basically called the mugged victim a liar. This is what's called s--t for brains and there are many of them sitting on judges' benches across the West demoralizing the police who are risking themselves for nothing and citizens who receive no justice.

Marxist strategy is to sow anarchy by any means possible to enable eventual totalitarian take-over of a people desperate for any order. This was a twofer for the marxist judge. He has caused the rule of law to lose credibility and he has set a criminal loose on the populace. That he's Islamic is bonus.

How do you think this moron would have ruled if the roles were reversed, white criminal caught red-handed and Muslim victim? I'll bet the white mugger would have been imprisoned for the original crime and it would have been called a hate crime to boot, lengthening the sentence.

John Rohan said...

Maybe this was supposed to be printed in the Onion instead?

If not, how about deporting the criminal AND the judge?

Al-lat said...

Actually, this is the Law in the West, from the U.S. to Western Eur.


"The courts today are private corporate courts run by the BAR (British Accreditation Regency) Association. Think about this a minute. Attorneys are considered by statute and by court decisions to be "officers of the court". Their first duty is to the court, not to you! Judges, Prosecutors and private practice attorneys are all attorneys and therefore are all officers of the court. Since all these officers are dealing in the same commodity, statutes, they would be statute "merchants", as "merchants" is defined by the Uniform Commercial Code at (UCC) 2-104(1). All the statutes are written by attorneys. Most business legal decisions are made by attorneys. Prosecutions are made by attorneys. Defenses are made by attorneys. Judgments are made by attorneys. Officers of the court are in fact just government agents. These agents are also U.S. citizens and they main job is to collect revenue to pay the federal debt."

nikolai said...

"But are muslims being used by marxists to create chaos - a chaos they will ultimately crush by force and impose their new order?"

As an ex-leftist I'd say it is more complex than that. Cultural Marxists wanted to use mass immigration and multi-culturalism as a way of attacking the west but didn't know or understand the specifics of Islam. I am guessing some of them now realise their mistake but don't know what to do about it.

Also, although multi-culturalism was spawned by Marxists it has since taken on a life of its own as a kind of cult. Marxists no longer completely control it. The marxists are, at least mostly, sane but wrong. The multi-cultists are insane. You can see this group in the Obamoonies.

The big hope in my mind is that there is a third group of "rainbow coalition" liberals, heavily dominant in the MSM, who will crack eventually as the reality of what they've done becomes too obvious for them to ignore. They'll stop being able to censor the truth as they've done for 40 years and stop wanting to. I hope.

That's the only circumstance I can see that leads to a potentially extreme but democratic outcome.

Otherwise the only other option is violence imo.