Friday, March 28, 2008

Spreading Virally

FitnaIt doesn’t matter how the Dutch court rules today: Fitna is out, and is spreading virally.

People have been sending me links to the alternate sites since yesterday afternoon. The movie is available to download as well as to view, and has been subtitled in French and Czech.

Here’s my current list of sites:

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If you know of additional download sites, feel free to leave them in the comments.

The reaction to the movie is predictable — all across Europe the major politicians and public figures are falling all over themselves to denounce Geert Wilders and condemn the “divisive” nature of the film. The only public support from a major political party (besides the PVV) that I know of has come from Dansk Folkeparti, the Danish People’s Party. Everyone else is ready to throw Wilders to the ravening Islamic wolves, and thereby stave off the burning and looting in the Islamic ghettoes of major European cities. Fat chance.

In a peculiar twist, Kurt Westergaard, the creator of the “turban bomb” Motoon, says that Mr. Wilders has violated the copyright on his cartoon, and that he plans a lawsuit.

Muslim reaction has been relatively muted so far. The usual cries of “Islamophobia” are being heard, and a group of Jordanian media officials known as the “Messengers of God” says it will initiate legal action against Fitna. Overall, however, one senses that this is the calm before the storm. Wait until after everyone finishes praying and hears the sermon this evening.

Pandora’s box has been opened. The movie is out, and nothing short of shutting down the internet could stuff it back in the can.

Geert Wilders will likely be prosecuted and fined into penury by the judicial system of his own country because of this movie. He’s also a tempting target for the zealous mujahideen, and the bounty on his head will probably rise to astronomical levels.

This man has put his fortune and his life on the line to make a movie and publicize it as widely as possible. There’s no guarantee that he or his party will benefit from this gig, or even that he will survive.

It’s an important to remember that.

I’m too rushed to find all the links for the news stories referred to above. Go to Google News and search on “Fitna”; you’ll find everything there.

Many thanks to VH, LN, insubria, TB, Henrik, Steen, François, Czech Infidel, and anyone else that I have forgotten for links and tips.


closed said...

I have a .mov version on my website. available here.

KGS said...

Another good download site is Torrentz

One very positive development is the Finnish reaction to the Fitna film. In the Finnish capital's main news daily, the Helsingin Sanomat, today's edition has an article in which the journalist labels the film a "provocation", the commment section connected with the article is full of excellent, well thought out responses as to why there is a need for the film. The journalist in question is getting an intellectual thrashing.

kepiblanc said...

Version with Danish subtitles Here - 159 MB *.avi format.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Danish version now also at The Pirate Bay.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Danish reactions have triggered intense debate. Most people support Wilders and the movie, the usual leftie ghosts oppose it. Supplemental documentation is given, and people are raving against Islamizts and all the havoc they're wrecking on us. The ending of the movie - asking Muslims to tear out the violent pages - is great.

Nyhedsavisen (large circulation free newspaper) gave a real brief and clear (no need for it to be longer) editorial here:


It also addresses the embarrasing failure by EU and our politicians on the matter. Cool.

shoprat said...

I wanted to weep as I watch it. How can mere men fight against such hatred?


The Swedish State (controlled) Public Service Radio P1 had found some idiot at the embassy in
Holland to tell us that FITNA gives us a 'distorted picture' (vrångbild) of the nice 'muslimism' and falsely states that islam should be threthning and dangerous for people in the west!
How much was he paid under the table?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Danish television (both major channels) had extensive and good coverage. And both of them managed to get hold of Wilders for an interview.

The use of the bomb-in-turban Motoon is a problem, and it can be used as a fig leaf for taking the movie down from streaming sites.

Wilders might do well releasing a version that uses an alternative cartoon, like one he gets made for the purpose. It can show the same idea, as ideas cannot be copyrighted.

Also it seems they used the face of some rapper quoting a terrorist for some evil statements. An honest mistake, for sure.

There might come a version 1.1 with these problems corrected.

Atlas Shrugs said...

It's up LIVE at Atlas Shrugs .... (top post)

Fortress said...


Simple. To answer that I use another another quote,

"With heart. With faith. And with steal."

Anonymous said...


"How can mere men fight against such hatred?"

By being men, damn it! They are "mere men" too. The Nazis were "mere men" and freedom loving people found the will to defeat them.

That's what it boils down to: will.

The time approaches when the West will reach what I call the Popeye Point: "That's all I can stands, 'cause I can't stands no more!" When that happens Islam will realize that it has once again misjudged its intended victim.

Zonka said...

If you download from a p2p network like Pirate Bay etc. Don't close the connection after download but keep seeding for as long as possible, as that keeps the distribution flowing.

Fröken Sverige said...

Yes, please seed! I have downloaded 10 diffent Fitna-torrents now, and I am seeding all I can.

I wish you all a great weekend!

This might be the most importend weekend in our lives.

Thanks Geert Wilders!


Zonka said...

The Russian RuTube is showing Fitna live, you can see it On my blog or directly from RuTube Here

jmil23 said...

Thanks for the links!

Mitch Rapp said...

God bless Wilders and everyone else who has the courage to stand up to muslim scum.

I have downloaded and saved a couple of copies of the English version of the movie so that I can continue to distribute the one movie that everyone in the world should see.

Do not ever give in to islamic thugs and do all you can to throw their hatred back in their faces.

The time is rapidly approaching for the "Popeye Moment," as mentioned above. Freedom-loving westerners will do what is necessary when that time comes to protect and defend their way of life.

**No Sharia**
M. Rapp

closed said...

OK guys ... you ran my bandwidth out.

I'll have to take the .mov file down. Fortunately it is near the end of the month.

If you got a copy, please post it rather than sitting on it.