Monday, March 17, 2008

Fruitcountry of the World

Below is a guest post from our Dutch correspondent Michiel Mans. It was originally published on a Dutch site, but I don’t have a link.

Update: The Dutch version is at Het Vrije Volk.

Fruitcountry of the World
by Michiel Mans

It was a stiff competition to find out which country would become Fruitcake Nation of the World.

The staggering amount of absurdities, imbecility, draconian punishments, the general amount of legal, political and other nonsense coming from many countries made the job of choosing the ultimate fruitcountry a tough one for the jurors.

Fruitcountry of the WorldIn the quarter-finals ten countries were left: Afghanistan, Congo (République Démocratique du Congo), Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Palestine (sorry Israel), Sudan and Saudi Arabia. And the winner is…

…the Netherlands. I know this comes as a surprise to some and certainly will upset the Saudis, probably cause flag burnings and embassy ignitions, but in spite of their gallant efforts, the Saudis lost. It must be said the death of Saudi schoolgirls who were pushed back inside a burning school by religious police for being improperly dressed was a good attempt indeed. Sentencing a women to flogging because she had a coffee with a colleague at a Starbucks scored points as well, but to no avail.

Mo BearFor some time it seemed Sudan was leading the race after their marvelous Muhammad the Bear affair, but since they couldn’t follow it up with a proper public execution of the slanderous lady who allowed the wicked naming practice, they fell back.

Indonesia learned from Sudan’s failure to follow up and entered their three young schoolgirls who were indeed found headless in the name of the God of Peace. However, they were disqualified over an unrelated corruption case involving the illegal chopping down of just about every tree in their country. The 2006 introduction of Sharia police in Aceh province didn’t impress the jury either since this backward lunacy is too common elsewhere.

Execution in IranThe mercifully slow crane hangings in Allah’s name in Iran, though numerous, were insufficient to beat Iraq’s daily one hundred splattered all over the place for Allah’s sake, but these futile killings didn’t stand out among the mass of senseless slaughter in countries like Sudan or the Congo.

Theo Van Gogh’s corpseAlthough with only one killed, Theo van Gogh, a guy who called himself the village idiot, it still was the Netherlands which ultimately beat them all.

According to the jury it was, as one of them put it: “because never in human history, so much was wasted so fast, by so few, for so many.”

FitnaA country which went from being a beacon of enlightenment where people could speak freely, to a country where people’s words or expressions are silenced, obstructed or banned by politicians (or with their consent), including their Prime Minister.

A country where any opinion other than the multicultural one is branded as racism or fascism by almost anyone who is someone, or else you can forget your invitation from state funded Public Broadcasting TV.
- - - - - - - - -
A country in which the Islam is force fed to the population in small bites by the ruling elite because they believe all cultures are equal. If you don’t have an open mind about the closed minds of serious Muslims, or don’t like couscous, you are the one who should move (“You don’t have to live here.” — Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam to Ebru Umar, a columnist).

A country which until recently was secular after centuries of battles, but is no more.

Prime Minister BalkenendeIt isn’t the dead guy who claimed to be, but the Prime Minister who turns out to be the village idiot. He is a compulsive ‘respect’-utterer who shattered our secularism in several ways, but the most striking way was his performance on Christian fundi TV channel ‘Hour of Power’ which was invited to come to his (our) official State residence in order to interview the PM. During the religious propaganda hour our PM said “without religion you cannot function” . It’s obvious that his respect doesn’t include atheists or agnostics. They don’t function.

A country in which the ruling elite liberally lubricates its own machinery but refuses to lubricate the machinations at the frontline of society. Policemen, nurses and teachers are by now better off shoveling dung. They were refused a well-deserved pay rise because “there was no money for it”. Nothing strange here, but money miraculously did materialize in abundance for our ministers’ pay rise (ultimately up to 30 percent) last year.

A country where many Muslims were allowed to settle and almost a million now live. Although their cultures and religious opinions certainly clash with the Dutch way of life, it isn’t the Muslims themselves who work the mechanisms of Islamization and get things done. No. By and large it is the ruling elite who commit cultural hara kiri and lead the Islamization of society.

They refuse to listen to arguments, refuse to read human history and psychology, and remain deaf to any and all who dare to be critical. It was this willing, almost happy path to suicide which made the jury choose Holland as the Fruitcountry of the World.

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Paul said...

The literary tool of sarcasm. It indeed has it's place in world of written communication.

I thought it was especially poignant to mention the intelligent Iranian Muslim thinkers and their practice of torturing women by s_l_o_w_l_y hanging them from cranes. Actually, if you look at the picture, you can see they hang them from Cherry Pickers, a type of crane.

Muhammed would be pleased, the murdurer and false prophet he was.

Zenster said...

First and foremost, my own advice is to read the above article in a Monty Python sort of announcer’s voice. It makes barely endurable that which would otherwise be rather painful to bear.

“because never in human history, so much was wasted so fast, by so few, for so many.”

If, indeed, the Netherlands succumbs to Islamic rule, let the foregoing play upon Churchill’s words be carved into every gravestone and cenotaph of what was once one of this world’s most enlightened cultures. Consider the fact that Christian Huygens—viewing the canopy of nighttime stars—deduced that if they were all some sort of other suns, the possibility of alien life was a given and not subject to speculation. This, during a time when the microscope was just being invented.

Need I go on?

If the Netherlands gives up their own history of vigorous opposition to the repression of benighted Islamic bastards there is little hope for the rest of us. MARK MY WORDS.

Bela said...

For your consideration,please opine:
Dutch-Jewish programme-maker Harry de Winter has surprised Muslims by taking out a full-page newspaper advertisement denouncing the anti-Islam views of right-wing MP Geert Wilders.

Profitsbeard said...

Theo Van Gogh's newspaper column was titled:

May I Say This?

(Mag Ik Dit Zeggen?)

Islam and the "treason of the intellectuals" Dutch both answer:



The Suicide of the West begins with a bow, and a kowtow.

Robert said...

Another reason to select the Netherlands is that Schiphol Airport security pulled my pants down in front of a crowd so that the homosexual officers could fondle my testicles.

VinceP1974 said...

Another reason to select the Netherlands is that Schiphol Airport security pulled my pants down in front of a crowd so that the homosexual officers could fondle my testicles.

Maybe this a new disincentive for Muslims to fly to Netherlands?