Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hazelgrove School Submits

Hazlegrove Prep School is an attractive boarding school in Sparkford, Somerset.

Hazelgrove visits a mosqueThe photos at right were taken last December when Year 7 from Hazelgrove visited the nearby Yeovil Mosque. Besides the photos, the only information about the excursion available on the school’s website is an event page giving the dates.

Look at those traditional English public school pupils down on their knees on the carpet, all decked out in their school uniforms, the girls properly veiled. Then over they go! Foreheads on the floor, just like good Muslims.

A thought experiment: imagine these same students on a field trip to a synagogue, the boys wearing yarmulkes and participating in a Jewish worship service.

Another one: they all troop down to the local Catholic church, genuflect before the altar, and cross themselves.

Can’t picture it?

Me neither.

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Those photos give me the creeps. It’s not just the fact that this is Islam we’re looking at. Nor do I believe that through this experience these kids are likely to be drawn to Islam and be converted into followers of the Prophet.
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What bothers me is that this looks like a dress rehearsal for Islamic Britain, a dry run for the day when Islam is the official state religion. Another generation of kids just like these will grow up to be not particularly observant Muslims, making sure that they turn up at the mosque and bang their heads on the carpet often enough to be respectable.

They’ll be, in a word, “moderate” Muslims, just like the vast majority of Muslims in the world. They won’t particularly believe anything in the Koran, any more than they believe what’s in the Bible today, but they’ll never publicly question the One True Faith.

They’ll do what’s expected of them, and be ruled over by imams or mullahs who are much more zealous in their faith, the blokes who will organize their little island corner of the Ummah in the proper sharia fashion.

God help Britain.

Hat tip: François.


VinceP1974 said...

Freaking disgusting!

I sent them this message on their "Contact Us" page:

I saw the webpage about your little field trip to the Mosque.

I find it beyond contempt that you would inflict that hateful and destructive religion on your students.

No wonder your country is falling apart, you have abandoned your heritage and morality.


christian soldier said...

All the more reason to Home-School.

This type of indoctrination has been going in CA public schools since 9/11.

Diamed said...

Allah is the God of rape, child molestation, genocide, slavery, and lies. Praying to and worshiping Allah should mean the immediate loss of your soul and eternal damnation.

Nemesis said...

I too have sent an email to the Headmaster. One can only hope that this little excursion to the fringes of Hell were from sheer ignorance on the schools part and not from a hidden agenda.

I have implored the Headmaster to at least read the two Qur-ans for a balanced view of the most intolerant ideology this world has ever seen. Terry

CarnackiUK said...

Relax. The boys and girls are only being introduced to their future Head Masters...

John Trenchard said...

send the school a copy of Fitna

here it is on google video

it is frankly unbelievable that such ignorance is still prevalent in our post-911 world. even if the jihadists let off a nuke in Tel Aviv , the brain dead idiots at that school will still be making excuses.

John Trenchard said...

it is notable that the school's Religious studies page specifically mentions Islamic prayer mats.

also the calibre of the school governors implies that they are very much from the elite/establishment of Britain
have a look here

oh well.. i suppose the elites are just preparing these kids for the (islamic) future of britain.

Decatur said...

I believe that practicing this type of religious expression normalises what would usually, and should always be seen, as an alien experience of a hostile religion. These indoctronated children are thus less likely to find Islam unfamiliar and troubling as they will have only happy childhood memories of Islamic practices.

Perhaps what might be a more fitting experience would be to have the children dress up in black shadurs, wrapped with explosives to demonstrate another practice of the relgion of peace.

ZZMike said...

I'm dismayed, but not really surprised. The British are getting way ahead of the French as exemplars of "Submission". (For which the Arabic word is ........)

For at least a year now, I've been referring to the country as "Formerly Great Britain".

Cartoon idea: Mohammed, with a text-balloon over his head reading "You will be assimilated!!" Maybe even with a Borg-like monocle over one eye.

England is past hope of rescue. One can only hope that the bright ones will emigrate. But there are far fewer places to emigrate to. The US is not that far behind them in the trail of tears. I figure we have another decade or two left.

God save the Queen - and anyone with the foresight to leave.

X said...

you people keep saying this, "People have to leave, they have to leave!" Stupid! To so casually condemn an entire nation to slavery and death. Oh just leave you might say. I can't leave. My family can't leave. My friends can't leave. Even if I could leave, why should I? If I leave, the bastards win, so I ain't goin nowhere.

I am sick and tired of this refrain. I can understand why people would want to leave, it's their choice, but I bet a few more would stay behind if there wasn't this constant fry of "Oh get out before it's too late!" from all over the place.

Like I said, if we leave, they win. I am not going to accept that, I'm staying right here, so shut the f8ck up and sort out your own problems.

ZZMike said...

Graham: I see your point. And you're absolutely right. If people leave, they win. And it's a good sign that there are still some Englishmen who aren't going to let that happen.

But you can't just stay and wait to be run over. Or stay and wait to become the next minority. We're facing that situation here in the SouthWest US.

Those who stay (and I do hope that's everybody) are going to have to start doing something. Vote the Livingstones and the Galloways out of office. Let them be the ones to leave.

Don't let them take over your schools, your festivals, your traditions, your media. As we say on this side of the pond, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.