Wednesday, March 12, 2008

“Fitna” Will Not Appear on Dutch TV

FitnaGeert Wilders has given up trying to have his movie broadcast on any Dutch television stations. The Internet will be the only available venue for the film.

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has sent along a cartoon, a translation of an article, and his commentary.

First the cartoon. The guy with the bullhorn is Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende:

Balkenende and the movie

This article is from (translation by H. Numan):

Wilders refrains from presenting movie

The Hague — PVV-leader Geert Wilders is not holding a press conference to present the anti-Koran movie “Fitna”. He is now doing everything possible to make sure the movie can be seen on the Internet by the end of the month.

Geert WildersAs no broadcasting corporation was willing to broadcast Fitna, Wilders intended to present the movie in the Press Center “Nieuwspoort” in The Hague. But he would have had to pay the security costs to protect the building. According to the politician, it would cost him several hundred thousand Euros.

He based that figure on a risk analysis, which showed that during a period before and afterwards certain protective measures are required.


“It’s much too expensive” said Wilders Tuesday. He doesn’t want to hold out his hand to the government to cough up the money. The parliamentarian won’t be looking for an alternative location, as this would again lead to discussions and delays.

If no local or foreign company wants to broadcast Fitna without cutting anything in the contents, Wilders wants to go live on the Internet. As soon as possible. But it does need some preparations. For example to prevent the site locking up due to a massive audience downloading at the same time.

- - - - - - - - -
From the corridors of parliament, Wilders called upon the prime minister and the secretary for foreign affairs to express their resentment over the demonstrations against Fitna, where Dutch flags have been burned, as has repeatedly occurred in Afghanistan.

In that country parliamentarians hit the street to denounce Wilders’ movie. The PVV leader finds that the cabinet should make clear to the Afghan government that behavior like this will leave them isolated. Wilders referred to the presence of Dutch troops doing reconstruction work in Afghanistan.

Van Middelkoop

Minister Eimert van Middelkoop (Defense) said during a visit to Australia that the Dutch contingent in Afghanistan is not in danger due to the movie Fitna. Several foreign companies claimed they do fear damage due to the movie.

[now a short break for a joke]

The Iranian under secretary for foreign affairs called upon the Dutch government to ban the movie. According to him this is possible based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

[Who said Mohammedans don’t have a sense of humor?]

About what the consequences might be if the 15 minutes movie will be broadcasted the under secretary did not want to elaborate.

H. Numan’s commentary:

An Iranian minister claiming human right violations. Something like Robert Mugabe complaining about bad black governments, I guess. Or the Clintons complaining about low sexual mores.

In a democratic nation such as Holland claims to be (which is about as bad it can get, while still being called a democratic nation), the government normally doesn’t give a flying fart what the constituents think, or do. Unless it’s election time. If they do have to pay attention to something unpleasant, the media will normally tar the offender as black as coal. And if that doesn’t work, the government plays its ace in the hole: here’s the bill you have to pay.

Nieuwspoort Press Center is the official press center located within the houses of parliament complex. Extra security costs should be carried by the government. Simply because the center is a semi official agency, working strictly for the government and parliament. The extra costs are calculated around €350.000. Which seems a trifle high to me, as the houses of parliament already have a reasonably up-to-date security system. But, if we can’t beat him, let’s make him pay for it.

Which is the ultimate trump card they can play if someone whose name will not be mentioned but who lives in a house with the largest garden in The Hague will utter the words “who will rid me of this pesky politician?” In that case the government easily finds a reason to withdraw Wilders’ security detail, and throw him to the dogs.

It wouldn’t even be the first time. The De Witt brothers were assassinated that way. And it worked very effectively with Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


laller said...

Why doesn't he just do the screening in another country? Would probably be much cheaper to do it in, say, Denmark? Or maybe Norway? And it's not that far for the Dutch press to travel.

I'd have loved to see one of the Danish TV-channels show "Fitna". I wonder if he's contacted any foreign TV-stations, or if he's just hoping they'll contact him out of the goodness of their hearts. If he hasn't, he should get with the writting and see if someone bites.

Phaeton said...

I actually think bringing it online would have a more far reaching effect than simple TV. The Internet will be a perfect way to alert the more educated and socially mobile citizens, not just in Holland but all Europe and even across the pond.

Such a great man... such strange hair.

Defiant Lion said...

Shame on Holland and the Dutch.

They're not the only ones who are cowered by the threats of muslims, the Brits, French, Swedes and Spanish are just as bad. But that doesn't lessen Dutch shame.

From the proud House of Orange to the dhimmi House of Yellow.

William must be spinning in his grave.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well my countrymen - as of today it has become officially impossible to screen an islam-critical movie in the Netherlands..

As of today anyone doing so is officially on his own - our government has officially acknowledged that it will no longer safeguard the inviobility of its subjects if and when they want to say, show or argue something strangers do not want them to, on account of an idiology the Dutch do not want here, agree with or respect.

You can screen everything here, but absolutely everything: bestiality, nazi- and/or pedoporn - as long as muslems allow it that is, for if they don't and you insist they will probably try to kill you, and your own government doesn't give a shit - but pending their nihil obstat: as long as you manage to present your trash with a straight face and glib artistic pretensions that at least sound respectable; something along the lines of 'a sober investigation of the boundaries of lust, pain and violence in the modern family' or somesuch hypocritical doubleplus-ungood pretense you can screen it - but islam is officially off-limits.

As of today not We, the People, i.e. not our government are the highest authority in our country, but the international umma

We have de facto become an integral part of the islamic world, because by allowing it to dictate us to prudence and because of the stupid cowardice of our administration we handed them our souvereignty, and hardly not a soul will sleep any the less tonight because of it

Mohammed über Alles..und the West is his slave

xlbrl said...

