Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cartoon Mojo

Boy, those Danish artists who drew the Motoons sure are some gutsy dudes.

“It’s a little country with a big swingin’ pair,” as one reader drolly observed.

And that’s not all: Denmark’s cartoonists apparently also have the ability to infuse their drawings with some kind of powerful magic.

At least that’s what Afghanistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs thinks. Flemming Rose describes the latest unfortunate incident in Viking-Muslim relations in his column at Pajamas Media:


Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Afghanistan’s minister of foreign affairs, didn’t mince words at a press conference in Copenhagen this week.

“Killer-pictures! Killer-words!” he said on Monday about the republishing of the Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammed by 17 Danish papers after Danish police had foiled a plot to kill cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, author of the cartoon depicting Muhammed with a bomb fuse in his turban.

“I condemn in every possible way that the right to free speech is being used to insult one billion Muslims. It’s a result of islamophobia. Instead we need to use our right to free speech to enlighten our people and promote cultural dialogue that is being threatened by two kinds of extremists: Those fighting on the battle field and those who are sitting behind their desks.”

He was comparing the Taleban to me and other editors in the Danish press and sounded like a commissar from a Soviet puppet regime. What does he know about a billion Muslims’ feelings?

So what did the Danes do in response to the Foreign Minister’s accusations?

They hung their heads in shame, professed repentance, and vowed that they would never again invoke their dreadful Islamophobic Mojo.


No, what they did was what you would expect them to do: they published yet another cartoon:

Killer cartoons

This cartoon appeared in Jyllands-Posten along with the editorial below, as translated by our stalwart Danish correspondent TB:

It is probably in vain, but anyway, let us for a moment play with the thought that the Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rangin Dadfar Spanta, might be susceptible to common logic and rational arguments.

Then, quietly, we would explain to him that drawings are not capable of killing anybody.

In certain cultures in Central America and Africa they believe that it is possible to hurt a person by sticking needles through a doll that looks like the particular individual, but that, we know, is superstitious and without any connection to reality.

No, it is not something that we believe, it is something that we know.

One would explain to him that it is impossible, without seriously damaging the evaluation of one’s intelligence by one’s colleagues, to compare the act of making a drawing and publishing it in a newspaper with the act of throwing a brick through your neighbor’s window.

At the same time you would have to try to make it clear to him that his comparison between the news editors in Denmark and the criminal Taliban warriors does not bear up to close scrutiny.

For example, Danish editors do not kill people, they do not grow opium, and they do not take hostages only to cut their throats after torture and mutilation.

Actually, in our part of the world, we consider it “bad behavior” to reply to verbal provocations with bricks, the burning of embassies, threats, the killing of movie directors, and murder plans against artists.

If we had actually gotten this far in our instruction without being interrupted by insulted outbreaks, we could have continued by explaining to the man that the country he represents has more serious problems than some drawings in a Danish newspaper.
- - - - - - - - -
As a matter of fact his country is being ravaged by criminal gangs and his government is not exactly characterizing itself by outstanding stability.

To help him with these problems we have, at his request, been so kind as to send a number of soldiers who together with colleagues from other civilized states help him and his government prevent his country from disintegrating.

Even though it is far from our nature to play insulted on behalf of others, we would still find an occasion to raise the notion of gratitude.

If he would still listen to what we had to say, we would explain to him that the drawing which he, on behalf of one billion muslims, is so infuriated about illustrates the fact that his prophet is being used by fascists who support their violent ideology with a professed divinity which they proclaim a self-enforced right to interpret in a violent, threatening and oppressive way.

In parentheses we note that an imam [Abu Laban, the late radical Muslim] who lived in this country represented a faith community who felt themselves entitled to claim insult on behalf of 1.3 billion muslims.

What happened to the last 300,000,000 we could maybe, if we were still speaking to each other, ask the insulted minister about.

If we had even a little bit of the consternation possessed by the sensitive Afghan Foreign Minister, we might be tempted to be a little bit angry about distant dictators, criminals, lunatics, and ordinary confused human beings interfering in what is being published in Danish newspapers.

And maybe we would also mention the very reason why Danish newspapers chose to publish a range of Muhammad drawings recently. The reason was that the secret intelligence service revealed concrete murder plans against the artist Kurt Westergaard. This — to us — rather important fact does not mean much in the Foreign Minister’s way of looking at the big picture. For us it means quit a bit, however, and we reserve the right to not let ourselves be intimidated by people who meet verbal arguments with violence.

Luckily this is still what characterizes the civilized Western world.


Geoffrey de Bouillon said...

God bless Denmark.

turn said...

What did they expect? A rational thought?

A human life is worth naught compared to the honor of the Prophet. A productive nation with a population of millions must be punished for the expression of free speech by a few.


But sooo interesting that our Afghani guest is just employing the same tactic as the EU as seen in the immediately earlier threads

After all, your freedom of speech must be balanced by the common good. After all, one can't yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater... even as it burns.

Unknown said...

There were those of us, (myself included) who thought that the BBC could never be objective on the subject of race, immigration or Islam.

Could They?.

The subject of Enoch Powells "rivers of blood" speach, until tonight, had never been discussed, only derided by our left wing chum.

But Nu Labour and the Beeb, in recent months seem to have had somewhat of a falling out, and the result is......

Well judge for yourselves....

This is "WHITE"....

laine said...

So far it appears that Islam is nothing but a blot on humanity.

It's long past time that the West turns a deaf ear to childish Muslim complaints about cartoons, teddy bears and piglets and points out that their energy should be spent protesting crimes against humanity by their co-religionists as in Darfur.

Otherwise, it's like letting a mass murderer complain that you have hurt his feelings by disapproving of his disgusting behavior.

christian soldier said...

Thank you for rousing my awareness of my Danish roots. My Danish grandfather (who -with ceremony- raised the Stars and Stripes in the morning and lowered her before sunset) would say, " 'Ve' are in America-don't 'vorry' about the old country." So - I didn't - until now. After doing some study, it looks like I may have more than half Danish blood - I've been told that York and Ireland runs with Danish infusion.
Denmark is now on my very short list of countries I wish to visit.
The article featuring the Crown Princess of Denmark training with the military brought a smile and an indentifying marker to my heart.
Thank you - Gates of Vienna and ...
Holger Danske--VAGNER (I don't know how to put the o above the A).

Profitsbeard said...

Playing Bach to a fence.

Reasoning with the tyrannically-brainwashed.

Some malignant uprisings you have to smack down hard ...with a shovel, if not worse... to wake them from their homicidal stupor.

If possible.

The intractable can sometimes only be given a free funeral.

But we do not reign in freedom for the delight of despots.

We kick them back to existential kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

Denmark has been the one concrete source of hope in Europe.

Geert Wilders may, maybe, someday release his much ballyhooed 15 minute review of the Qur'an, but it hasn't happened yet and there is no indication that the Netherlands will rejoice at someone finally telling the truth and flock to his banner.

Britain continues to disappoint Anglophiles on west side of the pond. The French and Germans make noises of discontent with the status quo but still refuse to admit the source of the problems they have with car-burning "youths".

So far (unless I've missed something) no Danish blood has been spilled either in Denmark or elsewhere over the republication of the Motoons. Warnings; yes, threats; of course but (to my imperfect knowledge) not one Dane has died as a result of Danish resolve to tell the easily insulted Ummah to stuff it.

There's a lesson here.

Al-lat said...

"In certain cultures in Central America and Africa they believe that it is possible to hurt a person by sticking needles through a doll.."

Git outta here, fella, you've seen too many Hollywood movies...

I'm from Central America, what are are poor Mestizos, country folk that go to a regular normal roman catholic church. We, women may smoke stick 'backy in our "Cachimbas," stick chicken feet in soups (Don't knock it, some people each sushi [ewww!] an' Cayuns eat 'gators}, and paint our houses all sort of pastel colors, but we ain't voodoists! And the main population are Indios, but the most they do, is dance out in the open in circle dances to some Nature Spirit or other! Hell, they don't even take Ayahuasca, or coca.

The Black Slaves brought by the Spanish have been absorbed into the Populace - we're all different shades now. And the Jamaicans and West Indians brought in by one faction or another have been absorbed also, their grandchildren consider themselves "del pueblo."

"El Punto" - Baile

Up further north, there are the left over Mayas and Moskito Indios (that is whoever are left after the Sandinistas finished with them}.

Unknown said...


The link you gave refuses to play to people not in the UK. Are you aware of another source, or, failing that, of a decent speed Brittish proxy server?

Unknown said...

derailed cluetrain;

Go to the Aussie based Crusader Rabbit blog, and into the comments on New Labour stupidity. It will play from there.....
For Aussies at least....

Please tell me, if you are still unable to gain access, and I shall find another link....

Al-lat said...

From Central America:

Baile Tipico

Al-lat said...

*Dianas of the Firemen of Panama

*Dianas were/are early morning marches heard throughout the town- lots of brass - usually played in National Holidays. If you were asleep - you rushed to get outwatch and to dance.

Bert Rustle said...

Blogger Apleaofinsanity wrote ... There were those ... who thought that the BBC could never be objective on the subject of race, immigration ... But Nu Labour and the Beeb, in recent months seem to have had somewhat of a falling out, and the result is ... Well judge for yourselves ... In my opinion there has been no falling out, simply a realisation that the indigenous inhabitants of the UK are to be cured of their desire to preserve their Ethnic Genetic Interest with a modified Multiculti Medicine. I found the program contemptible. It was reminiscent of a US TV show where there are a massively disproportionate number of non-whites in positions of authority and Mr White Guy is portrayed as ineffective/stupid bigoted etc. I would hazard a guess that the Ruling Class are simply releasing some chaff by giving lip service to downside of multiculturalism whilst further undermining the indigenous population. As one instance I cite the appearance of the Multiculti Extremist Parek in this program and his passing comment on Powell.

