Monday, March 10, 2008

“Silence Means Assent”

Last week I wrote about Sada Cumber, the man newly appointed by President Bush as the envoy from the United States of America to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

At the time of the appointment, Mr. Bush said this:

“The core of [Sada Cumber’s] mission,” Bush said in announcing the appointment, “is to explain to the Islamic world that America is a friend — is a friend of freedom, is a friend of peace, that we value religion.”

In other words, rather than represent the interests of the United States, Sada Cumber’s job is to be a combination of PR man and supplicant, propitiating the Muslims and showing them that the United States is a Muslim-friendly, non-Islamophobic, sharia-welcoming kind of place.

Fortunately for the Counterjihad, a new blog has been started for the specific purpose of keeping an eye on our envoy to the OIC: Sada Cumber Watch.

Sada Cumber Watch

If you scroll down through the first few posts, you’ll learn some interesting things about Mr. Cumber. For instance, despite President Bush’s best efforts, he is not dhimmi enough to suit Iran.

Also, he is scheduled to attend an OIC conference in Dakar later this week. The big question is: Will our envoy to the OIC approve by his silence the imposition of sharia on Muslims in non-Muslim countries? That’s what supporting (or not opposing) the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights will imply.

As SCW says:
- - - - - - - - -
So there’s the usual equation — trade a meaningless “dialogue” with Islamic states about “projecting” about “empowering” about “helping” against extremism and terrorism, for real deterrent punishments for Islamophobia (which is the Sharia Law requirement that any criticism of Islam be punished). It’s that equation — sacrifice U.S. citizens’ actual First Amendment rights in return for false promises from Islamic fascists — that Bush, Condi and the Muslim Brotherhood all can agree on.

But will Mr. Cumber do the right thing, or will he submit?

So readers, give your Special Envoy his instructions: Should he support this task for “deterrent punishments” against any criticism of Islam (Islamophobia), and if so, what punishments should Mr. Cumber support to be imposed on us all? Execution, hand-chopping, or just a little prison time and a hefty fine?

Emphasis again: This “Action Plan task” is the imposition of the Sharia Law code requiring punishment for all who criticize Islam, not just in totalitarian Islamic states, but in “all States.” That means the United States for our OIC Special Envoy, Mr. Cumber.

Silence means assent. Silence means submission.

Enjoy Dakar, Mr. Cumber.

We’re going to keep score.

The rest of us should do the same thing.


Timbre said...

Thank you for bringing the CDHR to light:

Article 24
All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari'ah.

Article 25
The Islamic Shari'ah is the only source of reference for the explanation or clarification to any of the articles of this Declaration.

Never mind that almost all of the document is blather. Articles 24 & 25 are the disclaimer which clearly mandates that "all human beings" will be forced to convert to Islam, or pay the subjugation jizya tax and submit to Islam (if Jewish, Christian, or Magian) or be killed.

Timbre said...

I'm sorry for two in a row but President Bush's comment concerning why Mr. Cumber must "explain to the Islamic world," just irks me. The "Islamic world" is 50% of the problem. They see themselves as a separate entity, an "ummah" set apart who must dominate all others and force them to submit to "THE TRUTH." By using the phrase, "Islamic world," Bush is explicitly validating their belief system.

Zenster said...

“The core of [Sada Cumber’s] mission,” Bush said in announcing the appointment, “is to explain to the Islamic world that America is a friend — is a friend of freedom, is a friend of peace, that we value religion.”

Big mistake. No explanations needed. Simply a solemn declaration that Islam will cease to exist if it does not reach some peaceful accommodation with the West.

So readers, give your Special Envoy his instructions:

Three words: Imitate. John. Bolton.

Like the Thugees and Mayans, shari'a is a failed concept whose eradication cannot happen quickly enough.

Any questions?

Zenster said...

The following is an excerpt from my comments in the Historical Truth is Painful for Unbelievers GoV thread from January 15, 2008.

(Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General of the OIC is depicted sitting with Iran’s Ahmadinejad and, your’s truly, Sada Cumber.)


Also note how Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries), went totally ballistic when the interviewer asked whether he had any responsibility for the violence that had arisen from the cartoons being published. His letter issued after the January 28,2006 OIC meeting in Jedda makes repeated justifications of Muslim outrage:

The General Secretariat notes that there was far and wide condemnation in the member states through official and individual reaction, condemnation by international organizations and non governmental organizations and rightly an outcry and anger of the Muslims whose most important religious symbol in the person of the Prophet was targeted and ridiculed. The obnoxious and distasteful act whose gravity is of un-proportional magnitude requires to be explained to the international community so that the protest may be understood in the correct perspective. It is with this aim in view that H.E Prof Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu Secretary General of the OIC has issued the following statement on the incident along with the briefing paper.

The Secretary General notes with a deep sense of disappointment the lack of empathy and rejoinder by the Danish authorities on the publication of blasphemous and sacrilegious cartoons printed in Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten. The response was highly unsatisfactory, it was issued after procrastination of over three months and was unable to reach the underlying reasons on which the Muslims were anguished.

[emphasis added]

Note the inflammatory language in his letter. Also note how he whines about Jyllands Posten's "procrastination of over three months" regarding the cartoons that were published on September 30, 2005 even as his own OIC letter was published some FOUR MONTHS (January 28,2006) after the cartoons first appeared. Worst of all is how the prominent Islamic scholar, Yusuf Qaradawi, specifically incites Muslims to violence and then shrugs off the embassy arsons as something that he could not possibly have prevented. This is a classic case of the "good cop / bad cop" taurine fecal matter that Islam spews on a daily basis.