This is all especialy relevant to us and our expectations. When Ali came to the United States to lecture, security was very substantial and no doubt very expensive. But this should have raised the question, why are we not instead removing the causes of the threat?
Free speech must not become a negotiation attended to by political cowards.

babs said...

I too think the best way to get the video out there is through the internet. Rather than screening it on TV, the internet offers the opportunity to reach tens of millions of viewers. He should set up "mirror sites" to take the overload. I am sure many sites would offer their bandwidth for the initial surge to the cause.
And yes, it is a shame that the western world has become so cowed that major political debates need to take place on "freedom of expression" on a nation's main media channels lest there be "violence" (from the youths whose name shall not be uttered, or is it uddered?) Seems an awful lot of "uddering" is going on lately...

Sodra Djavul said...

And yet there are still people commenting here claiming that EUrabia is a myth?

Council of Europe warns Dutch lawmaker against releasing anti-Quran film

Yes. An extra-judicial government body threatening a politician of a sovereign nation. Why the hell would you Europeans surrender your sovereignty so easily? I guess I'm just a confused American.

- Sodra

spackle said...

So it has come to this? Freedom of speech, only if you can afford it? When the bad day comes and the politicians are looking around for someone to save them and their family from the Muslim hordes they will remember this day.

spackle said...

What these morons and there ilk forget is that the one thing Muslims respect is a pair of b***s. They may hate you and want you dead but at least you were a man. Something these eunuchs have forgotten.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I'm wondering why the video goes to his own site instead of YouTube or something big, like Google Video.

Any ideas?

Lepanto said...
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Anonymous said...

@ Henrik..
I suppose that is in order not to endanger other site-owners, and at the same time to make sure that in case You-tube or Google find it costed them too much to keep the video rolling there is always a site to watch it?

laine said...

Holland like all European nations had practice giving away its sovereignty already to the unelected EU mandarins. This is the second (and fatal) step of bowing to the worldwide ummah. At the moment, the two new masters are in agreement.

When they come to a parting of the ways over gay rights for example, put your money on the Islamists, as the effete Euroweenies have no military might to speak of and wouldn't be willing to use it even if they did for fear of hurting the enemy.

This time the United States has enough problems of its own that it can't come clean up their mess.

I'm reluctantly starting to entertain the notion that those of European heritage who don't want to lie down and die or don a beard or burka are going to have to stake out a large area of the world, most likely the heartland of the United States (Canada has more space but not enough guns and armaments for defence) in which to start out over again. In these days of nuclear weapons, even that scenario may not be tenable.

Mikael said...

There might not even be a movie. This whole thing could be a - very clever - stunt by Wilders to expose the dhimmi attitude of the Dutch government. Not to mention the EU.

Wilders could have staged this whole thing of unease and uproar without having to spend a dime on making a film.

saladin89 said...

He should seed it from a torrent site like for example Pirate Bay. After that the movie will be easy to get and will be spreading out on the internet with people uploading it to youtube and other sites.

nikolai said...

"Why the hell would you Europeans surrender your sovereignty so easily?"

Television is mass hypnosis and television was colonized early by cultural marxists.

I hope the film isn't just a PR stunt. I can't wait to see it and much better if it's on the net.

Zenster said...

xlbrl: This is all especialy relevant to us and our expectations. When Ali came to the United States to lecture, security was very substantial and no doubt very expensive. But this should have raised the question, why are we not instead removing the causes of the threat?
[Emphasis Added]

Agreed. Simply put: Terrorism cannot be defended against, only preempted. This remains a core fallacy of the West's "law enforcement" model for fighting Islamic terrorism. World Wars cannot be fought one-bullet-at-a-time nor can terrorism be stopped with one-arrest-at-a-time. Only large scale destruction is persuasive with respect to the global enemy that we face.

laine: In these days of nuclear weapons, even that scenario may not be tenable.

Isolation is no protection against atomic bombs. Left to its own (nuclear) devices, Islam eventually will gain the ability to deliver them anywhere on earth. Again, there is no adequate defense against such catastrophic weapons save to devastate one's enemy in advance of their gaining such capability.

No middle ground exists in this conflict. At day's end, there only will be winners and losers. You can be sure that NOBODY wins a nuclear war. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the West to make sure that Islam is defeated in a conventional war before we all lose in a nuclear war.

Mikael: There might not even be a movie. This whole thing could be a - very clever - stunt by Wilders to expose the dhimmi attitude of the Dutch government.

While such an economical feint would represent a stroke of true genius, it is more than doubtful that Geert Wilders would resort to any subterfuge. His character most likely would reject waving about an unloaded gun. I'd bet the farm that he has film in the can.

tsarbomba said...

I hope he follows up his movie with the sequel, "Islam: un-Fitna For HUMAN Consumption".

Captain USpace said...

Bedankt! Well said. That’ll be great if there’s no rioting,
how very mature that would be. Geert Wilders is a hero telling the painful truth.
Definitely show it in Denmark ASAP.

The dhimmi Dutch Pols are cowards, traitors, fascists-in-training and racists. They must hate their own race.

All freedom starts with freedom of speech.
If there is no freedom of speech, there will be no freedom.
The Christians and Jews don’t riot when somebody makes fun of Christ or Jews.
People must learn to be civilized. Rioting MUST not be tolerated.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
movies about religion

if they dare to criticize
might embarrass followers

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't preserve your country

don't protect politicians
threatened by criminal thugs


Sheik Yer Mami’s ‘Winds of Jihad’ music video: