Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Moscow Schoolbook Depository

Well, that’s what it sounds like: a lone gunman holed up with a sniper-scope rifle at a window above the open square where the president is due to appear.

Only this time the President was named Putin, and the Russian security services were able to stop the gunman before he shot anybody.

And an interesting twist: the would-be assassin is a Muslim from Tajikistan.

The incident occurred back on March 2nd, the day of the Russian presidential election. According to The Telegraph:

Russian secret services have foiled an attack on President Vladimir Putin close to Red Square, it has been claimed.

Mr Putin and his president-elect, Dmitry Medvedev, were apparently targeted at this concert

A man with a sniper rifle and Kalashnikov assault gun was found and detained in a rented apartment overlooking Moscow’s St Basil’s Cathedral, on March 2, the day of the Presidential election in Russia.

Mr Putin and his president-elect, Dmitry Medvedev, appeared under the cathedral for a late-night pop concert once early results indicated that Mr Medvedev would win a landslide.

The popular Tvoi Den newspaper, which broke the story, claimed that both men could have been killed from the flat which was in the line of sight of a stage where they appeared.

The gunman was named by the newspaper as Shakhvelad Osmanov, a 24-year-old Tajik national. His sniper rifle was said to be foreign-made and to have optical lenses, it said.

The newspaper claimed that an informant told FSB officials a few days before the election that Mr Putin’s assassination was being planned.


Security officers apparently raided the apartment at 8pm on March 2 and detained the man and found a “whole arsenal of firearms,” including a sniper rifle and a Kalashnikov assault rifle.
- - - - - - - - -
Close to midnight, Mr Putin, a former head of the FSB, and his ally Mr Medvedev walked from the Kremlin onto Red Square to give short victory speeches in front of thousands of celebrating supporters.

“For an experienced marksman, both would have been easy targets,” stated Tvoi Den.

The FSB was said to be hunting for the organisers of the crime. For now, the man is arrested and charged with firearms offences. The paper said that Osmanov is not thought to be the mastermind behind the assassination bid.

Did anybody else notice the telling phrase in this article?

“Mr Putin and his president-elect, Dmitry Medvedev…” [emphasis added]

No one doubted that it was impossible for anyone but a reliable and hand-picked ally to succeed ol’ Pootie-poo as president. Still, to see it stated so bluntly…


spackle said...

I wouldnt want to be that guy for all the money in the world. I have a feeling he is learning a whole new meaning to the word pain.

spackle said...

Of the word pain.

Afonso Henriques said...

Well, weather you know it or not, Tajikistan is a muslim country. I hope Putin's best friend to keep constructing the new proud Russia.

Zenster said...

the would-be assassin is a Muslim from Tajikistan

Yet, even though Islamic terrorists gun down hundreds of schoolchildren, blow passenger jet airliners out of the sky and train their sights upon Putin himself, Russia cannot help but whore herself to Muslims. I can only hope that Iran's first atom bomb is detonated in Moscow. It will be the least that Soviet and Russian elements deserve for serving as the midwife of Islamic terrorism.

Afonso Henriques said...

Zenster, you have no ideia of what you're talking about.

The Cold War is over you know? If only that American imperialism of yours had already gone too...

Why do you want to atack Iran that badly? Live the Iranians alone! Go fight Obama and Hillry. Think globally, act locally.

Zonka said...

Sadly Afonso, Zenster have a very poignant point, Russia have played a rather disastrous role in preventing the West in implementing any effective counter-measures to the Iranians nuclear weapons ambitions as well as supplied Iran with Russian top grade military hardware designed specifically to counter an US led attack on nuclear facilities in Iran.

So it seems that you're the one walking around with the blinders!

Anonymous said...

At Afonso Henriques: Why does Zenster want to attack Iran? Because Iran is going to have nuclear weapons soon and they have promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth once they get them.

Speaking of Russia in general, it's really too bad that the course of their history didn't turn out differently. They are often attacked by Muslims and could be a very valuable ally in our struggle against Islam... but unfortunately, they don't really resist Islam.

And about Medvedev, how bad can he be... he has a cat and an iPhone.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Hard to say whether the same FSB did not set up the mentioned assassination "attempt" themselves, makes them easier to catch y'know.

Resist Islam? Hah! Russia has never bothered Christianizing their Muslim subjects, despite totalitarian manipulation in every other aspect of life for centuries. They did find time to suppress the various Christian churches including their own, and wipe out buhddism by massacre in various client states.

Do y'all hear that Russia is considering becoming a member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, so that they may act altogether to oppose the evil West and expanding China? Terrifying. link

Afonso Henriques said...

Well, I will say this to Zenster, Natalie and any other American who has seen the 300 moovie and want to have some Persian blood in his hands:

The Cold War is over!!!!!

"Russia has never bothered Christianizing their Muslim subjects"

Of course not, because they are not really Russian and Russia does not really care about them.