In 1977 Enoch Powell made a speech aforecasting our current fate in measured scholarly tones and hence it has been conveniently forgotten. In response to the Fjordman article I posted a link to the speech Path To National Suicide together with an abstract, however in my opinion the whole speech is well worth reading in full.

Zenster said...

For reality's sake, the above cartoon should not have paper airplanes but fighter jets instead. It would send Islam a far more clear and meaningful message.

Profitsbeard: The intractable can sometimes only be given a free funeral.

That's a keeper. It's long past tea for the West to lay out Islam's body for interment. There is absolutely no sane reason for letting such filth continue its assault upon a free world.

While I still oppose first-use of nuclear weapons, one commentator made the rather lucid point that—after we vaporized Mecca and Medina—Muslims would probably begin to feel rather foolish bowing towards smoking glass five times daily.

Dymphna said...

al-lat --

Finally someone has appeared who shares my taste for chicken feet! You can't really make a satisfying chicken broth without them.

Fortunately, I live in a rural area where people were once poor enough to eat *all* of the bird. Now their descendants can buy packages of chicken feet to stick in the pot.

My mother came to the US liking organ meat that the people in her new country wouldn't touch.

And it has gotten worse. In most cities now it's hard to find sweetbreads, tripe, heart, etc. Even tongue is not readily available, or fish roe.

Zenster said...

You can't really make a satisfying chicken broth without them.

Bah! Rather simple really. Remove the liver from a whole bird and submerge the carcass with its giblets and heart in well-salted water. Simmer over low heat for around 2-3 hours.

Remove bird and drain. Separate all meat (the carcass should fall apart like an anatomical model), from the skin, bones and frame.

Use the back of a knife blade to crack the larger bones and return them to the stock along with all cartilage, skin and the frame.

Simmer for another hour or two. During the last fifteen minutes, add very light touches of onion powder, garlic powder and white pepper. Salt to taste. Strain and refrigerate.

When properly prepared, this stock should set up like Jell-O. Makes between one and two quarts. Save any schmaltz for making roux.

The reserved meat will be lacking in flavor and should be used in enchiladas, chicken salad, curry or other well-seasoned recipes.

Here's my favorite way of using the broth and chicken meat:

Sopa de Pollo con Arroz
(Chicken and Rice Soup)

This is the ultimate hangover and flu or cold cure.


1 Whole chicken
1 Large Russet potato
2 Carrots
1 Large tomato
2 Ribs of celery (with leaves)
2 Cloves of garlic
1 Tbs. of salt (or more)
1/2 White onion (do not use red onion)
1/2 Cup of washed rice
1/4 Head of Cannonball cabbage
1/8 Cup of chopped cilantro
1/8 Tsp. of ground cumin
1/8 Tsp. of ground white pepper
Dash of Crystal hot sauce


Extract giblets from chicken and remove the liver. Place chicken in a pot of water just large enough to hold it. Cover with 1-2 quarts of water and add the giblets. Add salt and bring to a boil, skimming off any foam. Reduce heat, cover pot, and simmer for 2 or more hours. Chicken should fall apart after cooking. Completely bone out the cooked chicken. Separate white meat for use in the finished soup. Crack the bones and return them to the stock with the skin. Add all other non-meat parts of the chicken (except the liver) back to the stock. Bring stock and giblets back to a fast simmer. Cook stock for 1/2-1 hour longer.

Begin washing rice. Strain stock and remove most, but not all of the fat. Peel the potato, tomato and carrots. Bring stock to a boil and reduce heat. Cut carrots into coins and add. Dice potato into 1/2" cubes and add to pot. Cut cabbage into 1" chunks and add. Chop onion coarsely and add. Press or finely mince the garlic and add. Slice celery into medium pieces and add. Peel and seed tomato and add. Strain tomato juice from seeds and add. Chop cilantro leaves and add. Chop some of the celery leaves and add. Dice chicken white meat into 1/2" chunks and add. Finish washing rice and add to soup.

During last half hour of cooking add all other spices. Adjust salt to taste (this recipe can take a lot of salt). Avoid adding too much cumin, it will spoil the flavor.

DO NOT let the soup boil, it will turn to mush
DO NOT let the chicken liver cook in the soup

When the rice begins to "bloom" turn off the heat
Elbow macaroni, stars or alphabet pasta may be used
If using pasta, omit or reduce the amount of rice
If the stock is made right it will gel when chilled

This recipe cheerfully stolen from:

Mario's La Fiesta Mexican restaurant in Berkeley, CA