Monday, March 10, 2008

The Beautiful is Also the True and the Good

Bus shelter in Cornwall

A woman in Cornwall decided that the local bus shelter was an eyesore and decided to do something about it.

We can only wonder why she chose a Moroccan theme for the place. Maybe a bit of home for the youths so they wouldn’t be so quick to destroy it.

She may be an optimist but she certainly put that quality to good use.

The whole story is here.

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Zenster said...

We can only wonder why she chose a Moroccan theme for the place.

Perhaps because it is beautiful, no matter how the nation's current residents attempt to disgrace their legacy.

All of those elegant Arabic geometric designs are patterned upon a base twelve matrix of recurrent single-digit numbers. Simply load up a grid of one-digit integers in base twelve and connect all of the similarly numbered dots, le viola!, a scrumptious network of interlacing paths.

It grieves me no end to think that our world will probably need to exterminate an entire culture that once had so much promise.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, (ahem) Muslims are headed straight towards their own well-deserved holocaust. Pity.

Al-lat said...

That's no Moroccan theme - that's an English Country Garden!

See the profusion of ivy and straw chairs and clay flower pots all over.

We have that all over the gardens in the U.S.

Rier said...

Morrocan, English or Klingon, the work this lady has done here is magnificent and what a result its produced! Western civilization needs to rediscover its aesthetics by discarding (or at least down-playing) mass-produced consumer art and culture in favour of real art and culture, produced by real people, like her. That's what's going to fortify and save us at least as much, probably more, than any laws or foreign policy measures that we direct against Islamists and other miscreants. God bless her!

Afonso Henriques said...

I can not see "Morocco" here.
My country has been at war with Marocos since ever, well, since 711 and I do not see "Morocco" on that.

Despite everything else, I have to agree that Morocco art is/was thriving and beautifull.

It is not racist to say a Moroccan to f*+# off! It is racist to say that everything from Morroco is ugly just because it is Morrocan.

Daphne said...

It's simply beautiful!

I locked on to her willingness to take responsibility for an ugly public eyesore in her neighborhood and transform it into something lovely. From the article it appears that she got her neighbors on board with the beautification project which seems to have the ancillary benefit of reducing vandalism.

People tend to take better care of things when they've personally invested their time, emotions and money.

Cheers Jane Tinsley!

Al-lat said...

say that everything from Morroco is ugly just because it is Morrocan."

"Scuse me? Are ya talking ta me?

In the 1st place, I never said it was ugly.

-In the 2nd place - it's my priviledge to say, "It's ugly" - if in my view, it's ugly.

-in the 3rd place, JUST who aare YOU to call anybody racist?

Ok, I confess: I am a Latina of 3 races,and a Racist.

babs said...

Unfortunately, the first thing I thought when viewing this picture was how long it would take people to smash all the pots and deface or burn all the furniture...
Back in the 80's I was the assistant landscape architict for the Cibola National Forest. Our territory included New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. We had devolved into building bunker facilities for our parks because of the destruction reigned down by the "tourist"...
Someone came up with a great idea of placing a telephone pole at the entrance to the parks with a sign "carve/paint your name here" so they wouldn't do it on the trees and landmarks.
I would love to have someone come back to this bus shelter one year from now and photograph it...
Sorry to be such a bummer.