Now try to see the World from Moscow. And because I have few time, I will only adress geopolitical issues.

a) In the East, Russia has no real power except its nuclear warheads. Siberia is being invaded by Chinese immigrants. There are already 100 to 200 MILLION Chinese males under 35 (or is it 45? I can not recall where I saw this) who can not get a Chinese female. Well, Russian women are undoubtedly the most atractive women in the Far East. The Chinese, when there are no more "girls" available in Siberia will not also migrate "en mass" to Europe or invade a neighbour Nation (Japan comes to mind) they will also penetrate over the Russian territory from the Far East to European Russia.

b) In Central Asia, the Russians gave independence to their "muslim subjects" in order to not be demographically overwhelmed. Tough, islamism of the new generation is on the rising there; America is getting its bases all over Central Asia to pression Russia; In Kazakistan the Russians have suffer a non violent ethnic cleansing.

c)In the caucasus it is a mess, and America is putting there people like the current Georgian President and giving money and money to the muslim Azerbaijan.
America is spreading the two all over the Asian Russian borders: Anti-Russian sentiment and strenghtening islamism.

d)In Europe, Russia has seen the enlargement of the all-mighty European Union and NATO too. Almost to Historically and ethnic Russian regions such as Bielorrusia and Ukraine.

If you want Iran not to have weapons of mass distruction, what is better than having such a great power as Russia againt the Iranian WMD? If you stop beating the Russians, do you thik that they will tolerate a nuclear Iran? Of course not! They help Iran because if they don't, it is one more that falls under America and starts turning against Russia.

e) How the hell do you dare to criticisr the Chechnya war when it is a war against muslims? A war against muslims that lived in a territory that Russia was granting independence (The Caucasus). A terrotory where Russians were being suffering a violent ethnic cleansing. How dare you to criticise those who fight against the Chechens? have you forgot Beslan? Well, I didn't.

The reasons why Chechnya is not independent are the following:

a) If Chechnya would be independent, its islamism would turn against the Christians in Georgia and Armenia.
b) The Russians have been killed there viciously.

I have faith in Russia, Russia could be a much greater Nation if America stopped playing the Cold War (For God sake, why did you did what you did in Kosovo!!!) and started cooperation with Russia.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Russia has never bothered Christianizing their Muslim subjects.

Fortunately, they are coming by themselves, by the million, to the resurgent orthodox church.

Buddhism is doing well, too. Some years ago I was in a small Russian town with some Buddhist friends. There was a demonstration against Buddhism (which, BTW, is fully recognized as a Russian religion), probably because they found it easier to target a tiny group than the larger, drug-dealing horde around the mosque in the lower part of town.

Bureaucracy is doing all kinds of crap in Russia, but the police actually did their job that day, sending away the demonstrators when they talked about resorting to violence.

The notion of Russia joining OIC is bad, really bad. I hope it'll never come to pass.

eatyourbeans said...

Totally agree with Afonso.

Every friend of the West should pray for the return of a mighty and Orthodox Russia. Russia, if she is willing, can replace the USA as the protector of Christendom, and I hope she does so soon. Believe me, as an American it's very painful to say this.

No, I don't pretend to understand Russia's purpose in permitting the islamic Reich of Tehran to acquire the bomb. But those two are naturally hostile powers and will inevitably collide in the world's most valuable real estate around the Caspian Sea's energy reserves. This will make Russia a de facto ally in this "very old war of ours". We should be talking to Russian bloggers right now.

Lastly, did you see that video of the Moslem thugs pounding those dutch kids on the train. It was like watching wolves preying on bleating sheep. Who but the Russians have the b@lls to put an end to this? Who?

Don't believe in a deus ex Russia? Got anything better?

Rich Rostrom said...

I would not take this report at face value. It is possible the arrestee is a genuine jihadi offended at the wholesale slaughter perpetrated by Russian troops in Chechnya. It is equally possible that this is a false-flag operation by Putin's own agents - perhaps to remind Medvedev that he could be killed at any moment, perhaps to distract attention from Russia's support for Iranian nukes and missiles, and other collaboration with Islamists.

In fact I would bet on the latter: jihadis seem far less interested in assassination than in bombings. AFAIK there have been no serious assassination attempts against any of the heads of governments that sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. If they didn't go after Bush, Blair, or Howard, or any other Coalition leader (say, the leaders of Fiji, El Salvador, or Canada), why Putin?

And it is widely believed that the Moscow bombings of 1999 were just such a false-flag operation.

Afonso Henriques said...


not only Christdom but the core European vallues that were deluted in Europe since the II World War and in America since late 60s. In Russia, they were supressed since 1917, I hope the Russians to do what needs to be done.

eatyourbeans said...


Amen to that, my friend.

Zenster said...

Natalie: Why does Zenster want to attack Iran?

Here's why.

The link is to "No Substitute for Victory — The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism", by John David Lewis.

I invite Afonso and EatYourBeans to read this worthwhile article and then pose any sort of cogent counter-argument. I sincerely doubt that they can.

As the pinnacle of political Islam, Iran heads our Christmas list of rogue regimes that desperately need to be neutralized. By propping up this festering cesspit of human rights abuse and totalitarianism, Russia is responsible for crimes against humanity. Putin has earned his case of swift onset lead poisoning many times over.